Toy Story 4 Poster Collection: 30+ High Quality Posters For All The Toy Story Fans

Toy Story franchise did not stop with their installment. They came up with another blockbuster Toy Story 4 on June 21, 2019. It was definitely a treat for all Toy Story fans who loved all the three movies of the franchise before and had an amazing experience with all the fantastic toys of the movies. Josh Cooley is the director of the movie.

Toy Story 4 continues with the story after Toy Story 3. Buzz and Woody and all the other toys are enjoying their company with Bonnie. Andy gave away all his toys to Bonnie. Bonnie has a unique toy called Forky which is actually a spork. All the toys along with Forky embark upon a rod trip together. The film is dedicated to Don Rickles who was a very famous American stand-up comedian, author, and actor. Toy Story 4 released in RealD 3D, IMAX and Dolby Cinema.

This time also, the movie maintained to continue its superiority in terms of its content, the emotional value of the story, character portrayal and not to forget the amazing vocal performance. Everyone from critics to the audience loved every bit of the film.

toy story 4 official poster

The main voice cast includes:

  • Tom Hanks as Woody
  • Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear
  • Annie Potts as Bo Peep
  • Tony Hale as Forky
  • Keegan-Michael Kay as Ducky
  • Jordan Peele as Bunny
  • Madeleine McGraw as Bonnie
  • Christina Hendricks as Gabby Gabby
  • Keanu Reeves as Duke Caboom
  • Ally Maki as Giggle McDimples
  • Jay Hernandez as Bonnie’s Dad
  • Lori Alan as Bonnie’s Mom
  • Joan Cusack as Jessie
  • Wallace Shawn as Rex
  • John Ratzenberger as Hamm
  • Blake Clark as Slinky Dog
  • Estelle Harris as Mrs. Potato Head
  • Bonnie Hunt as Dolly
  • Kristen Schaal as Trixie
  • Timothy Dalton as Mr. Pricklepants

Here we have brought some of the best Toy Story 4 poster. If you too want to be a part of the joyous adventure of the toys, then check out these awesome posters. Scroll down to witness the awesomeness.

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Toy Story 4 Poster Collection: The Toys

1. Woody

toy story 4 image of woody

In Toy Story 4, Woody is sad as no one plays with him like before. But on Bonnie’s first day of school, he sneaks into her bag. Bonnie makes Forky out of a spork and Woody’s task is to make believe Forky that he is not a piece of trash. During his road trip, Woody meets Bo. At the end of the film, Woody gives away his Sherrif badge and decides to stay with Bo.

2. Buzz Lightyear

toy story 4 image of buzz lightyear

Buzz is like a side role in the movie, as the whole movie somewhat revolves around Woody. But as a true friend, he provides moral support to Woody and he learns about his “inner voice”.

3. Bo Peep

toy story 4 image of bo peep

Toy Story 4 is more about Bo. Woody finds Bo with her sheep who are Billy, Goat, and Gruff. Bo describes her misery to Woody and she also has changed her appearance. She devotes her life to help find the owners of all the lost toys.

4. Forky

toy story 4 image of forky

Woody discovers Forky in a trash bag. Bonnie turns this spork into a handmade toy and from then on his name is Forky. But Forky thinks himself as trash and he wants to even commit suicide. He jumps out of the RV during the road trip, but Woods saved him and made him realize how important he was to Bonnie.

5. Ducky and Bunny

toy story 4 image of ducky and bunny

Bunny is a blue and green stuffed toy. Ducky is a stuffed toy with pink glitter eyes. Both of them are carnival toys and they want to be won. They are very good friends of each other.

6. Gabby Gabby

toy story 4 image of gabby gabby

Gabby Gabby is a doll who has a broken voice box. She is the main antagonist of the fourth film. No one wants her because of her defect and she is in the store for more than 60 years. But Woody gives away his voicebox to her in return of Forky’s freedom.

7. Duke Caboom

toy story 4 image of duke caboom

Duke Caboom is a Canadian toy with a white outfit. He has a toy motorcycle. He suffers from low self-esteem as he feels that he left down his previous owner.

8. Giggle McDimples

toy story 4 image of giggle mcdimple

Giggle is a miniature toy cop. She accompanies Bo Peep in her adventure. Giggle is so tiny that she lives inside a folding compact. Her cuteness is unbeatable.

9. Rex

toy story 4 rex

Rex is a large green dinosaur. He is the largest of Andy’s toys.

10. Be Bonnie

toy story 4 image of bonnie

Bonnie made Forky out of a spork. Forky became the favorite toy of Bonnie. On her first day of first grade, she made another new toy with a plastic knife. Forky introduces himself to her.

Toys On A Road Trip

11. Look At Us

toy story 4 image of all characters

When Woody meets Bo, the latter agrees to help Woody to save Forky from Gabby who has cunningly captured him.

12. Let’s Go Infinity and Beyond

toy story 4 fanart image

Buzz tries to find Woody through his inner voice and he becomes a carnival prize in the fairground. There he becomes friends with Ducky and Bunny and all of them together hunt for Bo and Woody.

13. It’s Carnival Time

toy story 4 image of carnival toys

14. The Dummies

toy story 4 image of the dummies

The Dummies work as Gabby’s minion toys who are voiceless. Gabby’s personal aid is a dummy whose name is Benson.

New Friends

15. Woody and Forky

toy story 4 image of woody and forky

Woody was the life savior for Forky in every sense. He even sacrificed his voicebox to save Forky from the cruel Gabby.

16. Am I Just A Trash?

toy story 4 image of forky

Forky suffered from existential crisis initially. But later he understood his self-worth and wanted to live again as Bonnie’s favorite toy.

17. Laugh Out Loud

toy story 4 image of ducky and bunny

18. Can You Be Cool Like Us?

toy story 4 image of bunny and ducky

19. Playful

toy story 4 image of ducky and bunny

20. Happy Go Ducky

toy story 4 image of ducky and bunny

21. Hang Out Time

toy story 4 image of ducky and bunny

22. Stick With Us

toy story 4 image of ducky and bunny

Toys With New Look

23. Meet The Queen

toy story 4 image of gabby

24. Charged Up

toy story image of bo peep

25. Here Comes the Sheriff

toy story 4 image of woody

26. Rescue Alert!

toy story 4 image of buzz

27. Spoon or Fork?

toy story image of forky

28. Mini Companion

toy story 4 image of bo peep and giggles

29. Action Action

toy story image of all toys

30. Take Me

toy story 4 image of forky

31. Extra#1

toy story 4 poster

32. Extra#2

toy story 4 poster

33. Extra#3

toy story 4 image of woody fanart

34. Extra#4

toy story 4 poster fanart

35. Extra#5

Toy Story Poster 1

36. Extra#6

37. Extra#7

38. Extra#8

39. Extra#9


Toy Story 4 is also a very special film from the house of Disney. Disney offered a new adventure with every film of this franchise. Toy Story 4 is the first one to cross $1 billion worldwide. That is definitely a pathbreaking record for an animated movie. It became the sixth highest-grossing film of 2019.

Woody’s decision to stay with Bo was an amazing twist at the end of the movie. It has a whopping 8.2 out of 10 ratings on IMDB. In Rotten Tomatoes also it has 97% ratings.

So, show your love for your childhood toys and be nostalgic with these amazing Toy Story 4 poster collection. Make sure to download them and print them. We also have, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3 poster collection, go and check them out too.

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