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Netflix offers a wide range of shows to its viewers. House of Cards is Netflix’s political web thriller created by Beau Willimon. It is actually an adaptation of the BBC mini-series of the same title and also based on a novel by Michael Dobbs. The first season was released on 1 February 2013. The series has currently six seasons to its credits.

This political drama is set in Washington D.C and revolves around Congressman Frank Underwood. It is a story of this highly ambitious person and his wife Claire Underwood. The series gives a very poignant view of power, betrayal, pragmatism, and manipulation. It is a very popular show and is appreciated for its representation of reality and for its superior performances of the characters.

house of cards main poster

Main Cast of the Show are-

  • Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood
  • Robin Wright as Claire Underwood
  • Kate Mara as Zoe Barnes
  • Corey Stoll as Peter Russo
  • Michael Kelly as Douglas Stamper
  • Kristen Connolly as Christina Gallagher
  • Sakina Jaffrey as Linda Vasquez
  • Sandrine Holt as Gillian Cole
  • Constance Zimmer as Janine Skorsky
  • Michel Gill as Garrett Walker

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House of Cards Poster: Characters Who are the Backbones of the Show

1. The Hero Frank

Hero Frank

Frank Underwood is the main protagonist of the show. He is shown as a ruthless politician who uses all wrong means to rise from House of Majority to President of the United States. Treachery, deception, and murder were his weapons to reach the top.

2. Clever Claire Underwood

Claire Underwood

Claire is the wife of Frank and plays a major role in the entire series. She is a lobbyist and runs an environmental non-profit organization.

But gradually she climbs up the political ladder in her career to become the 47th President of the United States. Robin Wright has won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actress in T.V series for her incredible performance in the show.

3. Journalist Zoe

Zoe Barnes is a Washington D.C based journalist. She was employed by Frank to serve as a mouthpiece for all his schemes to gain media attention. Later, Frank had an affair with Zoe.

4. Pete Russo

house of cards image of peter russo

Peter or Pete Russo was a member of the U.S House of Representatives. He is an alcoholic and an occasional drug user. He was brutally killed by Frank who poisoned him with carbon monoxide.

5. Calculative Doug Stamper

Douglas Stamper is a vital wheel in Franks’s political scheme. He is the head chief of his staff. He possesses a cold, quiet, and calculative personality. He was stabbed to death by Claire Underwood.

6. Russo’s Love Christina

house of cards image of Christina Gallagher ex girlfriend of Peter

Christina Gallagher was hired by Peter Russo. She is a young and attractive girl in her twenties. Peter and Christina soon start dating each other. She is very efficient and is a hard worker. She tries her best to further her career in Capitol Hill.

7. Tough Linda Vasquez

Linda Vasquez is one hell of a character. She is perfectly described by Underwood as “as tough as two-dollar steak”.She works tirelessly, is a great networker and she has solutions to all problems. She always keeps her eye on the President’s public policy.

8. CEO Gillian

house of cards Gillian Cole

Gillian Cole is an Asian American and is a graduate of Stanford University. She rejected a lucrative job at Google to start her own non-profit organization. She was fired by Claire and later she became the CEO of the Clear Water Initiative.

9. Janine the Journalist

house of cards janine skorsky

Janine Skorsky is a reporter for The Washington Herald. However, she has some particular character traits. She is a cynical and abrasive reporter. In spite of her driven personality, she has shown to fold whenever she has been pressurized.

10. 45th President Garrett Walker

house of cards garrett walker

Garrett Allan Walker was the 45th President of the United States of America. His first vice president was Jim Matthews who place was later taken by Underwood. Frank played many political policies for the impeachment of Walker.

11. Lucas Goodwin

house of cards lucas goodwin

Lucas Goodwin was a national political reporter and editor for Washington Herald. In season he develops a romantic relation with Zoe. He appeared in season 1,2 and 4. In season 4, he was shot by Edward Meechum.

12. Serious Remy

house of cards remy danton

Remy Danton is played by Mahershala Ali. He is a lawyer for Glendon Hill and also a lobbyist. He is very concerned about his company and tries his best to reach his goals. He is also quite a flirt who does not one night stands.

13. Bodyguard Edward

house of cards edward meechum bodyguard

Edward Meechum was the bodyguard of Frank Underwood. He shows his undying loyalty to Frank. In season 4 he was shot by Lucas Goodwin.

14. Jackie Sharp

house of cards jackie sharp

Jacquline Sharp is played by Molly Parker. She is a Democratic Congresswoman from California. She ran for President in 2016. She succeeds Frank as House Majority Whip. Remy Danton was her former boyfriend.

15. Richie Rich Raymond

house of cards raymond tusk

Raymond Tusk was portrayed by Gerald McRaney in seasons 1,2,4 and 5.Raymond is a billionaire businessman. He is immensely powerful and influential.

House of Cards Poster: Seasons 1 to 6

16. Season 1

house of cards poster season 1

Season 1 shows the rise of Frank Underwood. Using his weapons of seduction, blackmail, and ambition he rises to immense power. It was aired on February 1, 2013. There are a total of 13 episodes in the season and each episode is named as Chapter. The first season received a good response from critics as well as his audience.

17. Season 2

house of cards season 2

The power-loving couple Frank and Claire try all means to achieve their political goals. They form new alliances and betray all their ole ties. The season was aired on 14 February 2014.

18. Season 3

house of cards season 3

In season 3, the battle of power comes down to the husband-wife duo. Frank fights his best to secure his legacy. While Claire desires for more power and wants to become more than First Lady. They become each other’s competitors.

19. Season 4

house of cards season 4

Season 4 witnesses a marital tension between Frank and Claire. Claire’s absence from Frank’s campaign makes it more clear and starts all the rumor.

To trigger Russia, Frank plays a dirty political game. However, in later episodes, the Underwoods get together and play more dangerous games for the bigger picture.

20. Season 5

house of cards poster season 5

Frank and Claire reconcile and work together to consolidate their power. They become a strong couple to win at the White House. Frank and his team work to leverage support in key states. Even with a tight race on the Election day, Frank is prepared with one more trick.

21. Season 6

house of cards season 6

Season 6 is the final season of House of Cards. It was aired on November 2, 2018. Kevin Spacey did not play Frank Underwood due to several sexual allegations against his name.

Claire becomes the first woman president. In the final episode, Claire tries to destroy Frank’s legacy. The sixth season consists of only 8 episodes unlike the previous seasons containing 13 episodes each.

Favorite Quotes

22.Truth or Lie

house of cards Frank's famous dialogue f

23. Conscience Stinks

house of cards Frank's dialogue on conscience

24. Don’t be Blind

house of cards Claire's dialogue

25. Failed Ambitions

house of cards Doug's dialogue

26.The Real Protector

house of cards Meechum's dialogue

27. A Smile and A Wink

house of cards Raymond's dialogue

28. Jackie’s Pain

house of cards Jackie's favourite dialogue

29. Priority Time

house of cards dialogue on priority by Frank

30. He Knows What He Wants

house of cards Remy's frank confession

Some Extra Cool Posters

31. Bonus#1

house of cards image of all manipulators

32. Bonus#2

house of cards famous dialogue

33. Bonus#3

house of cards Democracy is overrated poster

34. Bonus#4

house of cards whole cast

Final Words

House of Cards is an amazing series and it has received many awards over the years. It has over 33 Emmy nominations being the only web series to have such a number of Emmy nominations to its credit. Fans all over the world love this hard-hitting, fast-paced political thriller full of twists and turns. It has an amazing 8.7 IMDB rating.

Check out these amazing poster of House of Cards and binge-watch the show all over again.

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