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The Simpsons is an American Animated sitcom that is a satire on the working class life. This Satire has been epitomized by the Simpson Family. The family so consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Set in the fictional town of Springfield, the TV series mocks the American culture and society, television and the human condition.

The Simpsons Poster.

Well, the show has come up with 662 episodes since December 1989. And, for the very same reason, it is the longest-running American sitcom and the Longest American scripted primetime Television series! The TV series is a joint production by Gracie Films and 20th Century F0x Television and syndicated by 20th Century. The show has won several laurels, including, 31 Primetime Emmy Awards, 30 Annie Awards, and a Peabody Award.

Also, The Simpsons is best known for its wide ensemble of main and supporting characters.

Main Characters consist of:

  • Homer
  • Marge Bouvier
  • Bart
  • Lisa
  • Maggie
  • Grampa Simpson
  • Santa’s Little Helper
  • Snowball V, renamed as Snowball II
  • Lenny Leonard
  • Carl Carlson
  • Seymour Skinner
  • Edna Krabappel
  • Elizabeth Hoover
  • Ned Flanders
  • Barney Gumble
  • Krusty The Clown
  • Kent Brockman
  • Mayor Quimby
  • Clancy Wiggum
  • Charles Burns
  • Patty And Selma Bouvier

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The Simpsons Poster Collection (30+ Amazing Posters)

We have brought you the best of the lot- from The Simpsons Poster Collection. Skid through, no more!

1. Homer

He’s the Father in the Simpsons family who works as a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Well, let’s say his personality is something completely contrasting to what his occupation is because he’s much reckless and buffoonish in real.

Homer Simpson

2. Marge Bouvier

Marge is the wife of Homer and a stereotypical American wife and mother. She is the moralistic force and the family and has a grounding voice throughout, in order to set rules. Her beehive-like blue hairstyle is quite inspirational!

Marge Simpson

3. Bart

He’s the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Simpson. Bart is a ten-year-old prattler and so much of a troublemaker too. He is the only son to Mr. and Mrs. Simpsons and let’s say for the very same reason- is mischievous, rebellious and disrespectful towards the Authority.

Bart simpson poster

4. Lisa

She’s an eight-year-old activist in the Simpsons family, who’s another of a trouble maker.

Lisa Poster

5. Maggie

The little baby in the Simpsons family whose communication only by sucking on a pacifier.

Maggie Simpson Poster


6. Grampa Simpson

Father to Homer, Grampa Simpson lives in the Springfield Retirement Home after Homer forced him to sell his house so that they could buy theirs. Seemingly, Grampa Simpson comes forth as a very strong character in several episodes.

Grampa Simpson poster

7. Santa’s Little Helper

He’s a cute dog owned by The Simpsons Family.

Santa's Little Helper

8. Snowball II

The cat owned by the Simpsons who does play several starring roles in some of the episodes.

Snowball poster

9. Lenny Leonard And Carl Carlson

Quirky co-workers and friends to Homer. They are rarely seen apart have a close relationship. Each possesses a Master’s degree in Nuclear Physics.

Lenny and Carl poster.

10. Principal Seymour Skinner

He is the principal of Springfield Elementary school. He’s constantly battling against the inadequate resources, apathetic and bitter teachers and uninterested students. He has a strict and upright attitude because he used to be in the army.

Seymore skinner poster

11. Teachers- Edna Krabappel And Elizabeth Hoover

Disgusted and apathetic teachers in Springfield Elementary School.

Edna poster

Elizabeth Hoover poster

12. Ned Flanders

Neighbor to The Simpsons.

ned Flanders

13. Barney Gumble

He’s too a neighbor to The Simpsons.

barney poster

14. An Unforgettable Character- The Crazy Cat Lady

crazy cat lady

15. The Simpsons Family

Let’s agree to that fact that the Simpsons are a ‘dysfunctional unit’ as a family but in many episodes, they are shown caring and nurturing, one another, as one. The series uses a floating timeline where the characters appear of the same age- throughout.


the simpsons poster


16. The Office Colleagues

Homer, Carl, and Lenny are not only office colleagues but friends too.

the office colleagues

17. The Nuclear Power Plant Co-workers

The show despite being a sitcom parodies the American social structure and the Government at large. By making Homer work in a Nuclear power plant, the sho comments on the state of the Government.

office workers in the simpsons

18. Quote By Homer

“Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t understand.”

famous line by Homer

19. Springfield Elementary School

Both Bart and Lisa go to this school to pursue Elementary education. However, the show illustrates some controversial issues in the field of education.

The Simpsons Elementary school

20. Christmas Celebrations With The Simpsons

Religion is a recurring theme in The Simpsons and thus, they are seeing celebrating Christmas with considerable pomp and show!

christmas with the simpsons

21. The Famous One-Word By Homer Simpson- D’OH!

famous line by homer

22. The Comical Elements In The Simpsons

comical elements in the simpsons

23. Belief In God

In times of crisis, The Simpsons family often turns to God. Meanwhile, the show also deals with some major Religions!

simpsons believe in god


Anecdotal Comedy in The Simpsons.

homer asks marge to stay

25. The Simpsons Opening Sequence

The Simpsons opening sequence

26. Crusty, ‘The Clown’

Crusty is the long-time clown host of Bart and Lisa’s favorite TV show. He’s portrayed as a cynical, burnt-out, and addiction-ridden smoker who is made miserable by the show business. He’s become one of the main characters outside the Simpson family and has been the focus of several episodes.

crusty the clown

27. Patty And Selma Bouvier

Minor characters in The Simpsons, also identical sisters. Patty and Selma are sisters to Marge Simpson.

selma poster

28. Charles Burns

Charles burns

29. Part of The Simpsons Poster Collection

the Simpsons poster collection

30. Slips, Trips, And Falls Can Be Prevented!

poster 30

31. Extra #1

Extra #1

32. Extra #2

Extra #2

33. Extra #3

extra #3

Final Thoughts- ‘The Simpsons’ Poster Collection

The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom that’s futuristic and pragmatic despite being a sitcom. It’s not like any other American sitcom because of its satire on American society. The show can be called- Futuristic because everything that it predicts happens in reality in the American world. Be it, Disney taking over Fox or Donald Trump becoming the President of America, the show has said it all- long before the real picture!

With 662 episodes and an aim of 700 episodes, the show is sure to not leave your side for a very long time. The Simpsons is a family drama along with a parody-based comic backdrop. The characters are sure to take your heart away- at all times. You can rely on the ratings that give it a stupendous 9.1/10 rating.

Haven’t started watching The Simpsons yet? Now, is the time!!

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