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Duck Dynasty is an American reality television series on A&E. A reality television series is actually is an unscripted version of real-life situations. In such a series, mostly unknown performers are seen rather than professional actors. Duck Dynasty revolves around the Robertson family who became popular after their family business Duck Commander. Duck Commander is the name of the company in West Monroe, Lousiana.

It is also the name of the brand of a duck call. A duck call is a sound imitation process by which a hunter calls a waterfowl. This business company makes products for duck hunters who hunt ducks, geese, and waterfowls for food and sport.

The Robertson Family is famous for keeping long beards. Brothers Phil and Phil’s sons Jase, Willie, and Jep are the family members. They hold strong Protestant Christian Views. The show is quite famous and it has got amazing viewership.  It has a total of 11 seasons and 130 episodes. This is considered as the most-watched non-fiction cable series.

Duck Dynasty Poster

The Member of The Family Are:

  • Willie Robertson
  • Korie Robertson
  • Sadie Robertson
  • John Luke Robertson
  • Mary-Kate Robertson
  • Bella Robertson
  • Willie Robertson Jr.
  • Rebecca Robertson
  • John Reed Loflin
  • Rowdy Robertson
  • Jase Robertson
  • Missy Robertson
  • Phil Robertson
  • Kay Robertson
  • Si Robertson

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Duck Dynasty Poster: The Dynasty Members

1. Willie Robertson

duck dynasty image of producer of will robertson

Willie is an actor and a hunter. He is the CEO of the company Duck Commander. Robertson is famous for sporting his ZZ Top look that is his long beard look. He built his family business and led it to a multimillion-dollar empire. He is the third son of the family.

2. Phil Robertson

duck dynasty image of phil robertson

Phil is the patriarch and the creator of Duck Commander. He was a very good football player but he had to quit it for his business. The backbone of the family founded the business in 1973. He considers himself to be a man who has very little knowledge of technology.

3. Miss Kay

duck dynasty image of miss kay

Marsha Kay aka Miss Kay is the wife of Phil. All the family members including her beloved husband call her Miss Kay. She married Phil at a very young age when she was 16. Cooking is her hobby and she always offers delicious meals to her family members after a hard day at work.

4. John Luke Robertson

duck dynasty image of john luke

John Luke is the son of Willie and his wife Korie. He went to Ouachita High School and also a student of Liberty Unversity.

5. Mary Kate

duck dynasty image of mary kate wife of john luke

Here comes Mary Kate Robertson who becomes the wife of John Luke. Together the couple looks adorable. They married on June 25, 2015. She studies Women leadership at Liberty University.

6. Rebecca Robertson

duck dynasty image of rebecca robertson

Rebecca is the foster daughter of Willie and Korie. She was an exchange from Taiwan when the Robertson family served as a host for her. Later they adopted her. She has her own clothing boutique in Monroe. John Reed is the husband of Rebecca.

7. Sadie Robertson

duck dynasty image of sadie robertson

Sadie is the sweet daughter of Willie and Korie. Like her brother, she also went to Ouachita Christian High School. In season 10, the audience gets to see her graduation. Currently, she is an author and an influential speaker.

8. Jason Robertson

duck dynasty image of jason robertson

Jason aka Jase is the second son of Phill and Miss Kay. He looks into the manufacturing side of the company. Jase has an amazing ability to tune the duck calls by hand.

9. Reed Robertson

duck dynasty image of reed

Reed is the eldest child of Jase. He was also a student at Ouachita Christian High School. Reed is both a football and basketball player. In season 10, he graduates. He also began his music career in Nashville.

10. Cole Robertson

duck dynasty image of cole robertson

Cole is the second son of Jase and Missy. He is a baseball player. In season 10, he graduates.

11. Jep Robertson

duck dynasty image of jep robertson

Jules Jeptha is the youngest son of Phil and Kay. He edits and sells all the DVDs of the family’s duck calls.  Jep is married to Jessica and together they have five children.

12. Jep and Jessica

duck dynasty image of jep and jessica

Jep and Jessica got so famous that there was a spin-off series with the two named Jep & Jessica, Growing The Dynasty. It is also extremely successful and has more than two million views. It was premiered on 20 January 2016.

13. Marshal Robertson

duck dynasty image of alan robertson

Marshal aka Alan Robertson is the eldest son of Phil and Kay. He left the business to become a preacher. One interesting fact is that he is the only male member of the family who does not have a beard. Alan joins the show and he does the public relations part of the business. His motto was to spread the words of God through the show.

14. Si Robertson

duck dynasty image of si robertson

Silas is the brother of Phil. He is known as the uncle. Si has a unique storytelling technique and he always calls Hey and Jack. Christine is the wife of Si. They have two children together Trasa and Scott.

15. The Fantastic Four

duck dynasty poster

These four are the backbones of the family. They held together through thick and thin. And hard work definitely paid off for them.

16. The Whole Gang

duck dynasty poster of all the characters

When the whole clan comes into one frame, they look like this. These bearded men surely took over the world with their million worth business.

Quotes From The Show

17. Can’t Keep Quiet

duck dynasty famous quote of phill

Phill was very vocal about his religious faiths and he did not keep his mouth shut. He always voiced his opinions.

18. Contrast

duck dynasty famous dialogue of phil robertson

One of the most strong dialogues said by Phil in the show.

19. God & Guns

duck dynasty famous dialogue by phil robertson

20. Yuppie

duck dynasty image of famous dialogue by phil robertson saying yuppie

Phil often used the word yuppie to describe his grandchildren. The word yuppie means a young professional who goes to a city and works there.

21. Call 911

duck dynasty image of famous dialogue by phil robertson

22. Be Happy

duck dynasty image of happy happy happy famous phrase

When in doubt, just say happy three times and you will be sorted.

Duck Dynasty Poster: Funny Dialogues

23. Call A Duck

duck dynasty image of famous dialogue duck call

24. Let’s Hunt Together

duck dynasty image of funny poster

25. Will You Shave?

duck dynasty image of famous dialogue about women

26. Don’t Watch It

duck dynasty image of famous dialogue by uncle si

27. You Just Need A Duct Tape

duck dynasty image of famous dialogue

28. Redneck Logic

duck dynasty image of redneck logic famous

29. The Ultimate Dynasty

duck dynasty official poster

30. Hit It Hard

duck dynasty poster

31. Bonus#1

duck dynasty famous poster

32. Bonus#2

duck dynasty christmas poster

33. Bonus#3

duck dynasty funny dialogue on chicken dance

Final Words

Duck Dynasty is definitely a unique show. It has beautifully captured the lives of the Robertson family. People get to see how such a magnum business was built. The show made over 80$ million through advertising within nine months.

However, like most famous shows it also fell into some controversies. In December 2013, Phil made a remark in an interview and after that, he was marked as an anti-gay. But withing nine days he was reinstated in the show owing to huge public pressure.

The concluded on March 29, 2017, after completion of a total of 11 seasons. The last episode was an hour-long one and was named End Of An Era.

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