Grey’s Anatomy Poster Collection: 40+ Cool Printable Posters

Grey’s Anatomy is the most watched American medical drama which aired on March 27, 2005. The fictional series mimics the lives of surgical interns, the adhoc physicians and every other person in and around the medical mainstream, meanwhile also increasing focus on their personal lives and dilemma of various relationships.

Well, do you watch this amazing show? I am sure you will if yet not after scrolling through our exhilarating Grey’s Anatomy Poster Collection.

Grey's Anatomy Poster

The series comes with an open-handed and broad-minded approach for the colour and cross-culture-acceptance. The show strikingly revolves around the main character, Dr. Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, who was initially shown as an unprofessional intern.

Well, here’s to some additional inputs, that is “facts” which say ~ The original cast consisted of nine star-billed actors: Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Isaiah Washington, and Patrick Dempsey. The cast has undergone major changes through the series’ run, impetus further offered by many being replaced and cross-exchanged.

Main Characters Include:

  • Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey
  • Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt
  • Justin Chambers as Alex Karev
  • Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd
  • James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber
  • Kim Raver as Theodora “Teddy” Altman
  • Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery
  • Isaiah Washington as Preston Burke
  • Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey
  • Brook Smith as Erica Hahn
  • Kelly McCreary as Margaret “Maggie” Pierce
  • Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins
  • Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd
  • Eric Dane as Mark Sloan
  • Sara Ramirez as Calliope “Callie” Torres
  • Sarah Drew as April Kepner
  • Martin Henderson as Nathan Riggs
  • Jason George as Benjamin “Ben” Warren
  • Camilla Ludington as Josephine “Jo” Karev
  • Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang
  • Giacomo Gianniotti as Andrew DeLuca
  • Jerrika Hinton as Stephanie Edwards
  • Chyler Leigh as Alexandra “Lexie” Grey
  • T.R. Knight as George O’Malley
  • Katherine Heigl as Isobel “Izzie” Stevens

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Grey’s Anatomy Poster Collection: 40+ Printable Posters

Here’s to a stupendous treat! Down below we have an amazing collection of Grey’s Anatomy Posters for you. Skim through, know more!

1. Miranda Bailey

miranda bailey

She’s a general surgery resident at Seattle Grace Hospital, who owns an arena of cold-blooded demeanour and heartlessness. Miranda is usually called “The Nazi” owing to this dominating personality of hers. She however, wins several hearts with her benevolent and maternal attitude along the course of the show.

2. Owen Hunt

owen hunt

Owen Hunt is a tough veteran who immediately gets into a relationship with Cristina Yang. He suffers from “shell-shock” or “Post-traumatic-disorder” as a result of the horrors of having to serve in the war in Iraq.

3. Alex Karev

alex grey's anatomy poster

No wonder Alex has a menacingly ungrateful relationship with others in the show, coming right from his own marred past relationships- especially with his mother. He’s soon compelled to look after the women in his house and protect them from an abusive father. Things are heightened when he’s also to look after his mother suffering from schizophrenia.

His life takes a 180 degree turn as he gets involved into a relationship with Ava- who’s a patient. However, her mental condition holds back and looms across their relationship. He again has to go over the care-taking phase again!

4. Derek Shepherd

derek shepherd

He’s the Chief of Neurosurgeon department and earns himself the fascinating title of “McDreamy” by the women staff of the hospital. His life is again as interesting thing to discuss over- let’s say a cup of coffee as is mostly entangled.

He came to Seattle from NY to escape the brute reality of life- that is. his wife having an affair with his best friend, Mark. He then engages into serious romance with Meredith Grey, a disturbing relationship until their marriage happening only in season 5.

5. Richard Webber

richard webber

He’s an important part of the medical department owing to hi horrendous past affairs and alcoholism. His relationship with Meredith Grey is at times volatile because of the affairs with her mother, Ellis Grey. The consequences are just insane and has to be borne with utmost difficulty.

Richard conspires against the hospital after struggling with finances for quite a while.

6. Theodora “Teddy” Altman

teddy grey's anatomy poster

Teddy Altman takes over the job of Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital in Season 6. She too bears the same trauma as Owen Hunt for serving in Iraq too. Her teaching methods are quite unorthodox despite her being so learned a person.

7. Jackson Avery


His medical career is incidental to a learned background that he is subjected to right from the very start.

A member of the “plastics posse”, training under Mark Sloan, he is also called “pretty boy,” especially by Cristina Yang.

8. Preston Burke

preston burke poster

Preston Burke is the former Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and was once anticipated to become Chief of Surgery.

9. Meredith Grey

Meredith Grey Poster

Presenting our central protagonist with her valuable POVs in the show. She begins the series as an intern and has since progressed along her medical career path. Meredith Grey went to the Geisel School Of Medicine at Dartmouth College after also having romantic concomitant of a relationship with her former best friend, Sadie. She is best friends with Cristina Yang. Following a long romance and a consistent wooing phase, she marries neurosurgeon, Derek Shepherd.

