20+ Printable Jessica Jones Poster Collection For The Marvel Fans

What happens when your most loathed Marvel character is made the protagonist of such a TV series?! The heightened suspense and thrills are further put to action when a tragedy puts an end to her short-lived career as a superhero. Following this,  Jessica settles in New York City and opens her own detective agency, called “Alias Investigations.”

Get into being a bean bag so that you can witness this Netflix original chronicles screening the life of one of the darker Marvel characters, the mysterious Jessica Jones.

Main Cast Of Jessica Jones Include:

  • Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones
  • Mike Colter as Luke Cage
  • Rachael Taylor as Patricia “Trish” Walker/ Hellcat
  • Wil Traval as Will Simpson
  • Erin Moriarty as Hope Shlottman
  • Eka Darville as Malcolm Ducasse
  • Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth
  • David Tennant as Kilgrave
  • Janet McTeer as Alisa Jones
  • Benjamin Walker as Erik Gelden
  • Jeremy Bobb as Gregory Sallinger

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Jessica Jones Poster Collection: 20+ High-Quality Posters

Jessica Jones as a TV series has come up with 3 amazing seasons. The series is all about this powerful super-woman who has a brief career owing to the villainous actions of Kilgrave who makes her kill someone.

After that incident, she became a private investigator. However, Jessica ought to stop him before he rises again for a heinous venture!

1. Jessica Jones Poster

jessica jones poster

Jessica Jones was initially a superhero with superhuman strength and therefore limiting flight. She also suffered from post-traumatic-stress-disorder and yet runs her own detective agency, “Alias Investigations”.

The strong-mindedness of this not-your-regular-supergirl makes her stand out in this fast-pacing and ever transitioning world!

2. Luke Cage

luke cage

Luke Cage is a man with superhuman strength and skin that’s powerful and so, unbreakable. He comes face-to-face with Jessica Jones amidst an investigation! He likes to keep things close to his chest and work all secretively!

3. Trish

Trish is a former model and child star known as “Patsy”. She is Jones’ adoptive sister and also his best friend who now works as a radio host.

Trish soon becomes acquainted with the powers of enhanced reflexes in the course of the second season. She soon also becomes a vigilante named Hellcat in the third season.

4. Kilgrave


Kilgrave haunts Jones from her past and can control minds. He was born Kevin Thompson and was subjected to experimentation during his childhood, causing him to gain his powers.

5. Malcolm Ducasse

malcolm ducasse

Just like all other characters owing their relationship to Jones, Malcolm is Jones’ neighbor who is an-all time drug addict. They soon take own a journey that resonates with one another!

6. A Netflix Originals- Jessica Jones

jessica jones poster

Jessica Jones is a show that brims with adventure, thrill, and suspense, overturning the reality of an expected Marvel hero!

7. The Purple Man

jessica jones poster

The character Kilgrave is also known as “Purple Man,” as he possesses purple skin, an outcome of chemical disaster that caused him into gaining mind-controlling powers.

However, in the show, the representation of the color purple is by making him wear purple clothes all the time! As an audience, we soon develop a hatred against him that’s rather obvious!

8. Your Powers Can’t Save You!

jessica jones poster

Jessica Jones is a hero, bereft of her powers. Her fate makes her believe in the fact that there’s nothing in the world called- permanence or legacy!

9. He’s Truly A Villain!

he is a true villain

Trying to control her mind? Kilgrave is indeed a villainous villain!

10. Out Of Booze?

jessica jones poster

The series that a reproachful approach to sexuality, and depiction of darker topics such as rape, assault and post-traumatic-stress-disorder. It’s therefore, surely not for the weaker minds!

11. Alias Investigations

Jessica jones poster

The private detective agency started by Jessica upon losing her super-powers!

12. Strong Women Characters Solving Various Crimes!

jessica jones poster

Jessica Jones tries her level best to rebuild her life as a private investigator in Hell’s Kitchen. This is done post escaping from the horrendous grip of a horrible villain who controlled her mind for long!

However, things soon become topsy-turvy as she gets a case to find a missing girl with hints of being mind-controlled and possessed.

13. Fight Like A Girl

jessica jones poster

The show is all about “feminist ideology-glorification” and various social issues!

14. Kilgrave Made Me Do It- Jessica Jones!

jessica jones poster

Having the ability to control minds gives him enough authority over Jessica too!

15. The World Is Purple- It Can’t Be Perfect!

the world is purple

After Kilgrave caused her to kill someone, Jessica became a private investigator. Well, it was a total revelation to find out in the second season that Jessica’s mother is still alive due to the experiments done by Karl Malus.

In the third season, Jessica Jones faces is to battle her ass off against an enemy trying to prove her a fraud!

16. Through The Looking Glass Into The World Of Devastation!

17. She’s Undoubtedly Strong!

She's undoubtedly strong

18. Kigrave VS Jessica

Kilgrave vs Jessica

19. Life Is Tough, So Is Jessica!

life is tough, so is Jessica

20. Alias Comics Explains The String Between Marvel Movies And Jessica Jones

21. Extra #1

extra 1

22. Extra #2

extra 2

23. Extra #3

jessica jones poster extra 1

24. Extra #4

25. Extra #5

jessica jones poster extra 5

Final Thoughts On Jessica Jones Poster Collection

This Netflix original chronicles the life of one of the darker Marvel characters, the mysterious Jessica Jones. The show is about regaining power, in simple and humanistic ways when life snatches it away from you.

The show is about a strong-headed woman who is compelled to lead a life of a simple yet extra-ordinary detective after a villain possesses her mind for very long.

Despite suffering from shell-shock and similar things that followed, Jessica Jones get back at life with ardent fervor and zest only to face reality with more difficulty this time.

The show is about a feministic approach, it’s about darker things like assault and PTSD. However, silver-linings in the show are just too many to start pointing out.

The show also receives a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 94% which is more than convincing to watch the show if you haven’t until now! Jessica Jones further receives a whooping IMDb rating of 8/10!

I hope all this convinces you to watch the show (if haven’t until yet) and crush over the above-given posters.

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