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Supernaturals is an American Fantasy Horror television series. This series by Eric Kripke gives you a full thrilling and adventurous experience. The series released its first season in the year 2005, and till date, Supernatural has completed 13 seasons. So, here we are with the coolest Supernatural posters you can hunt.

This show is about two brothers, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester go across America hunting demons, ghosts, vampires and other supernatural beings. They travel around investigating supernatural activities in 1967 Chevy Impala.

Supernatural title poster

The main Cast of Supernatural includes:

  • Jensen Ackles as Sam Winchester (all seasons)
  • Jared Padalecki as Dean Winchester (all seasons)
  • Misha Collins as Castiel (seasons 4-14)
  • Mark Sheppard as Crowley (seasons 5-12)
  • Lucifer (seasons 4-5, 7, 11-13)
  • Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer (seasons 1-11)
  • Kim Rhodes as Jody Mills (seasons 5-13)

Well, if you enjoy watching thriller drama then this show must definitely be on the top of your ‘Must Watch’ list.

Supernatural Poster Collection: High-Quality Printable Posters

Supernatural starts with the death of Sam and Dean’s mother by a Demon. The series takes a leap of 22 years after this scene where Sam is living with his girlfriend and Dean shows up to inform him about their missing father. They receive signs and contacts through which they try to locate their dad. This is the first time they encounter a supernatural being.

Upon returning, Sam finds his girlfriend killed by the same Yellow-Eyed Demon. And then their hunting lives begins.

Throughout the series, various demons, angels, supernatural beings are introduced. Dean and Sam are supported by different hunters to hunt down the evil.

Sam Winchester

Sam is the younger brother. Just when he was six months old, he experienced his mother’s death in his nursery. He was saved by his father. He did not know this until he grew up.


Supernatural Poster Sam Winchester


Supernatural Sam Winchester poster

Dean Winchester

Dean is the elder to sam by four years. He is a very loving and caring brother and took good care of him in the absence of their dad.



Sam and Dean Winchester Posters

The two brothers start the hunting in order to find their father but eventually take up this as their daily life mission. They love each other and are each other’s weaknesses. They risk their lives to save each other.

5. The Two Brothers

Supernatural Season 1

6. Winchesters

Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester

7. Handsome Hunters

Supernatural posters Dean and Sam

8. Heros of the Show

Supernatural poster Sam and Dean

9. Sam and Dean

10. Demon Hunters

Supernatual poster

11. Jerk and Bitch

Supernatural posters brothers

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1967 Chevy Impala

Dean and Sam travel around in 1967 Chevy Impala for hunting. This is like their signature car of the show. They are always seen in this car when traveling.

12. Dean’s Baby

This 1967 Chevrolet Impala was passed down by John Winchester (Sam and Dean’s father) to Dean. He loves his car very much and calls it his ‘Baby’.

Supernatural car poster

13. The Impala

Dean and Sam used to store all sorts of weapons in the trunk of the car. These weapons mainly included rifles, knives, holy water,etc.

14. Travel buddy

15. Castiel

Castiel was introduced in the fourth season of Supernatural. He is an angel and saved Dean many times. He even helped Dean and Sam to hunt down many supernatural powers.

supernatural Castiel

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Supernatural Posters: 30+ Amazing HQ Printable posters
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