Toy Story 2 Poster Collection: 30+ High Quality Printable Posters

Toy Story left us with wonderful memories. Memories that reminded us of our childhood, that made us nostalgic about our good old happy days without worries, where there were only toys and abundant fun. The film was a trip down the memory lane for all of us.

The movie promised the audience that it would come back with lots of fun once again. And it did. In 1999, after 4 years of the original Toy Story, the makers came up with a sequel of the movie. We knew that the franchise is growing day by day.

Things get all the more fun and exciting in the second part of the movie. If you are familiar with the first one, already know the plotline. In Toy Story, we were on an adventure with Woody and Buzz, the two most prized toys of Andy.

Toy Story 2 brings a whole lot of new adventure. Guess what happens to Woody? The pull string cowboy doll is stolen by a toy collector. And who comes the rescue? None other than Woody’s enemy Buzz Lightyear and the whole toy squad.

However, Woody wants to taste some new things in his life. He becomes attracted to the thought of being a part of a museum that will earn him immortality. But his buddy Buzz makes him realize that a toy’s existence lies when it is played with. Being captivated in a museum he can never achieve that.

The toys are united and they make an oath to each other that they are going to stick together to “infinity and beyond”. Some new characters are introduced in the second part of the movie.

Here we bring an amazing Toy Story 2 poster collection. Refresh your memories of your favorite movie with these awesome posters.

toy story 2 official poster

The main voices include:

  • Tom Hanks as Woody
  • Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear
  • Joan Cusack as Jessie
  • Kelsey Grammas as Prospector
  • Estelle Harris as Mrs. Potato Head
  • Wayne Knight as Al McWhiggin
  • Jim Varney as Slinky Dog
  • Jodie Benson as Barbie
  • R.Lee Ermey as Sarge
  • Jeff Pidgeon as Aliens
  • Jonathan Harris as the Cleaner
  • Joe Ranft as Wheezy
  • Wallace Shawn as Rex
  • Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head

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Toy Story 2 Poster Collection: 30+ Amazing Posters

Check out the cool, fun posters from the movie Toy Story 2!

Meet The Toys

1. Woody Is Stolen


When Woody’s arm breaks Andy decides not to take him to the camp, Woody feels really scared. He is afraid that Andy will not play with him anymore. But a greedy toy collector later steals Woody.

2. Jessie The New Girl

Jessie The New Girl

Jessie is a girl whom everyone will like. She is brave, high spirited and athletic. But she has a sad story too. She was abandoned when she was young and that’s why she cannot trust easily. Another interesting fact about Jessie is that she is very afraid of the dark. Jessie receives love and the joys of life when Andy welcomes her to his collection of toys. Finally, Jessie has a home.

3. Stinky Pete

toy story 2 image of stinky pete the prospector

Even the toys have a prospector and his name is Stinky Pete. The prospector is intelligent and a very well-spoken character. Stinky Pete hates toys like Buzz Lightyear as he feels these new toys are stealing the old toys and no child is no more interested to play with cowboy toys like Woody.

4. Bullseye


Bullseye is a toy horse. He is one of the members of Woody’s roundup collection. The toy horse gets upset when Woody decides to go back to Andy. He sounds like an actual horse.

5. Welcome Mrs. Potato Head

toy story 2 image of mrs. potato head

Finally, Mrs. Potato Head is seen in Toy Story 2. She is very patient, unlike Mr. Potato head and is a sweet character.

6. The Chicken Man

McWhiggin Chicken Man

Andy’s toys call Al McWhiggin Chicken Man. Al is the owner of a toy store chain called Al’s Toy Barn. He is first seen in the movie dressed in a chicken suit.

7. The Cleaner

toy story image of old man cleaner

The Cleaner is an old man who is a specialist in toy repairing. He has an entire tool kit. He always says ” art can’t rush”. The old man comes to repair Woody since one of his arms broke.

8. Wheezy The Penguin

toy story image of wheezy penguin

Wheezy is a squishy penguin toy who is on the shelf since ist speaker broke. It upset Andy very much. It has also a red tie attached to it.

9. Amy’s Barbie


10. Emperor Zurg

toy story image of emperor zurg

Zurg is a space villain and guess whose enemy he is? Buzz and Zurg are rivals. His eyes are red and teeth are neon green. Zurg wears a purple uniform.

11. Utility Belt Buzz

toy story image of utility belt buzz

We know how boastful Buzz Lightyear is about himself. But he found out a newer version of himself when he went search for Woody at Al’s toy barn. He saw a new Buzz Lightyear which has a utility belt.

Moments To Remember

12. Woody Breaks His Arm

toy story image of andy with woody

Accidentally while playing with Woody, Andy breaks one of his arms. In Toy Story 2 he is shown a little bit gown up from the previous movie.

13. The Toy Chain Shop

toy story 2 image of Al's toy barn toy shop

This the toy shop chain owned by Al McWhiggin. He is an evil toy collector.

14. Super Fun Al

toy story 2 image of Al the toy collector

Al is an extremely lazy person. He always complains about going to work on a Saturday. But funnily, his store is just a street across his apartment.

15. Meet Buster

toy story image of buster

Buster is an energetic pet of Andy. He is very nice and friendly to the toys. Woody gives him instructions and like a good dog, he listens to him and abides by him.

16. When The Real and The Toy Met

toy story image of buster and slinky

The moment Buster and Slinky meet are hilarious. Both of them discover something new. Slinky is surprised to see an alive dog for the first time and Buster also examines thoroughly a toy dog.

17. Wheezy The Singer


18.Aliens Alert

toy story 2 image of aliens

19. Surprise

toy story 2 poster

20. Cowboy Meets Cowgirl

Jessie and Woody

21. The Trio

toy story 2 image of woody jessie and bullseye

22. Look Who’s Peeping

toy story image of jessie and bullseye

23. Happy Us

image of jessie and bullseye

24. Dark Light

toy story 2 image of woody jessie and buzz

Toy Story 2 Poster: Quotes Not To Forget

25. Let’s Have A Tour

toy story image of tour guide barbie

26. Extra Pair

toy story 2 quote of mr. and mrs potato head

27. Are You Mr. Potato Head?

toy story 2 image of mr.potato head

28. Blink Them To Death

toy story image of famous quote by Woody and Buzz

29. Laser Envy

toy story image of famous dialogue laser envy

30. Are You Married?

toy story 2 image of famous dialogue by Mr. Potato Head

31. Bonus#1

toy story image of famous dialogue by Rex

32. Bonus#2

toy story image of Buzz with Utility Belt Buzz

33. Bonus#3

toy story 2 image of Andy Coming back

Final Words

While Toy Story was a fun watch, its sequel Toy Story 2 offered us a whole new plate. There was adventure, mystery, emotions everything mixed up. We understood how our toys feel when we just abandon them. The movie even taught us that yes, toys too have feelings. Toys have their own family and the whole world.

At the end of the movie, Andy returns from his camp. He welcomes Jessie, Aliens, and Bullseye as his new toys and includes them in his toy collection. Woody’s broken arm is also fixed so is Wheezy’s speaker. All of them reunite and rejoice once again.

Toy Story 2 was also immensely successful. It made a business of $497 million. Rotten Tomatoes has given it 1005 rating on its website. There are few sequels made that actually overpower its original and Toy Story 2 is one of them. Critics, as well as people from 8 to 80, love the movie. The film was also re-released in its 3D version in 2009, after 10 years. We can see that the popularity of the movie never decreased.

Here, we have this amazing Toy Story 2 poster collection. Watch the movie and download these awesome posters.

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