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Doctor Who is a British Science fiction television series produced by BBC since 1963. The show is an important part of the British pop-culture. It has gained following across the world as well. The show revolves around the adventures of a time lord called the “doctor”, who is an extraterrestrial being. Here is an amazing Doctor Who poster collection for all the fans. Keep Scrolling.

An extraterrestrial being is referred to as the life which did not originate on Earth. The doctor is on a journey to explore the universe in a time-traveling space ship which is called the TARDIS. The doctor is a savior for all who is need and teams up with many companions to fight against the enemies.

The show originally ran from 1963 to 1989. The series has featured thirteen actors as doctors. The show incorporates into its plotline the concept of regeneration and reincarnation. Timelord transforms into a new body when the current one is too harmed. Hence, the transition from one actor to another seems pretty convincing.

The program was relaunched in 2005. This is a direct continuation of the original series. There have been ten further series in 2006-2008,2010-2015 and 2017-2018. It has a rating of 8.7 on IMDb.

doctor who series poster

Here is the list of all the thirteen doctors till now-

  • William Hartnell as First Doctor (1963-1966)
  • Patrick Troughton as Second Doctor (1966-69)
  • John Pertwee as Third Doctor (1970-74)
  • Tom Baker as Fourth Doctor (1974-81)
  • Peter Davison as Fifth Doctor (1982-84)
  • Colin Baker as Sixth Doctor (1984-86)
  • Sylvester McCoy as Seventh Doctor (1987-89)
  • Paul McGann as Eighth Doctor (1996)
  • Christopher Eccleston as Ninth Doctor (2005)
  • David Tennant as Tenth Doctor (2005-10)
  • Matt Smith as Eleventh Doctor (2010-13)
  • Peter Capaldi as Twelfth Doctor (2014-17)
  • Jodie Whittaker as Thirteenth Doctor (2018- present)

30+ Doctor Who Poster Collections

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All The Doctors

1. First Doctor

doctor who first doctor william hartnell

The first doctor is the initial incarnation of the Doctor. Hartnell’s doctor is the original form of the doctor. The doctor is a mysterious character and very few details are known about him. He has a granddaughter Susan Foreman. His ship is designed as a police box.

2. Second Doctor

doctor who second doctor patrick throughton

The transformation to the second doctor is known as the renewal. The figure has the same essential characteristics except that he has a different persona. The second doctor has the nickname “cosmic hobo”. The second doctor is more scruffy and childlike than the first version.

3. Third Doctor

doctor who poster of third doctor
‘Designed by erich0823 on DeviantArt’

Pertwee portrays as the third incarnation of the doctor who is a dapper man of action of stark contrast to his less action-oriented predecessors. The third doctor is depicted as being stranded on Earth in exile, where he worked as a scientific adviser to the international military group unit. The third doctor’s hobby was to handle all manners of vehicles as he was fond of motoring.

4. Fourth Doctor

doctor who fourth doctor tom baker

The fourth Doctor is an unpredictable character. He is a bit distant and alien from his previous incarnations. He also has a darker side to his personality. His companion was a journalist Sarah Jane Smith.

5. Fifth Doctor

doctor who fifth doctor peter davison

The fifth doctor had an unusual way of dressing. He used to wear an Edwardian cricket kit and even carried a cricket ball in one of his pockets. Sometimes he wore a pair of spectacles as well. He has a vulnerable side and suffers from taking the right decision.

6. Sixth Doctor

doctor who sixth doctor collin baker

The sixth doctor played comparatively for a brief period. Baker’s version of the sixth doctor is an arrogant, flamboyant character in bright contrasting colored clothes. To establish his dark personality, Collin used to dark velvet clothes.

7. Seventh Doctor

doctor who seventh doctor sylvester mccoy

The seventh doctor is whimsical. He is a thoughtful character who slowly changes into becoming a secretive, manipulative character. His first companion was Melanie Bush, who was a computer programmer. He had an easygoing and charming vibe to his character.

