Pretty Little Liars Poster: 40 Printable Poster Collection for Fans


Pretty Little Liars is an American crime thriller TV series. This series is based on the book written by Sara Shepard and has a total of 7 seasons. This series is about five liars – Spencer, Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Alison.

It is a thrilling drama which will keep you up all night wanting to watch more and more. The romantic part of the series is icing on the cake. We have collected some amazing Pretty Little Liars poster just for you.

Pretty Little Liars poster

The main cast of the series includes:

  • Troian Bellisario portrays Spencer Hastings/ Alex Drake
  • Lucy Hale portrays Aria Montgomery
  • Ashley Benson portrays Hanna Marin
  • Shay Mitchell portrays Emily Fields
  • Sasha Pieterse portrays Alison DiLaurentis
  • Tyler Blackburn portrays Caleb Rivers
  • Ian Harding portrays Ezra Fitz
  • Keegan Allen portrays Toby Cavanaugh
  • Janel Parrish portrays Mona Vanderwaal
  • Andrea Parker portrays Jessica DiLaurentis / Mary Drake
  • Laura Leighton portrays Ashley Marin
  • Venessa Ray portrays Cece Drake

The series begins with the reunion of the Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily after a year. They had separated after Alison went missing and came back together after a year because they suddenly started receiving messages from ‘A’. They thought that these messages are probably from Alison.

Pretty Little Liars Poster: 40 High-Quality Posters

The entire series takes place in Rosewood. As the series moves forward secrets of Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer are revealed. They were blackmailed by the things that they have done before Alison went missing and their family secrets.

1. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars poster Characters

Messages from A brought them together after a year. Initially, they thought these messages are from Alison because of the two reasons- Only Alison knows the secret and the initials of her name.

2. Secret is buried

Pretty Little Liars poster Season 1

But later they found the body of Alison which confirmed it was not her. Someone else was out there who knows everything. But who?

3. Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret

Pretty Little liars cast poster

‘Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret’ a quote by Sara Shepard used many times in the series by A.

4. What’s the secret?

Pretty Little Liars poster season 2

What is that secret which is making these liars perform all the dirty tasks assigned by A?

5. Liars

Pretty Little Liars poster Season 4

Five liars – Alison, Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer.

6. Who is in the coffin?

Pretty Little Liars poster Season 5

If Alison is alive then who is in the coffin?

7. Liars Unite

Pretty Little Liars poster Season 7

Liars unite together to fight against A.

8. Got a Secret?

Pretty Little Liars poster Season 4

9. Truth will Prevail

Pretty Little Liars poster secret

10. Liars to the End

11. Charles Story

Who is Charles? He or She? What’s his story?

12. Who is A?

Who is A? Everyone is a suspect.

13. Got a secret? Can you keep it?

14. Dolls

Liars become the Dolls of A. They have to do as they are told.

15. Ezra

Remember Ravenswood? Where we once thought that Ezra was A? And was he the last person to meet Alison? Ezra had his lair in Ravenswood. He was doing the research to write a novel.

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Pretty Little Liars Poster: 40 Printable Poster Collection for Fans
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