Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Poster: 30+ Amazing High-Quality Printable Posters

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is even more successful than its first part. If you have not downloaded the posters of GOTG 1, then click here.

If you have already done that, then get ready to experience more fun, as we are here with 30+ Amazing High-Quality Printable Posters Of Guardians Of The Galaxy vol. 2. Let’s get started with some introduction to the plot of the movie.

In GOTG 1, we saw that Peter made a team and saved the galaxy to be destroyed by Ronan. But from where the hell does Peter Quill came from? We will get to know the story of Peter, his biological dad, Ego, and his adoptive dad, Yondu, in this movie.

The characters are much improved in this sequel. Action and comedy are same or I should say, better, because of our new hero, Baby Groot (oh my, I’m a big fan of him and his dialogues).

The cast of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 includes all the main characters from its first part which we have listed in our post, which you can see here. But the newly added characters which you will see in this movie were performed by:

  1. Vin Diesel as Baby Groot
  2. Pom Klementief as Mantis
  3. Sylvester Stallone as Stakar Ogord (a small role)
  4. Kurt Russell as Ego
  5. Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha
  6. Chris Sullivan as Taserface

Note: There were many more new characters which were added, above is the list of the main ones of them. You can check the whole list here.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Poster Collection

Let’s start the journey to the Galaxy Volume 2.

1. The Official Poster


The movie was released on 5 May 2017. And this was the official poster for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2.

2. We’re back bitches!


Yes, the second part contains a bit more strong language. But it does not contain any F word. So you can still watch it with family.

3.The “Garden” Of The Galaxy?


So, after saving The Guardians Of The Galaxy, who were saving the galaxy, he is again with us to save The Guardians Of The Galaxy, who will be saving the galaxy (what the hell in this Galaxy?).

4.“It is the bag full of action”


There is no need to say that this movie is full of action and better than its first part. The movie also includes a lot of comedy and some twists.

5. The style is same


The style of the whole team is same, and their acting is also better than the last time (talking about the Drax obviously).

6. The Awesome Mix Continued


Half of the credit for this awesome movie goes to its director James Gunn (and half of it goes to Baby Groot). He will be directing the third sequel also, which is scheduled to be released by 2020.

7. What’s Up?


I think they are looking at the profit chart of the movie.

8. Classic Poster #1


The movie earned over $800 million, on budget of $200 million only, which is less than GOTG 1 budget. And the revenue is also much more than the last time, which was around $700 million dollars.

9. Classic Poster #2


We will probably be watching the next GOTG movie with 6 heroes. Two more heroes are added to the team in this part, viz., Mantis and Kraglin.

10. The Star-Lord


Peter Quill get to know about his “real” father, his biological father, Ego, in this movie. But he will also be introduced by the harsh truth, that Ego was the only one who killed  Peter’s mother.

11. Yondu


For them, who have not watched the movie yet, it is a spoiler, but, Yondu will die in this movie. You may think that he is not so important, but believe me, you will start loving him, at the end of the movie.

12. Baby Groot


Groot has died, but this little buddy has taken his place, and believe me, he is even better. Groot was from a planet of plants. They have larynx of wood, so they cannot say anything else than “I’m Groot”.

13. Rocket Racoon


Rocket and Yondu are going to make the best duo, and they are stars of the movie (After Groot).

14. Ego


Ego is the biological father of Peter. He was a celestial and he ordered Yondu to deliver Peter to his planet, but Yondu didn’t. He kept Quill with him.

15. Mantis


Mantis has the power to know the feelings of anyone by touching them. She was found orphaned on her own planet by Ego, and then he took her with him and raised her. Mantis used to help ease Ego’s neurotic behaviors. Later she joined GOTG team.

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16. The Cheer Boy


The acting of all the character is awesome and has been improved, especially, Drax’s, played by Bautista. Although Mantis’ acting does not seem like a natural one, I’m sure they will improve her too.

17. Who Is My “Real” Father


Peter thought that Ego is his real father, and he was so happy to meet him. But eventually, he got to know about his evil all plans. When Yondu sacrifices his life to save Peter, he learns that Yondu was the only “ real” father of him.

18. From Galaxy With Love


Peter and Gamora will “officially” fall in love with each other. As you know, Mantis has the ability to know anyone’s feeling, she reveals that Peter is feeling love to Gamora, on which Gamora blushes (which is official sign of loving back in the cinematic world).

19. F The Galaxy, and Pose! They are Doing a Photoshoot!


Even though he is hard to find, my eyes are always in search of Baby Groot in all the GOGT Vol. 2 posters.

20. That Cute Smile Of Yondu


Yondu, which is played by Michael Rooker, have been a better character than Peter, in comedy. He has made us the fan of him. I wish Deadpool bring him back as he brought w… No, I should not reveal it. Go, watch both of these movies.

21. Just Don’t Press This Button!


I’m Groot!

22. The Bunch Of A-Holes Vol.2 #1


Drax seems to fall in love with Mantis, and she is also into him. But he always makes fun of her, and not revealed it yet that he loves her.

23. The Bunch Of A-Holes Vol.2 #2


After losing Groot, Rocket felt sad. But later became friend with Yondu, and their bond was strong. But he also died!

24. Racoon Of The Galaxy


Rocket was a normal raccoon who was found by some alien scientists, who did some experiments on him and accidentally turned him into a genetically advanced raccoon. He ran from that lab and joined the criminal world.

25. The Tape


The tape, which was given by Peter’s mother, is itself plays a character. It’s consist of songs which Peter’s mother likes from 1970’s. Later, Peter replaces it with an iPod which was brought by Yondu.

26. Who Will Die Now?


James Gunn has a very bad habit of killing main characters in the ending. He already killed Groot in the first part, and now Yondu. Bad boy, Jimmy!!

27. Treat For Fans


This would be the best one to hang on your walls, or just put it as your phone’s wallpaper to show that you are a “Guardians-Fan”.

28. The Guardians Family


Although Nebula eventually helped the team to fight Ego, she left at the ending of the movie, as she wanted to revenge her father, Thanos.

29. My Smiling Friend


Unlike previous GOTG, you will see Baby Groot (almost) always smiling. In this poster, in which you can barely see anyone’s face, you can still clearly see Baby Groot smiling.

30. Ego The Living Planet


Ego, father of Peter, is actually a living planet. In the movie, Ego brings Peter to this planet, but the only body is Peter’s father, and the body cannot be destroyed. So, to kill Ego, they have to destroy his brain, which is placed in the core of the planet. Didn’t got it? Even I’m confused by my words. So just go and watch this movie.

31. Bonus #1


Really? You survived my article? You must be a real Marvel’s Fan! Here is a bonus poster for you. Wait, another one is also waiting for you.

32. Bonus #2


I know it’s Guardians Of The Galaxy poster and not vol. 2’s. But so sorry, I didn’t post it in the last post. But, hey, Better Late Than Never!

The Final Words

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is as funny, awesome, cool, etc. as its first part. So download all poster, and paste them all in your room, so that they motivate you to save the galaxy, with a talking raccoon, a cute plant, a green girlfriend and a man whom you can use as a hammer in your adventures.

I know the third part is coming a little bit late, maybe because they have recently helped Avangers to save the world from Thanos, and now they may be spending their holidays in Thailand. But as I already told you, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!

So just download all the Guardians of The Galaxy 2 poster now. Also, share this post to show the awesomeness to your friends, and remember to keep visiting our website because we bring High-Quality Printable Posters to you which are free to download.

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