40+ Minions Poster For The Minion Lovers!

The name of the movie itself brings a big grin on your face, doesn’t it? Minions is a 3-D animated American film that is a hilarious sequel to Despicable Me Franchise.

Minions as creatures are small, enticing, yellow-colored single-celled beings that have lived since the dawn of time and rather exist to be dominated by hateful masters.

Post thrashing down a Tyrannosaurus into a volcano, getting their cavemen leader eaten by a cave bear, crushing a Pharaoh under a pyramid after upside-down construction, exposing Count Dracula to sunlight, and accidentally firing a cannon into Napoleon while in Russia, the Minions are compelled to live in isolation and rather lead a cave-life.

As years pass by, the minions become tiresome, apprehensive and inquisitive about having a new master to guide them. In order to build up a perfect reputation of sorts, Kevin, the dauntless Minion, sets his foot down and decides to find a master who will lead them.

Stuart has a knack for music and is blind in one eye, whereas Bob is young and an amateur who is full of zeal and zest. Well, all of them are hired and the story takes us all along the odyssey set forth by the Trio in New York. These bunch of cute little creatures tumbles, trip and fall, while also making us laugh like crazy.

Main Characters Include:

  • Bob and The Minions
  • Scarlet Overkill
  • Herb Overkill
  • Walter Nelson
  • Madge Nelson
  • Professor Flux and The Tower Guard
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Narrator
  • Young Gru
  • Tina Nelson
  • VNC Announcer And Walter Nelson Jr.
  • Dumo, the Sumo Villain
  • Fabrice
  • The Royal Adviser
  • News Reporter
  • Frankie Fishlips , a Gill-man-like creature super-villain

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Minions Poster Collection: 40+ Posters For The Minion Lovers!

The three minion friends set out on a search venture in order to look out for a perfect master. Their global tour makes them meet Scarlett Overkill, who’s a villain truly. She hires them and thinks of a plan to destroy the world.

1. Bob~ The Minion

Bob is young and premature when it comes to performing anything. However, he too along with his other minion friends, in search for a master comes across varied sides to people and places.

2. Stuart~ The Minion

minion poster



Stuart has a knack for music and has only one single eye. He too along with his other two minion friends gets recruited by the master they’ve forever been looking for.

3. Kevin ~ The Minion

minion poster

Kevin is a dauntless minion who takes it all on him to find a master and come out from a phase of depression, hopelessness, and tiredness. He is the minion who took a stand and made it possible for the others too.

4. Herb Overkill


Herb is the husband to Scarlet and supplies the Minions with inventions to aid in the heist. However, they are busted when they forcefully enter into the London tower which leads to a chase that ends with Bob accidentally crashing into the Sword In The Stone and pulling it free, removing the Queen from the throne and becoming King Bob. Well, “Luck by chance indeed!”

5. Scarlet Overkill


Scarlet Overkill, the female villain who is cruel and thus hires the innocent minions and bring them to England. She makes them call other minions to join in.

Scarlet then cleverly explains the plan to steal the Imperial State Crown from the Queen of England and assures them to be rewarded if they do it all right. However, she also mentions that she would kill them in case they don’t do the work.

6. Professor Flux

minion poster

7. Dumo ~ The Sumo Villain

8. Bob Made Me Do It!

minion poster

9. Bob Is Creative!!

10. Lots And Lots!

minions poster

They all live in harmony and camaraderie is their way!!

11. Minions

12. Aren’t They Completely Crazy?!

13. Cuteeee!!

14. Eureka!!

15. Adorable Minions

16. A Minion Can Cook Too!

17. The Perfect Trio!

minions poster


18. Help Him Be Crazyy!!

19. Bananaaaaa

Minions love banana, their lingual uses the word “Banana” so often!

20. A Bunch Of Enigmatically Hysterical MINIONS!!

minions poster 21. Can You See ME?!

22. Bello?

minion poster

23. Going On A Minion Pinning Spree

The three ambitious minions come to New York in an apprehensive search for a master in the year 1968. They spend an entire day trying to become one with everyone.

However, the Minions end up in a department store for the night, where they discover a hidden commercial broadcast for villains advertising Villain-Con; a convention for villains and supervillains in Orlando. The trio is quirky as they are able to forge a ride with the Nelson family and are infamous among them because of their fake villainy.

24. Minion Spoofs..

minion poster

25. Bob The Minion As A King!

The minions are breaking into the Tower of London as per plan but are not very successful since are about to get caught. Meanwhile, BoB accidentally crashes into the Stone of Sword and becomes a King thus. The incident removes the queen from power and dethrones her immediately with Bob becoming the King.

26. Minions Poster: Going Clubbing

minions poster

27. Batman~ Superman

28. Minion Into Starwars!

minions poster

29. Whatttttt????

In the end, Queen Elizabeth II gets her throne and crown back and in a way to show her gratitude towards the Minions, rewards Bob with a tiny crown for his teddy bear, Stuart with an electric guitar and Kevin with a knighthood.

30. The Nasty Couple!!


scarlet and herb

The couple’s planning and plotting backfire and the Minions become the privileged ones!

31. Extra #1

32. Extra #2

minions poster


33. Extra #3

minions poster

34. Extra #4

35. Extra #5

36. Extra #6

37. Extra #7

38. Extra #8


39. Extra #9

40. Extra #10

41. Extra #11

minions poster

42. Extra #12

43. Extra #13

minions poster

44. Extra #14

minions poster

45. Young Gru

Final Thoughts: Minions Poster Collection

The Minions are worth watching since they are definitely intriguing and enticing. The movie also has a plot that makes it somewhat an interesting watch. It’s hilarious how the characters do quirky stuff all-day-long. How they trip and fall is crazy and a happy watch, at all times. There is a sequel to the same coming in 2020. Well, hope this one would be much worthier than its predecessor.

However, the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a rating of 55%, based on 216 reviews, with an average rating of 5.74/10.

Nonetheless, who wouldn’t want to watch these adorable creatures , more after already using Minions merchandise?!

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