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Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black is an American comedy-drama web television series. Jenji Kohan created this series for Netflix. The series is based on a true story of Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.  Piper wrote about her experiences at FCI Danbury. We are here with amazing Orange Is The New Black poster collection.

The first season of the show was premiered on 11 July 2011 on Netflix. It is one of most popular series on Netflix and its popularity is always rising high. The series revolves around Piper who has been sentenced for 15 months to a low-security women’s federal prison in New York.

orange is the new black whole cast poster

The main cast of the show are-

  • Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman
  • Laura Prepon as Alex Vause
  • Michael Harney as Sam Healy
  • Michelle Hurst as Miss Claudette Pelage
  • Jason Biggs as Larry Bloom
  • Kate Mulgrew as Galina Reznikov
  • Danielle Brooks as Tasha Jefferson
  • Natasha Lyonne as Nicky Nichols
  • Sekenis Leyva as Gloria Mendoza
  • Dascha Polanco as Dayanara Diaz

Orange Is The New Black Poster Collection

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The Main Cast of the Show

1. Piper Chapman

orange is the new black main lead Piper Chapman

Piper Chapman is the main protagonist of the series. Her character is based on Piper Kerman. Chapman is sentenced for 15 months for carrying drug money to her girlfriend. She is a character of many issues.

2. Piper’s Lover Alex

orange is the new black alex vause girlfriend of Piper

Alex’s character is based on Piper’s real-life ex-girlfriend. Both Alex and Piper reunite in the prison after their breakup. They carry out their love life in prison.

3. Officer Sam

orange is the new black officer sam healy

Sam Healy is the former correction officer at the Litchfield Penitentiary. His character is a mixture of many feelings. He can be really stubborn at one moment and can totally turn into a caring guy in the next.

4. The Strict Claudette

orange is the new black miss claudette poster

Miss Claudette is a former inmate who is strict with rules. Her character is based on Natalie from the memoir. She develops a strong bond with Piper and viewers get to see a motherly side of her nature.

5. Selfish Larry

orange is the new black larry bloom the fiancee

Larry Bloom was one of the main characters in the first two seasons. Although his importance reduces in the following seasons. At first, he comes across quite loving towards his fiancee Piper but her egoistic nature slowly comes to the forefront.

6. Red Reznikov

orange is the new black galina reznikov a.k.a Red

Galina is a powerful character and holds the position of a Head Chef in Season 1. She is also the group leader of the Red family. Her hair is dyed red.

7. Funny Tasha

orange is the new black tasha jefferson black inmate

Tasha is often referred to as Taystee in the series. Her character is based on Delicious from the memoir. Hence the nickname Taystee with a pun. She is quite ambitious and intelligent in spite of her low upbringing.

8. Witty Nicky

orange of the new black image of nicky nichols witty inmate

Nicky is an inmate at Maximum Security. She has many personality traits. She is humorous and sarcastic, down to earth and loud mouth both at the same time. Nicky is seen mostly around Lorna and Red.

9. Tough or Tender Gloria

orange is the new black image of Gloria Mendoza season 6 inmate

Gloria is an inmate in the federal Maximum Security prison since season 6. She was a loving mother before she came into prison. Although she was caught up in a toxic relationship. She extends her maternal instincts to her prison daughters.

10. Family Girl Daya

orange is the new black dayanara diaz known as daya

Dayanara Diaz is the daughter of a former inmate Aleida Diaz. Daya is a complete family girl and is protective of her siblings. She does not speak Spanish which annoys Gloria.

11. Tiffany’s dual beliefs

orange is the new black image of Tifanny Doggett

Taryn Manning plays the role of Tifanny Doggett. She is one of the main antagonists of the show in season 1. She possesses dual beliefs as on one hand she is Christian and preaches Bible but on the other, she curses and attacks Piper and Alex.

12. Crazy Eyes Suzanne

orange is the new black iamge of suzanne warren crazy eyes

The character of Suzanne Warren is played by Uzu Aduba in the show. She is popularly known as Crazy Eyes by everyone. She is very emotional and gets easily frustrated. Suzanne often hits her own head and calls herself ‘stupid’.