8. Eighth Doctor

doctor who poster of eighth doctor

McGann portrays an eccentric, enthusiastic and passionate character. The eighth doctor is described as an effortlessly charming and romantic character. He is always keen on exploring the world as he is very passionate about the universe. He has good improvisational skills.

9. Ninth Doctor

doctor who 9th doctor

Since it was the 2005 version, a modern approach was taken. Christopher was made deliberately more intelligent than other characters. This doctor lives for the present. He never thinks too much about the past.

10. Tenth Doctor

doctor who tenth doctor david tennant

The tenth doctor has an amazing English accent. The doctor is stylized also in a different way than the previous ones. He wears his own brown hair. His hairstyle is described as modern short hair. The tenth doctor’s appearance gained immense popularity and many recreations were made following that.

11. Eleventh Doctor

doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith

Smith provided a new touch to the eleventh doctor in the series. He is a quick-tempered but compassionate character. His companions include Amy Pond and her husband Rory Williams. The eleventh doctor is described as an old man who is caught up in a young man’s body. The tenth and the eleventh doctors shared a lot of similarities between them.

12. Twelfth Doctor

doctor who twelfth doctor peter capaldi

The twelfth doctor is once again a bit alien from others. Although he is keen to save the world, he does not want to be seen as a hero. Capaldi’s version does not really understand human beings and care very little about them. He wore a dark blue coat and dark blue trousers.

13. Thirteenth Doctor

doctor who thirteenth doctor jodie whitetaker

The thirteenth doctor is the current incarnation of the doctor. Jodie Whittaker is the first woman to play the doctor in this long time series. She portrays a light-hearted character who is passionate and adventurous. She is fond of building things and she values friendship. The thirteenth doctor is a non-violent character. She is set to continue the series in 2020.

Important Device and Characters

14. The Time Lords

doctor who image of time lords

Timelords are the extraterrestrial, fictional species of which the doctor is a member. Timelords are given this name because of their efficiency in time travel technology and their perfection in time.

15. Gallifrey

doctor who image of the planet gallifrey

Gallifrey is the fictional planet in Doctor Who. It is the residence of the time lords. It is to this civilization doctor belongs. Gallifrey is located 250 million light years far from Earth.


doctor who image of tardis police box

The full form of the TARDIS is Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It is a fictional time machine that travels out of the time vortex. Due to it’s exterior it looks like a blue British police box.

17. Daleks

doctor who image of daleks

Daleks are the extraterrestrial mutants. It was written by Terry Nation. Daleks are one of the enemies of Doctor.

18. Cybermen

doctor who image of cybermen

Cybermen are the most persistent enemies of the Doctor. They are emotionless space facing cyborgs.

19. The Master

doctor who image of master

The Master is a recurring character in the series. It is a renegade alien of the Time Lord and archenemy of the Doctor.

20. Sonic Screwdriver

doctor who image of sonic screw driver

21. Companions

doctor who companions

22. Amy Pond

doctor who image of companion amy pond

23. Regeneration

doctor who image of regeneration

Some Memorable Quotes

24. Evolution

doctor who famous quote of jodie whitetaker current doctor

25. Make a Good Story

doctor who famous quote by doctor

26. Do Not Forget

doctor who famous quote

27. Be Strong Always

doctor who famous quote

28. Final Quote of Eleventh Doctor

doctor who eleventh doctor's final quote

29. Fantastic Ninth Doctor

doctor who ninth doctor quote

30. Life Rules

doctor who famous quote

Here are Some Bonus Doctor Who poster

31. Bonus#1

doctor who poster

32. Bonus#2

doctor who all the doctors

33. Bonus#3

doctor who poster

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Final Thoughts

Doctor Who is one of the longest running shows of all time. There has been a lot of spins offs based on this series such as Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, K-9. It also draws the highest amount of viewership even now. It won the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series in 2006. Even numerous video games have been made based on the show.

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