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The Office is an American sitcom television series that has nine seasons altogether. It was aired from March 2005 to May 2013. It is basically an adaptation of a BBC original series with the same name. Greg Daniels adapted the series for American Television. The series is extremely popular unless nine seasons could have never been possible. So are you a big fan? Here is The Office poster collection for you.

The Office deals with the everyday lives of the employees of an office which is called Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The whole series is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The series portrays an ensemble cast. There have been appearances of some guest stars such as Mindy Kaling, Ed Helms James Spader and so on along with the main cast.

The Office has received amazing reviews from fans to critics. Interestingly, The Office was shot with a single camera set up to give the series the feel of an actual documentary. No studio audience or laugh track was present so as to bring out the true essence of humor of the show. All the characters are aware of the presence of the camera.

The series portrays an actual workspace environment where employees are caught up with their ego problems, indecent behavior and everyday monotony and boredom of work.

the office t.v series poster

The main cast includes-

  • Steve Carell as Michael Scott
  • Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute
  • John Krasinski as Jim Halpert
  • Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly
  • B.J Novak as Ryan Howard
  • Ed Helms as Andy Bernard
  • Melora Hardin as Jan Levinson
  • Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor
  • Kate Flannery as Meredith Palmer
  • Phyllis Smith as Phyllis Lapin

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The Office Poster: The Main Characters

1. The Central Character Michael Scott

the office main character michael scott

Michael Scott is the Regional Manager of the company Dunder Mifflin Company. Michael is the central character and is the boss of everybody. He possesses amazing salesman skills although he has no other skills whatsoever. One of Michael’s faults is that he always puts personal choices overwork. He also has a laidback attitude towards work.

2. Dwight Schrute

the office image of dwight schrute

Dwight is a hilarious character. He is noted for his lack of social skills and common sense. Dwight’s office rivalry is his fellow salesman Jim Halpert. He is marked for his distinct office wear which is mustard-colored, short sleeve collared shirt and a brown suit jacket.

3. Jim Halpert

the office jim halpert

Jim Halpert’s character is based on Tim Canterbury from the original series. He is an intelligent character and quite straight forward. Jim and Dwight are always at loggerheads. He is always pranking on Dwight. Jim shares a romantic relationship with the receptionist Pam Beesly. His nickname is” Big Tuna”.

4. Pam Beesly

the office pam beesly

Pam is the receptionist at Dunder Mifflin. She is a shy girl but an amiable character. Pam has a relationship with Jim and later the two get married. She is also inclined to arts. She well understands the personality of all her co-workers since she works at the company for a long time.

5. Ryan Howard

the office image of Ryan Howard

Ryan shares an uneasy relationship with his boss Michael Scott at the beginning of the series. He also develops a crush on Kelly Kapoor, another employee at the office. They had an on and off relationship with each other.

6. Andy Bernard

the office andy bernard

The character of Andy Bernard has no counterpart in the BBC series. He is introduced in season 3 when Jim transfers. He portrays a self-centered, arrogant personality. Still, he was very helpful towards his co-workers.

7. Jan Levinson

the office image of jan levinson

Janet Levinson is the Vice President of the North East sales at the paper distribution company. Jan and Michael are the show’s comic elements. They add a lot to the humor of the series. Both of them have very contrasting personalities. Later, Jan was fired.

8. Kelly Kapoor

the office kelly kapoor

Mindy Kaling played the character of Kelly Kapoor in the show. She was also the show’s writer and producer. Kelly is the chatterbox of the office. She always talks about petty issues like boyfriends, dating and about celebrities. Kelly left the show in season 8.

9. Meredith Palmer

the office meredith palmer

Meredith is characterized by her sexually flirtatious personality. She portrays long red hair which is her trademark style. It is mentioned in the series that she is a fan of hard rock music.

10. Phyllis Lapin

phyllis lapin

Phyllis Lapin is the gossip queen. She loves girly talking and always gossiping. Although, she portrays a very friendly character. Phillip is very sweet and has a motherly side to her nature.

11. Stanley Hudson

the office stanley hudson

The character of Stanley Hudson is played by Leslie David Baker. He is a serious and hardworking employee at the office.

12. Kevin Malone

the office image of kevin malone

Kevin Malone is a comic character. Due to his appearance of being overweight, he draws a lot of laughter in the show.

Important Things

13. The Office

the office dunder mifflin

Dunder Mifflin is the paper distribution company around which the series revolves. All the employees work at this company.

14. The Love Birds

the office image of couple jim and pam

Jim and Pam are the sweetest couples to ever exist. They get married in the later seasons. She also gets pregnant in the series.

15. The Rivals

the office dwight and jim

Dwight and Jim were the office rivals. Jim always pranks against Dwight which makes him quite angry.

The Office Poster: Michael’s Famous Dialogues

16. Loved or Feared?

the office michael scott's dialogue

Micahel considered him to be the world’s best boss. He wanted everyone to love him and to fear him as well.

17. That’s What She Said

the office michael"s famous dialogue

Everyone who has been a fan of The Office is familiar with the phrase. This is Michael’s most often used dialogue in the show.

18. No Please

the office michael scott

Being a boss, Michael was always hyperactive. This dialogue by him surely makes him one.

19. Worm Wise

the office famous quote by michael scott

No wonder, why he claimed himself to be the best boss. Witty and wise, the perfect combination indeed!

20. What To Do

the office michael scott dialogue

Micahel surely added a lot of fun to his character with such funny and confusing dialogues.

The Office Poster: Memorable Quotes

21. Challenge Accepted

the office dialogue by dwight

22. No, You Don’t Need Love

the office dialogue by dwight

23. Awful Awful

the office quote of Andy

24. How Dare You

the office dialogue by kelly

25. Stanley Will Slap

the office dialogue by stanley

26. We Need A Plague

the office famous dialogue by dwight

27. Be Casual

the office famous dialogue by meredith

28. Did He?

the office Did I stutter quote by Stanley

29. The Best

the office all famous dialogues

30. Love Like Them

the office best couple jim and pam

31. Bonus#1

the office poster

32. Bonus#2

the office poster

33. Bonus#3

the office poster

34. Bonus#4

The office 1

35. Bonus#5

The office 2

Final Words

The Office falls under the genre of the mockumentary. It parodies the work culture and environment. The makers of the show added a lot of new elements to the show to distinguish it from its original British series.

Although the first series was an exact adaptation, they changed it from the next episodes. A lot of research was done for this show to exhibit a realistic office situation.

The theme song of The Office is also quite famous. Jay Ferguson is the writer of the song and The Scrantones performed it.

The series is also a winner of a number of awards. It has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards, Golden Globe Award for Carell’s performance and four Primetime Emmy Award.

It has got a whopping 8.8 rating on IMDB.

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