Toy Story Poster Collection: 30+ High Quality Printable Posters

Now, who isn’t familiar with the world of Toy Story? Toys are a very special part of everyone’s childhood. We played with them, we gave them names and we carried them wherever I went. But did we ever wonder what our favorite toys are thinking? No, never. Well, when the movie Toy Story released we all got to know that even toys have their own mind and life. It was certainly fascinating to explore the world of toys.

Toy Story is an animated Disney Media franchise that began in 1995. The films of the franchise were released by Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures. Pixar Animation Studio is the producer of the franchise.

Toy Story centers around toys who can talk and walk just like human beings. They are secretly alive and possess all the characteristics and emotions that a human being can have. The toys have a huge group of their own and have many varieties. It has a cowboy toy and a spaceman action figure. The toys take us with them on their journey and challenges ahead.

The franchise has four films- Toy Story (1995), Toy Story 2(1999), Toy Story 3(2010) and Toy  Story 4(2019). The director of the first two films is John Lasseter. Lee Unkrich is the director of the third film and Josh Cooley is the director of the fourth one.

toy story official poster

The voices behind the characters are:

  • Tom Hanks as Woody
  • Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear
  • Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head
  • Jim Varney as Slinky Dog
  • Wallace Shawn as Rex
  • John Ratzenberger as Hamm
  • Annie Potts as Bo Peep
  • John Morris as Andy
  • Erik von Detten as Sid
  • Laurie Metcalf as Mrs. Davis

Here is an amazing Toy Story poster collection. Scroll down to be a part of the story of the toys.

Toy Story Poster Collection: The Toys of the Story

1. Woody, the Cowboy


toy story image of main character woody

Sheriff Woody is the main protagonist of the movie. He is a pull-string cowboy doll. Woody is also the leader of all other toys. He is also the favorite toy of his owner Andy. But Andy finds a new favorite when Buzzlight arrives in the house and Woody feels left.

2. Make Some Buzz

toy story image of buzz lighyear

Buzz Lightyear is a Space Ranger superhero. He is an action hero in the movie. Andy’s mother gifts Buzz on his birthday. Woody feels very jealous of Buzz. Buzz is the new age toy and he thinks that he has to protect the world.

3. Mr. Potato Head

toy story image of potato head

Mr. Potato Head is a hilarious character. You have to aware of him as he is full of sarcasm. He has an amazing capability to detach his body parts and he can store extra on his back. Potato Head provides comic relief to the movie.

4. Golly Bob Howdy

toy story image of slinky dog

Yes, Golly bob-howdy is the catchphrase of Slinky Dog is an animated version of a wiener dog who is short-legged. The dog has a slinky metal body part.  He speaks with a southern accent. Apart from the metal part, his other body parts are of plastic.

5. Rex Is Here

toy story image of rex

Have you seen a green dinosaur? Rex is that green, always excited dinosaur you will ever see. But Rex has some problems of his own. He suffers from insecurity as he believes he is not scary enough. Despite being a dinosaur who is very huge, he is sensitive by nature.

6. Store Your Money

toy story image of hamm piggy bank

Hamm is a piggy bank. The name is innovative and quirky, right? He does not have a stopper instead he has a cork in his belly. Hamm is the most knowledgeable toy among others. He knows a lot about the outside world. Mr. Potato Heads and Hamm are very good friends. They even play card games together.

7. Beautiful Bo

toy story image of Bo Peep lover of Woody


Who said toys can’t love? Well, Bo Peep is the romantic interest of Woody. Her name is taken from the nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep. She is a porcelain figure. Bo Peep is very sweet and adorable. No wonder, why Woody likes her.

8. Andy, the Owner

toy story image of andy

Andy is the owner of all the toys. At first Woody is his favorite toy, but later Buzz becomes his favorite. He lives with his mother and sister Molly.

9. Dear Mommy

toy story image of mrs. davis with andy and molly


Mrs. Davis is the loving mother of Andy and Molly. In the first movie, she is seen in brown hair and a ponytail. Although she is loving to her kids, the toys are afraid of Mrs. Davis.

10. Sister Molly

toy story image of molly andy's story

Molly is the little sister of Andy. She stays in her own crib. Once she throws Mr. Potato Head and from then she is called Princess Drool.

11. Sarge and the Bucket O Soldiers

toy story image of army men

Sarge is the over-enthusiastic leader of the army men. These army men are green in color and all of them stay in a bucket. That’s why they are called the bucket of soldiers.

12. RC Buggy

toy story image of rc toy

RC is a remote-controlled buggy toy of Andy. It is green in color. He speaks with a reviving sound.

13. Rocky Wrestler

toy story image of rocky

Rocky Gibraltar is a heavyweight wrestler. He is a silent character in the movie.

14. Neighbor Sid

toy story image of sid

Unlike Andy, Sid destroys his toys. He misplaces them and loses them. Sid also tortures his sister and throws her toys away. He loves to skateboard.

15. Hannah Phillips

toy story image of hanah phillips

Hannah is the sweet little sister of Sid. Sid has destroyed all her toys. Still, she loves to play with them.

The Rivals

16. We Are Enemies

toy story image of woody and buzz

Woody, the favorite toy of Andy feels extremely jealous when Buzz enters their world. Buzz is a new age toy and more attractive than Woody. Andy becomes fond of Buzz instantly. They have a rivalry going on between them.

17. Let’s Be Friends

toy story image of woody and buzz

Even enemies become friends. Buzz and Woody overcome their rivalry and later become friends who help each other.

18. Search For It

toy story image of buzz and woody

This is how this two banter all the time.

19. You Are Just A Toy

toy story image of buzz and woody fighting

Buzz lives in an illusion that he is a real space ranger. He never wants to accept that he is nothing but a toy. However, Woody gives him a taste of reality.

20. Be Like Woody

toy story image of woody

Woody is a friend who is always beside you. He is truly a friend indeed!

21. Lightyear Ahead

toy story image of buzz

Isn’t Buzz the coolest toy? He is a modern toy and fun to play with.

22. Friends Please

toy story image of woody and buzz

The Couples

23. Love Like Them

toy story image of mr and mrs potato head

24. The Loyal One

toy story image of slinky dog

25. Love Is In The Air

toy story image of woody and bo peep

26. We Are A Family

toy story image of all toys

27. We Fly, We Love

toy story image of woody and bo peep

28. No Limit

toy story image of famous quote

29. All the Toys

toy story image of all boys

30. It’s Playtime

toy story image of andy with all toys

Some Bonus Toy Story Poster

31. Bonus#1

toy story image of buzz and woody

32. Bonus#2

toy story poster 1995

33. Bonus#3

toy story poster

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Final Words

Toy Story is a film worth watching. No wonder the film did a great a business as well. It earned 373 million$ worldwide. The critics fell in love with the movie. The audience all over the world showered the movie with love as well. It is still a favorite among kids. The technology used in the film was top-notch. Critics praised everything of the movie from music to technology to the plotline, everything.

The voice of Tom Hanks won the hearts of millions. Sure, the man’s talent is extraordinary. The film won three Academy Award nominations that included Best original screenplay, Best original song, Best original score. It won a Special Achievement Academy Award. The movie is said to be one of the greatest animation films ever made.

Just as you all the movie Toy Story, you will also love the amazing Toy Story poster collection from the movie. Download them and print them to hang around your house. Here’s a big welcome to the world of toys.

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