50 Poster For Money Heist Season 5!

The characters will be shown from multiple aspects to break the audience’s preconceptions about the villains and maintain their interest throughout the show. The key part of the plot of the plan is written at the beginning, while the fine rhythm of the story is gradually developed so as not to overwhelm the writer.

The story of the Money Heist (La casa de papel) can be summarized as follows:

A veteran of the Balkan Wars. The group’s goal was to sneak into the Royal Spanish Mint and print 2.4 billion euros in less than 11 days without a drop of blood. Instead, the organization took 67 hostages, including the daughter of the British ambassador. With masterminds working outside, they can always be one step ahead of the police.

The mysterious man, nicknamed the professor, planned the biggest robbery in history. To implement this plan, he recruited eight top criminals in the country with nothing: Tokyo, sophisticated thieves, Berlin, bosses, Moscow, drilling experts, Rio, computer scientists, Nairobi, forgers, Denver, Sons of Moscow, Helsinki and Oslo.

Season 1: Part 1 and (2017) 

Part 1 of Money Heist ( La casa de papel) begins with the aftermath of a failed bank robbery by a lady named “Tokio” after a man named “Professor” captured her from the cops and increased the robbery’s severity.