How I Met Your Mother Poster: 25+ Amazing Printable Posters (Free Download)

How I Met Your Mother(HIMYM) is an American romantic comedy television show. The show is a series of flashbacks about Ted Mosby’s adventures and how he met his wife. In the show, Ted is narrating his story in the year 2030 to his kid and hence the name,”How I Met Your Mother.”

The main Cast of the show are:

  • Josh Radnor as Ted Mosby
  • Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky
  • Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen
  • Alyson Hannigan as Lily Aldrin
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson
  • Cristin Milioti as Tracy McConnell

How I Met Your Mother characters poster

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How I Met Your Mother Poster Collection

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1. Ted Mosby

How I Met Your Mother Ted Mosby poster
credits: Elitecolumn

Ted Mosby is an architect and a college professor. He stays with his best friends are Marshall and Lily. Ted narrates all about his life in this series.

2. Marshall Eriksen

How I Met Your Mother MArshall Eriksen poster
credits: Elitecolumn

Marshall Eriksen is Ted’s best friend and marries Lily and wants to become an environmental lawyer.

3. Lily Aldrin

How I Met Your Mother Lily Aldrin poster
credits: Elitecolumn

Lily marries Marshall. They both have a child in season 7. She is an aspiring artist and a teacher at a kindergarten.

4. Barney Stinson

How I Met Your Mother Barney poster
credits: ScoopWhoop

Barney is a self-declared best friend of Ted. He is wealthy and uses his wealth and various plans to attract women.

5. Robin Scherbatsky

How I Met Your Mother Robin Scherbatsky poster
credits: Elitecolumn

Robin Scherbatsky is from Canada. She initially dates Ted and later marries Barney. Robin is a news anchor.

6. The Legen – wait for it – dary Cast

How I Met Your Mother Cast poster

7. How I Met Your Mother Official Poster

HIMYM Poster

8. Boozing

How I Met Your Mother Bar poster

The series has many scenes where all the characters sit in a bar, discuss their day and have fun drinking.

9. Suit-up Everybody

How I Met Your Mother cast poster

Barney’s catchphrase is well known to all- Suit up. In this poster, all the characters are suited up.

10. All together

How I Met Your Mother Vintage Poster

When they meet together, we get entertained.

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11. Lily and Marshall’s wedding

How I Met Your Mother Marshall weds Lily
Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS

We all have witnessed the trouble Lily and Marshall went to before and during their marriage. But it was a happily-ever-after story.

12.  Wingman

How I Met Your Mother poster Barney and Ted

Though Barney self-declared himself as Ted’s best friend, they both shared an amazing bond. They are partners in various wild and adventurous activities in the show.

13. Maybe or Maybe not

How I Met Your Mother Robin and Ted poster

Ted and Robin had been in a complicated relationship. They started dating but ended up marrying someone else. In the season finale, Ted confesses his love for Robin. It was nice watching them together.

14. Barney and Robin

HIMYM Barney and Robin poster

Robin and Barney are one of the favorite couples of the show. Sadly they ended up with a divorce.

15. The Yellow Umbrella

How I Met Your Mother Tracy and Ted poster

Somewhere out there is a yellow umbrella for everyone… You just need to be patient.

16. The Three Best-friends

How I Met Your Mother Ted Marshall and Lily poster

Ted, Marshall, and Lily are best friends from College years. Ted lives with Marshall and Lily in New York. They give us best friend goals.

17. How I Met Your Doppelganger

HIMYM doppelganger poster
credits: ThePencilClub

Marshall and Lily let the universe decide whether to have a child or not. If they find the fifth doppelganger of their group then they would try to have a baby.

18. The Five Doppelgangers

How I Met Your Mother cast Doppelgangers poster

Marshall’s doppelganger is named “Moustache Marshall”. Lily’s doppelganger turns out to be a Stripper – “Stripper Lily”.  Robin’s Doppelganger was checking out another girl, so she was named “Lesbian Robin”.

Ted’s doppelganger is a Mexican wrestler, and hence the name “Mexican Wrestler Ted”. Barney pretends to be his own doppelganger many times but ends up getting caught.

19. Thanksgiving turns Slapsgiving

HIMYM slapsgiving poster

Barney loses to Marshall in a bet. Marshall has to slap Barney five times in all whenever he wants. Marshall uses his last few slaps on Thanksgiving making it Slapsgiving.

20. Intervention Time

How I Met Your Mother Intervention poster

The whole group used to host an Intervention against a person whenever they wanted to confess something about that person. This intervention banner was used whenever they used to hold an intervention.

They even held an intervention for holding too many interventions.

21. Let’s go to the Mall

How I Met Your Mother Robin let's go to the mall poster

Robin was a teenage pop star in Canada. She hates going to malls and wants to hide the fact of her past from her friends. Barney and Marshall bet to find out the secret. Hence, we experienced Slaps Bet.

22. Right Place. Right Time.

How I Met Your Mother Minimalist poster

This phrase is said by Ted, “Right Time, Right Place” which means at right time and right place and you will meet the right person. Ted explains how a series of events leads him to the right place at right time.

23. Challenge Accepted

HIMYM barney stinson minimalist poster

“Challenge Accepted” is one of the catchphrases used by Barney in the show.

24. HIMYM Cast

How I Met Your Mother poster

This poster oh HIMYM defines each cast significantly. From Ted being an architect to Marshal being a Lawyer and Robin from Canada this poster has it all.

25. Famous Quotes

HIMYM famous quotes poster

From ‘Pulling them off’ to ‘Legen-dary’ this How I Met Your Mother poster is a complete package of all the memorable scenes.

26. Memorable Scenes

HIMYM poster

Here is a poster with few of the memorable scenes compiled together just for you.

27. Barney Quotes

How I Met Your Mother Barney quotes poster

We all remember how Barney used to repeat few of his lines again and again. Here is a collection of all such phrases in a single poster.

28. Yellow Umbrella and Blue Horn.

How I Met Your Mother Umbrella and Blue horn poster

Ted gives Blue Horn to Robin when they were dating, stating that he can do anything for her. Ted finds the Yellow Umbrella at a party and later learns that it is owned by the Mother.

29. Boots, Horn, and Umbrella

How I met your mother famous poster

The Cowboy Boots, The Blue French Horn, and The Yellow Umbrella.

30. HIMYM poster

How I Met Your Mother poster

It’s going to be Legen- wait for it -Dary.

31. Friends make the World beautiful

How I Met Your Mother Legendary poster

Life becomes so much easier and fun when you have friends by your side.

Final Words

How I Met Your Mother is one of our most favorite TV series of all time and what’s better than having memories of it hanging on the wall and office places? We have collected some greatest How I Met Your Mother poster which is ready for print and will look amazing.

From Ted to Barney to Robin, we have got posters for every fanboy out there. To save a poster, right-click on it and click on “save image as…” option. Or you can directly choose to print it. The choice is yours!

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