The Angry Birds Movie 2 Poster Collection: 30+ Cute Frenemies Posters

We all love to play video games on our phones, don’t we? And when that favorite video games of ours turn into a movie, it is a win-win situation right? Angry Birds became a huge rage for all video game lovers when it first came. The Angry Birds Movie 2 which is also known as Angry Birds 2, is a sequel to The Angry Birds Movie, 2016. The second installment in the franchise is also based upon the popular video game. Thurop Van Orman and John Rice made their directorial debut with the movie. The film retained some of its old cast along with incorporating some new cast.

Angry Birds 2 revolves around Red, Chuck, and Bomb who are compelled to join with Leonard and the rest of the pigs. There is a big advanced weapon threat upon the Bird island and Piggy Island. The film received a good response from both critics and the audience. It is one of the best films made so far which is based on a video game.

The birds and the pigs who were the eternal enemies of each other finally become a team to combat a bigger threat in order to save their homelands. Angry Birds 2 released on 14 August 2019.

angry birds 2 movie poster

The main voice cast includes:

  • Jason Sudeikis as Red
  • Josh Gad as Chuck
  • Leslie Jones as Zeta
  • Bill Harder as King Leonard
  • Rachel Bloom as Silver
  • Awkwafina as Courtney
  • Sterling K. Brown as Garry Pig
  • Eugenio Derbez as Bomb
  • Peter Dinklage as Ethan “Mighty” Eagle
  • Beck Bennet as Hank, Brad
  • Zach Woods as Carl Eagle
  • Pete Davidson as Jerry Eagle
  • Lil Rel Howery as Alex
  • Dove Cameron as Ella
  • Nicki Minaj as Pinky
  • Brooklyn Price as Zoe

Let’s look at some amazing the Angry Birds movie 2 poster as we have got the best collection of posters ever. Want to know the story of the frenemies birds and pigs? Then, scroll down and check out these awesome posters.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Poster: We Are Angry Birds

1. Red Alert

angry birds 2 image of red

Red is the main protagonist. He is a rather grumpy, short-tempered bird. But he is a natural leader, strong-willed and decisive. Also, one of the reasons for his anger his unusual eyebrows for which in school his classmates mocked him a lot.

2. Chuck It

angry birds 2 image of chuck

Chuck is a free-spirited bird who does not like to live by rules and regulations. He is open to challenges and always looks for the bigger picture. Chuck is also very energetic and hyperactive.

3. I Am The Bomb

angry birds 2 image of bomb


Bomb is a doer as he always gets things done. Although his appearance might be intimidating, he is very kind and gentle. He is very sincere in his work and helps his other friend birds to get out of any troublesome situation.

4. Matilda

angry birds 2 image of matilda

Matilda is like a playable character in Angry Birds 2. She is the leader of the anger management class on Birds Island. Matilda is a caring character and she has a mother-like personality.

5. Shining Silver

angry birds 2 image of silver

The pigs took the egg of Silver and she cracked opened in front of them. They adopted her and thus she has a mix of mental and physical traits of the pigs.

We Are Enemies

6. Zeta

angry birds 2 image of zeta

Zeta is a purple eagle and is an antagonist in the film. She is the ruler of Eagle island. Zeta’s plan is to destroy both Bird Island and Piggy Island.

7. Leonard

angry birds 2 image of leonard

Leonard was the king of Pig Island and his friends called him Chuckles. He leads other pigs to steal the eggs from Bird Island. King Leonard is aggressive, power-hungry and selfish.

8. Garry Pig

angry birds 2 image of garry

Garry is a new pig who appeared in Angry Birds 2. He is the smartest of all pigs as he can invent many tools such as invisible spray. Leonard is his friend.

9. Glenn

angry birds 2 image of glenn

Glenn is one of Eagle island’s top scientists. He is very nervous all the time.

10. Mighty Eagle

angry birds 2 image of mighty eagle

Mighty is a wise and powerful bird and everybody respects him.

11. Pinky

angry birds 2 image of pinky

Pinky is a new character in Angry Birds movie 2.

12. Three Hatchlings

angry birds 2 image of three hatchlings

Zoe is the daughter of Terrence and Matilda. She plans to act in a play by using three eggs at a beach but accidentally the eggs drift out to the sea.

13. Cute Us

angry birds 2 image of three hatchlings

All of them set sail to get the eggs. But a whale blows them into the air.

14. Surprise Me

angry birds 2 image of small hatchling

The three hatchlings finally find the eggs on a small island and a python has captured them. They plan to come back to Bird island but instead, they go to Pig island. Three piglets welcome them there.

Being Angrier

15. Fiery Red

angry birds 2 image of red

Chuck and Bomb force Red to join in a speed dating activity which is a matchmaking process. There Red meets Silver who deems him incompatible.

16. The Trio

angry birds 2 image of red bomb and chuck

Red, Chuck, and Bomb are a team. They can go to any means to save their island.

17. Way To Go

angry birds 2 image of all birds

The team travels to Eagle island by submarine. Red goes on fighting alone but Silver follows him. The other team members disguise as Trojan Eagle and get a card to enter into the base.

18. More Power To Us

angry birds 2 poster

19. Little Us

angry birds 2 image of the eggs

20. Mission Possible

angry birds 2 image of birds

21. Born Angry

angry birds 2 image of all birds

22. Not Over

angry birds 2 image of all birds

23. Sibling Bond

angry birds 2 image of chuck and silver

24. Terence

angry birds 2 image of terence

25. Be Happy

angry birds 2 image of bomb

26. Sequel Please

angry birds 2 poster

27. Make Your Choice

angry birds 2 image of red and pigs

28. Who Is He?

angry birds 2 image of eggman

29. No More War

angry birds 2 image of pig

30. Welcome Stella

angry birds 2 image of stella

31. Bonus#1

angry birds 2

32. Bonus#2

angry birds 2 image of chuck and pig

33. Bonus#3

angry birds 2 poster

34. Bonus#4

angry birds 2 poster bomb and pigs

35. Bonus#5

angry birds 2 image of silver and pig

36. Bonus#6

angry birds 2 poster

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Final Thought

In Angry Birds 2, Mighty Eagle and Zeta get married. Red becomes the chief witness of their marriage. Everyone praises Red as he saved the island. But, Red gives credits to Silver and everyone else in the team. He unveils a mount Rushmore type monument in order to honor them. Red gained love through his honesty and selflessness. In the end, Silver and Red begin a romantic journey of their own. The birds organize a huge party to celebrate their success and happiness.

Just as its first part, people loved the sequel as well. It is quite entertaining and the humor factor adds to the film’s charm. The film made a business of $47.3 million worldwide. Critics, however, gave the film mixed reviews. Some critics criticized as another sequel not up to the mark. Angry Birds 2 has 76% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. It is no doubt the best film based on a video game. On IMDB it has 6.4 out of 10.

Now, you have got all the amazing pictures from Angry Birds 2. Join the squad of the angry birds and know their story through these posters. Go ahead and download them and also print them. It’s time to make some frenemies with this cool collection of The Angry Birds Movie 2 poster.

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