One Punch Man Poster Collection: 30+ Posters for Manga Fans

Haven’t we all grown up reading exhilarating Manga comics? One Punch Man is an absolute redemption for all of us. It is a Japanese superhero web Manga. So, all the Manga fans here’s an amazing One Punch Man poster collection.

The series tells the story of Saitama, a born superhero in anticipation and wait for an opponent, to be his equal. He grows bored with his anxiety.

Seemingly, monsters and aliens have occupied this unknown planet like Earth. They seem to have created havoc on the same. Government efforts to curb them include a superhero association for the same: superheroes are created to fight the monsters.

The heroes are ranked from Class C to Class S. Saitama, a complete mismatch comes from the metropolis of City-Z and performs heroic deeds for his own entertainment.

Main Characters Are:

  1. Saitama
  2. Genos
  3. Blast
  4. Tornado
  5. Bang
  6. Atomic Samurai
  7. Child Emperor
  8. Metal Knight
  9. King
  10. Zombieman
  11. Drive Knight
  12. Pig God
  13. Superalloy Blackluster
  14. Watchdog Man
  15. Flashy Flash
  16. Tank-Top Master
  17. Metal Bat
  18. Puri-Puri Prisoner
  19. Amai Mask
  20. Snakebite Snek
  21. Golden Ball And Spring Mustachio
  22. Lightning Max
  23. Stinger
  24. Blizzard
  25. Blizzard Bunch
  26. Mumen Rider
  27. Tank-Top Tiger
  28. Vaccine Man
  29. Crablante
  30. Fukegao and Marugori
  31. Subterraneans
  32. Mosquito Girl
  33. House Of Evolution
  34. Doctor Genus
  35. Hammerhead
  36. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic
  37. Garo
  38. Dark Matter Thieves
  39. Deep Sea King and Others
  40. Kombu Infinity

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One Punch Man Poster Collection: 30+ Printable Posters

1. Saitama


Saitama is a bald-headed 25-year-old man who is apprehensive of the fighting because of his super-human qualities like punching and knocking down the enemies.

His abilities are beyond normal human physical abilities, immensely filled with an immeasurable degree: speed, strength, stamina, and durability, which he is all because of his routine training of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, a 10 km run, eating right, and not using the air conditioner or heater. In short, What a man!!

2. Genos

genos poster

Genos is a 19-year-old cyborg who becomes Saitama’s disciple after he becomes a spectator to his easy victory against the mosquito girl. He has had a marred past and thus believes only injustice through vengeance.

3. Saitama And S-Class Super-Heroes

saitama and s-class super heroes

S-Class belongs to the highest class in the Hero Association. Those who have gotten a perfect score on the entrance exam, as well as the top candidate from A-Class, are eligible to enter this class.

Besides Genos, the S-Class Superheroes in the series are Blast, Tornado, Bang, Atomic Samurai, Child Emperor, Metal Knight, King, Zombieman, Drive Knight, Pig God, Superalloy Blackluster, Watchdog Man and a few others.

4. Amai Mask

amai maske

Kamen Amai Mask is a handsome model, singer, and actor, and the showstopper with a popularity of 28 weeks. He is further self-obsessed and believes in a chimerical notion that heroes should be tough, strong, and beautiful in order to fight the evils with thee needed masochism!

5. Lightning Max And Stinger

one punch man poster

Both of them form the A-Class Super-hero group, which is the second strongest class of the Hero Association.

6. Blizzard


Hellish Blizzard is a woman with short dark green hair and is one of the top-ranking members of the B-Class heroes. Owing to her leadership qualities, she is in charge of a large faction within the Hero Association called the Blizzard Bunch.

7. Manga- One Punch Man

manga one punch man poster

One-Punch Man as web Manga began to be published in 2009. As of April 2019, the web manga has released 111 chapters. The series gain popularity, almost very immediately.

8. Mumen Rider

mumen rider

Mumen Rider, as listed Class-C, Rank 1 is a hero who rides around on a bicycle, much like what his name says for him. Despite the fact that he’s physically meek, Mumen Rider is compassionate and brave, doing anything it takes to save the lives of others, even if it means risking his own life.

9. Saitama- Genos

saitama genos

Genos is a loyal disciple to Saitama, after bearing witness to Saitama’s easy victory over Mosquito Girl.

10. Sonic


Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is a ninja bodyguard for the wealthy man Zeniru. He is told to fight the Paradisers. However, he already warns them that when he ends up killing his opponents while fighting them!

11. Tatsumaki



12. What Is This Feeling?

one punch man poster

“What is this feeling? This wild throbbing in my heart?! This rush, this tension!! Its been so long, I forgot… the exhilaration of a real fight!”- Saitama

13. Tank-top Tiger

tank top tiger

Tank-Top Tiger, introduced as C-Class, Rank 6, wears a tank top and hair colored in a tiger animal print. He accuses Saitama of being a villain for his need for bad guys makes him do this. All this he does is to maintaining his C-Class position.

14. Vaccine Man

vaccine man

Vaccine Man appears in the very beginning of the story, as an offspring born out of the heavy pollution on earth. He then started considering it his mission to eradicate this virus known as “humanity”.

15. Mosquito Girl

one punch man poster

Mosquito Girl is a believable insectoid woman who can telepathically command mosquitoes within a range of 50 km to make anyone and everyone feel lazy. She uses the blood acquired by the mosquitos to regenerate her limbs and become stronger.

16. Dr. Genus And Zombieman In A Thing Called “Repair”

dr genus and zombieman

17. Crablante

crablante one punch man poster

Crablante is a mutant humanoid who looks pretty similar to a humanoid crab from his upper body. Originally a human, he transformed into Crablante because he ate too many crabs. This is also his hateful attitude to all the ones who have done him wrong.

18. One Punchhhhhhhh!!!!!!

one punch man poster

19. Metal Bat

metal bat

20. Garou

Garo is a former disciple of Bang, but he was expelled by his master for mercilessly beating up the other disciples. He first appears in the assembly of criminals in which Sitch tries to recruit superheroes.

21. Boros- Leader Of The Dark Matter Thieves

one punch man poster

22. Zombieman


23. Atomic Samurai

atmoic samurai

24. One Punch Man- Flashy


25. TORNADO Of Terror

tornado of terror

26. Saitama AND Umaru

27. One Punch Man- Genos And Tornado

one punch man poster

28. Fate- Saitama- One Punch Man

29. Saitama- Believes In Hardwork!!

one punch man poster

30. The Saitama Famous- OK!


31. Extra #1

extra 1

32. Extra #2

one punch man poster

33. Extra #3

one punch man poster

34. Extra #4

one punch man poster

35. Extra #5

one punch man poster

36. Extra #6

extra 6

37. Extra #7

one punch man poster

Final Thoughts – One Punch Man Poster Collection

A perfect anime lover’s delight- One Punch Man is a marvelous Japanese Anime. The series has a devoted fan base and is worth the while, indeed. The fact that the world becomes a better place to live in, with a superhero who does it all with a single punch!

The series consists of 24 episodes in total and is based on the Manga series.

Haven’t you watched this action anime yet? Here’s your redemption!!

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