Powerpuff Girls Poster Collection: 30+ High Quality Posters

Name one person who hasn’t grown watching Powerpuff Girls. There is no one who isn’t familiar with the popular American superhero animated television series. Craig McCracken created the series for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around three kindergarten-aged girls who are Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.

One most interesting fact about these little girls is that they all possess superpowers.  These three super awesome girls live in the fictional town of Townsville, USA. They live with their father and creator who is a scientist whose name is Professor Utoniom. The city’s major often calls the girls to fight against enemies using their superpowers and to protect the city.

This series made its official debut as a cartoon on November 18, 1998. It aired its final episode on March 25, 2005. The series ran for a total of six seasons.  Powerpuff Girls was a huge success among all children. Not only children even adults loved watching the series. It received a positive response from all over the world. Owing to its success a feature film was made based on the film called The Powerpuff Girls Movie.

Blossom is pink in color, Bubbles in blue in color and Buttercup is green in color. The episodes are actually variations of superhero shows. The girls use their powers to protect their city from villains and giant monsters. Although they are super girls with superpowers they too face problems like normal kids such as sibling rivalry, loose teeth, hygiene issues, going to school and so on.

powerpuff girls official image

The main voice cast includes:

  • Cathy Cavadini as Blossom
  • Tara Strong as Bubbles
  • E.G Daily as Buttercup
  • Tom Kane as Professor Utoniom
  • Tom Kenny as The Mayor of Townsville
  • Jennifer Martin as  Ms.Sara Bellum
  • Jennifer Hale as Ms. Keane
  • Tom Kenny as Narrator
  • Tom Kane as Talking Dog
  • Roger L. Jackson as Mojo Jojo
  • Tom Kane as Him
  • Jim Cummings as Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • Jennifer Hale as Princess Morbucks
  • Jeff Benett as Ace. D Copular
  • Chuck McConn as The Ameoba Boys
  • Jennifer Hale as Sedusa
  • Rob Paulson as Brick and Boomer
  • Roger L. Jackson as Butch

Here are some amazing posters from our childhood favorite show Powerpuff Girls. Take a trip down the memory lane and become nostalgic with the fabulous collection of Powerpuff Girls poster. Download the posters and feel more powerful just like the super girls.

Powerpuff Girls Poster: The Girls With Super Powers

1. Blossom in Pink

powerpuff girls poster of blossom main character

Blossom considers herself the leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Her color is pink and her personality ingredient is everything nice. She has long orange hair with a red bow. Blossom is also the most composed of all three girls.

2. Bubbles Up

powerpuff girls poster of bubbles

Meet the softest and sweetest of all the three girls Bubbles. Wonder why she became so sweet? It’s because her personality ingredient is sugar and her signature color is blue. She is a very sweet and kind girl.

3. Spice it Up With Buttercup

powerpuff girls image of buttercup

Buttercup is the hot tough-headed tomboy in the group. Her personality ingredient is spice and she is green in color. She fights hard and plays rough.

4. Fight Like A Girl

powerpuff girls image of all three girls with famous quote fight like a girl

Powerpuff Girls was one of the pathbreaking series as it encouraged women’s power and was a complete diversion from the stereotypical shows of superheroes. Here for the first time, the audience had super girls fighting against all odds.

5. Save The World

powerpuff girls poster of all three girls

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were the real fighters. They were so supremely powerful that they could even from Mojo-Jojo’s villainous tricks of turning them into dogs. The three girls showed him that their bite is worse than his bark.

6. Let’s Go, Girls

powerpuff girls image of all three girls

Is there any problem? Do you want some protection? Don’t worry, the Powerpuff Girls are here to fight for you and save you.

7. I Am The Master Planner

powerpuff girls poster of blossom

Blossom is a strong and determined girl. She has a unique quality of Ice Berth and other qualities such as microscopic vision, advanced intelligence. A master planner is another name of Blossom for her amazing capabilities of apt strategies.

8. Blossom Loves To Read


Blossom is very calm and composed. Her habit of reading books is a reflection of her character.