10. Margaret “Maggie” Pierce

maggie grey's anatomy poster

Maggie Pierce enters at the end of Season 10 as the new Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery. At the beginning of Season 11, Maggie informs Meredith that they are sisters; albeit Meredith is hostile towards Maggie about the situation. The predicament is followed by acceptance in a very positive light.

11. Arizona Robbins

Arizona Robbins, pediatric surgery attending, has a cheery disposition, and a vibrant aura too; but gets upset when challenging authority. Upon her introduction in Season 5, Arizona immediately gets into a relationship with Callie Torres.

12. Amelia Shepherd

amelia grey's anatomy poster

Amelia Shepherd is Derek Shepherd’s youngest sister. Like brother, like sister, she is also a neurosurgeon.

The brother-sister duo doesn’t actually survive together in a world where there is peace- owing to the career and ambition of similarity that they both possess. But later on in the course of the show, even Amelia taking Derek’s post as the Chief Neurosurgeon is welcomed by the brother with widely opened arms.

13. Mark Sloan


Mark Sloan, Chief of Plastic Surgery, attended Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He’s much of a playboy who has no iota of guilt in jeopardizing his friendship with Derek Shepherd. This previous statement was in reference to him having an affair with Derek’s wife, Addison Montgomery.

15. Calliope “Callie” Torres

grey's anatomy poster

Callie Torres, an orthopedic surgeon was once married to George O’Malley but divorced him post his affair with Izzie Stevens.

16. April Kepner

kepner poster

April Kepner is fired by Richard Webber in Season 6 due to a mistake she made that costed a patient her life.

17. Josephine “Jo” Karev

josephine grey's anatomy

An intern on Season 9, Jo Wilson is at first mocked at by Alex Karev, who believes she’s a rich brat and nicknames her “princess.” Well, this is not all true because Wilson had to earn respect for herself by working doubly hard, and thus prove her worth over and over. Her childhood was further a melancholic one.

18. Cristian Yang


Cristina Yang attained a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and an M.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine. She’s a skilled resident and has ardent passion and skills for her field, the arena she excels in!

19. Andrew DeLuca

grey's anatomy poster

Andrew DeLuca was an EMT before he decided to switch to being a surgical intern in Season 12. Soon after his internship begins, he starts a relationship with Maggie Pierce, and ends it soon upon having no more feelings for the same.

20. Stephanie Edwards


An intern on Season 9, Stephanie Edwards is a doppelganger for Cristina Yang~ both in possession of some very high hopes for their surgical careers.

21. Alexandra “Lexie” Grey

grey's anatomy poster

A resident and the half-sister of Meredith Grey, Lexie Grey attended Harvard Medical School.

22. George O’Malley

grey's anatomy poster

George O’Malley has comparatively a less aggressive personality compared to his fellow residents. He has an infatuation for Meredith Grey, which ends them up in bed together. The latter cries because of the same and has to let George go.

23. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens

isobel poster

After growing up in a trailer park and putting her newborn daughter up for adoption at age 16, Izzie Stevens managed to advance through medical school by modeling to pay her bills. The real struggles that Izzie undergoes isn’t that easy to be fathomed.

24. Famous Cristina Yang Quote

cristina quotes

25. Grey’s Anatomy Poster- “It’s A Beautiful Day To Save Lives”

grey's anatomy poster

26. Meredith And Alex- Best Friendship

alex and meredith grey

27. Famous Meredith Grey Line

meredith grey line

28. Famous Richard Webber Line

Richard webber line

29. Medical License, ID Proof For All The Doctors- Richard Webber Here

richard webber

30. When Love Exists For The Sake Of Love Only!


grey's anatomy poster

31. Meredith And Derek- Best Couple

meredith and derek

32. Patrick Dempsey Lines

grey's anatomy poster

33. Visual Guide To Most Memorable Relationships In Grey’s Anatomy

grey's anatomy poster

34. What Is It Like To Have Met “Your” Person?

grey's anatomy poster

35. One Of The Most Emotional Scenes

grey's anatomy poster

Grey’s Anatomy Poster: Few Extras

36. Extra #1

extra grey's anatomy poster

37. Extra #2

Grey's Anatomy Poster extra 2

38. Extra #3

Grey's Anatomy Poster extra 3

39. Extra #4

grey's anatomy poster

40. Extra #5

grey's anatomy poster

41. Extra #6

Grey's Anatomy Poster extra 6

42. Extra #7

Grey's Anatomy Poster extra 7

43. Extra #8

Grey's Anatomy Poster extra 8

Final Thoughts: Grey’s Anatomy Poster Collection

Surgical interns and their supervisors undertake an odyssey where they become part of avant-garde stories and make life-changing decisions in order to become the most refined doctors. The Show receives 7.6/10 rating on IMDb and has about 342 episodes.

Haven’t watched the show yet? Here’s your guide to sow an impetus in you to start watching!

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