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One of USA Network’s longest running show, the series premiered on 23rd June 2011. Suits is based on a fictional law firm in New York, where characters- Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) trick their entrants into closing cases for themselves and the firm. The show revolves around this major plot, also gravitating an enigmatic sub-plot where Mike has to hide his real identity in the firm; for he never happened to have graduated from Harvard!

This American Legal Drama Television series has been nominated for two People’s Choice Awards, with Patrick Adams and Gina Torres receiving several laurels for their extraordinary performances. It’s extremely entertaining and is much “lit” in terms of screenplay and dialogue delivery. The show has also generated a South Korean and Japanese adaptation.

Suits main poster showing all major charcaters.

The main characters include:

  • Rick Hoffman As Louis Litt
  • Meghan Markle As Rachael Zane
  • Sarah Rafferty As Donna Paulsen
  • Gina Torres As Jessica Pearson
  • Patrick J. Adams As Mike Ross
  • Gabriel Macht As Harvey Specter
  • David Costabile As Daniel Hardman
  • Vanessa Ray As Jenny Griffith
  • Tom Lipinski As Trevor
  • Rebecca Schull As Edith Ross

30+ Amazing Suits Poster Collections

We bring you the best of suits poster collection! Skim through and tune out!

1. Harvey Specter

Harvey happens to be the right hand to the fictional law firm and in return to Jessica, who owns it. Harvey’s ratiocination and quick repartee while solving all his cases, make him look no less than James Bond himself. He truly takes us all in awe with his stupendous personality.

Lead protagonist in Suits- Harvey Specter.

2. Mike Ross

An orphan who has the responsibility of taking care of his sick grandmother, Mike gets hired by Harvey into the lawsuit firm only because there’s no one like him. Though playing a fraud, his love angle with Rachael along with his rare talent make him a character worth praising.

Mike Ross, right hand to Harvey

3. Rachael Zane

The “Paralegal” who slays it, let’s say all the time. There’s no one like her. despite her phobia for the LSATs. Her love scenario with Mike is sure to have us all welled up in utmost awe!

Rachael Zane is the classy paralegal in Pearson Hardman

4. Jessica Pearson

The Lady boss who’s nothing but the best when it comes to running a firm with a turnover of Millions of Dollars. Her duet with Harvey is worth watching for they keep it ‘classy’ even when they’re struggling to make the ends to meet.

Jessica Pearson- The Boss

5. Louis Litt

He’s the perfect anti-heroic figure that the series could have ever come up with. His wit and queer anecdotes make him a character that’s too smart to be a buffoon.

Louis is a fun antagonist in Suits

6. Donna Paulsen

‘Donna knows it all’. Who wouldn’t want a secretary who knows you in and out and hands you the best of advice. Moreover, her acting blows you off completely. What could have Harvey every done without her!

Donna Paulsen knows it all.

7. Daniel Hardman

Appears out of nowhere, he’s truly a pain in the ass for Jessica and the firm. Not to mention that Harvey hates him.

Let's say Daniel is simply a pain in the ass for everyone in the firm.

8. Trevor

He’s best described by Harvey as the anchor the ‘pulls down Mike along with him’. Trevor continues to create minor havocs in Mike’s life who always end up helping him. Trevor’s contacts with the underworld and his drug-dealing habits have his life in trouble along with that of Mike- Always!

Trevor is the anchor that always pulls down Mike

9. Edith Ross

The perfect Granny to Mike. she’s the one who brought him up after his parents’ death. Her wit and understanding make her look much younger than her age.

Mike has the coolest Granny.

10. Jenny

Her character is a little ambiguous when it comes to making progress. However, on one hand, she’s instrumental in bringing Mike and Rachael together, on the other hand, it is she who also sabotages the friendship between Mike and Trevor.

Jenny goes to hand over Mike his Suit!

11. Korean Adaption Of Suits

Korean Adaptation of Suits.

12. Newspapers Talk About It!

Ross to take the deal.

13. The Core Team Of Suits

The six main characters in Suits

14. The Perfect Duo

Quoting Harvey, “If he go, I go”; and that goes for Mike too for he’s ready to give up his all for Harvey!

Harvey and Mike- The perfect duo!

15. Mike Ross Proposes Rachael For A Relationship And Later, To Be His Wife- Indeed The Perfect Couple!

Well, this sounds really amazing when you know the destination and not the journey. These love birds have been a part of a roller-coaster ride before they were finally betrothed to be each others!

Mike and Rachael love each other.

16. Mike And Rachael Are Getting Married

And the ‘Best Couple’ ever, finally gets married!

The 'Best Couple' gets married.

17. Donna Loves Harvey

Donna gave up her all to protect Harvey and always stuck beside him through thick and thin. She knows him in and out and loves him truly.

Donna Loves Harvey!

18. Harvey’s World

Harvey loves to spend money- on decorating his home and on cars. After all, he earns in millions!

Harvey lives in a Luxurious world!

19. “I win. That’s What I Do” – Harvey

Harvey always wins! Not to forget, he also loves to play it fair.

Harvey always wins; that's what he does!

20. Donna Helping Rachael To Get Over Mike

Mike doesn’t want to let his little secret out, and also doesn’t want to hurt Rachael. Mike’s dicey behavior leaves Rachael no choice than to get over him.

Rachael wants to get over Mike and Donna helps her.

21. Cause It’s Hard To Beat Donna!

It's hard to beat Donna.

22. Courtroom Scenes

Like Harvey said, “Cut a trial or I’ll see you in the court!”

Coutroom scenes with Harvey!

23. Pearson Hardman Library

Welcome to Pearson Hardman Library!

24. Mike And Harvey- The Pair That Works The Best

Two lawyers, One degree!

25. Famous Quotes By Harvey

Harvey gives out good speeches Suits poster

26. Quotes By Harvey

"It's not bragging if it's true", said Harvey

27. Harvey Hiring Mike Ross

Harvey hires Mike Ross because he could beat him. Despite not having attended Harvard Law School, Mike becomes Harvey’s favorite, and of course, soon Jessica’s too!

Harvey hires Mike Ross Suits poster

28. Most Famous Line By Donna

The genius of Donna is everyday!

29. The Famous ‘Suits’ Poster

The famous suits poster!

30. Scotty And Harvey Heat It up

Scotty shares a sexual relationship with Harvey, which soon got him into trouble. However, Harvey’s winning tactics got better of them both, only to find out Scotty’s marriage in a month, that brought him real gloom.

Scotty comes in to 'heat it up' in Suits!

31. Suits Poster: Tension Between Harvey And Donna

Tension exists between Donna and Harvey Suits poster

32. Extra #1

Suits poster

33. Extra #2: Suits Poster
Illustration done on Suits poster!

Final Thoughts

Suits is surely the longest running show in the USA. The show currently also streams on Netflix. With Season 8 around the corner, the show is still under a love loved to debate.

We hope to have made you fall head over in heals with love with the show that consists of let’s say- A stupendous bunch of cast. Hope You’ll love the same when you personally take time to binge watch. Also, don’t forget to look at the amazing suits poster collection!

Happy watching!

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