9. Am I Not The Cutest?

powerpuff girls poster of bubbles cute

Bubbles love animals. She has an amazing quality to speak with animals such as squirrels, cats, and monsters.

10. Octi, The Best Friend

powerpuff girls poster of bubbles with her best friend doll octi

Bubbles has one best friend, her stuffed toy octopus whom she calls Octi. She can read and speak any language like Spanish, French and animal speech.

11. Angry Buttercup


Buttercup is all about action. Although unlike the other two girls she does not possess any superpower.

12. The Terrific Trio

powerpuff girls poster of all three main characters

Beware of the terrific trio.

13. Many Moods of Buttercup

powerpuff girls poster of buttercup different moods

Buttercup has many moods from angry to mad to sad. She is indeed full of spices.

Other Characters

14. Meet The Creator

powepuff girls poster of professor utonium

Professor Utoniom is a scientist and the father and creator of the Powerpuff Girls. He generally wears a white lab court and black pants. The professor is a genius and is a skilled inventor.

15. Mayor of Townsville

powerpuff girls poster of mayor of townsville

The mayor is short and elderly with a fringe of white hair around his bald head. He wears a monocle over his left eye. The mayor or as his wife calls him Barney cares deeply for the city.

16. Ms. Bellum

powerpuff girls poster of ms bellum

Ms. Sara Bellum is the secretory of the Mayor. She is extreme;y intelligent.

17. Ms. Keane

powerpuff girls poster of ms. keane

Ms. Keane is the kindergarten teacher of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. She is wise, patient and understanding.

18. Talking Dog

powerpuff girls image of talking dog

19. Mitch Rocks

powerpuff girls poster of mitch mitchelson

Mitch wears a black t-shirt and it says Mitch Rocks. He torments the other kids in the class. Buttercup is a good friend of him.

Powerpuff Girls Poster: Meet The Villains

20. Mojo Jojo

powerpuff girls poster of villain mojo jojo

Mojo Jojo is a mad scientist who is a chimpanzee. He speaks in a Japanese accent and is very intelligent. Mojo Jojo is the arch-enemy of the Powerpuff girls.

21. The Demon Him

powerpuff girls image of demon Him

Him is a sinister and mysterious demon. With his terrific psychological plans, he drives the Powerpuff girls crazy and insane.

22. Fuzzy Lumpkins

powerpuff girls fuzzy lumpkins

23. Princess Morbucks

powerpuff girls postermof princess morbucks

24. The Ganggreen Gang

powerpfuf girls poster of ganggreen gang

25. Amoeba Boys

powerpuff girls poster of ameoba boys

26. Sedusa

powerpuff girls poster of sedusa

27. The Rowdyruff Boys


They are the male counterparts of the three girls. Mojo Jojo created them.

Dialogues To Remember

28. They Don’t Believe Bubbles

powerpuff girls poster of famous quote by bubbles



29. Do Not Dare To Mess With Her

powerpuff girls poster of bubbles

30. Be Nice

powerpuff girls poster of famous dialogue

31. Extra#1

powerpuff girls poster of all three girls

32. Extra#2

powerpuff girls poster of all three girls

33. Extra#3

powerpuff girls poster of buttercup

34. Extra#4

powerpuff girls image of all characters

35. Extra#5

powerpuff girls poster of all three girls in many moods

36. Extra#6

37. Extra#7

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Final Words

The Powerpuff Girls were supposed to be the perfect girls with the perfect mixture of sugar, spice, and everything nice. But accidentally, Professor Utoniom spilled one mysterious ingredient Chemical X into the mixture. Due to this three girls got the power to fly without wings, super strength, superhuman speed, x-ray, superhuman vision and many more.

Powerpuff Girls is a part of everyone’s childhood. It still holds a very special place in everybody’s heart surely.

Check out all these amazing posters from Powerpuff Girls. Download the posters and hang around your rooms and recall the sweet memories with this fantastic Powerpuff Girls poster collection.

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