13. Black Cindy

orange is the new black image of black cindy

Cynthia Nitovia Hayes is known as Black Cindy due to the other white Cindy. Cindy is very close to Watson, Taystee, and Suzanne. She has good knowledge of biblical references as she grew up in the church. Her character is based on Pom-Pom from the memoir.

14. Joe the Warden

orange is the new black joe caputo warden

Joe or Joseph Salvatore Caputo is the Director of Human Activities or commonly known as Warden. He truly cares for the women in prison. Nick Sandow plays the part.

15. Poussey Washington

orange is the new black image of poussey washington

Poussey was a main character in the show until her death in season 4. She was a fun loving person and made jokes around her inmates. Samira Wiley played the character of Poussey. Her death was quite painful.

Important Episodes from Season 1

16. I Wasn’t Ready

All prisoners in orange suits

The first episode was aired on 11 July 2013. Piper is seen taking a shower uncomfortably as Taystee waits outside. Piper is given her new outfit which is an orange jumpsuit. She meets a new inmate Janae Watson.

17. Lesbian Request Denied

orange is the new black season 1 episode 3

This episode revolves around a transgender inmate Sophia Burset. Sophia was portrayed by Laverne Cox. Her performance was critically acclaimed. She was also nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.

Season 2

18. Looks Blue, Tastes Red

orange is the new black season 2 episode 2 looks blue tastes red

It is the second episode of the second season. Piper Chapman does not appear in this episode. All the inmates are asked to appear for a mock job fair. Taystee gets a chance to boast off her smart look. Ms. Sacking is the organizer of the fair.

19. It Was The Change

orange is the new black season 2 episode 12

It Was the Change was the twelfth episode of Season 2. This episode showed a dramatic battle between Red and Vee in a stormy night. Red ambushed Vee and strangled her neck with a plastic wrap.

Season 3

20. Fear and Other Smells

orange is the new black season 3 episode 8

This is the eighth episode of season 3. A new inmate Lolly enters and Alex cannot trust her. Piper develops her creative side to grow her business. Crazy Eye’s sci-fi story becomes a huge hit in the drama class.

21. We Can Be Heroes

orange is the new black season 3 episode 11

This is the eleventh episode of season 3. The episode highlights the sexual relationship going on between Caputo and Fig. They discuss the unhealthiness of their relationship. Lolly is extremely terrified of Alex and she also believes Alex works for the NSA.

Season 4

22. Doctor Psycho

orange is the new black season 4 episode 4

This is the fourth episode of season 4. Sophia Burset makes quite a few attempts to talk to Joe Caputo but the guards always reject her. The episode starts in Solitary Housing Unit. In her attempt to draw attention Sophia shoves a towel in the toilet and flushes it. The whole cell is then flooded with water.

23. Bunny Skull, Orange Is The New Black PosterBunny Skull

orange is the new black season 4 episode 10

Aleida Diaz is finally freed from the prison. Her daughter bids her goodbye in the morning. Piper is quite disturbed for the racist white inmates who makes fun of Blanca.

Orange Is The New Black Poster: Some Memorable Quotes

24. Piper’s Dialogue

orange is the new black famous dialogue of Piper

25. Nicky’s Dialogue

orange is the new black nicky's dialogue

26. Alex’s Connection

orange is the new black alex's dialogue

27. Red Alert

orange is the new black Red's famous dialogue

28. Reality Check

Famous quote on reality

29. Strong and Bold

orange is the new black quote

30. Worse Than Animals

orange is the new black animal dialogue

Some More Cool Posters

31. Bonus#1

orange is the new black cool poster of every character

32. Bonus#2

orange is the new black funny poster


33. Bonus#3

All inamtes

34. Bonus#4

All prisoners in orange suits

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Final Thoughts

The series has total six seasons till now. The seventh season is due to a release on 26 July 2019. This show has been well received not only just by fans but by critics as well. The show has brought up a few relevant realistic issues of the 21st century. Orange is the New Black is the first-ever series to be nominated in Emmy for both comedy and drama categories.

Season 7 of Orange is the New Black is releasing soon. So, better start binge-watching the previous seasons before the new season comes out.

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