Coco Poster Collection: 30+ Cool Posters for All the Coco Fans

Coco is a computer-animated 2017 fantasy film. This film was made in 3D. Lee Unkrich was the person behind the original idea behind the film. He directed the film along with Adrian Molina. The concept of the film is inspired by the Mexican festival called Day of the Dead holiday.

This is celebrated in many parts of Mexico where friends and family join together and pray and remember the people who have died.  They support the spiritual journey of the deads. For them, this is not a day to be sad, but rather to celebrate the journey. The film’s team visited Mexico during the pre-production to research thoroughly ly to bring authenticity.

Miguel is a 12-year-old boy who is the central protagonist of the film. He is accidentally transported to the land of the dead. There Miguel takes the help of his late great-great-grandfather who was a very good musician. He wants him to return to the family of the living where music is banned. Miguel wishes him to reverse the family’s ban on music.

On October 20, 2017, Coco premiered during the Morelia International Film Festival. The movie was a unique take on the popular Mexican culture and it showed great honor and respect for the culture as well. Coco portrayed the culture in its full potential with the right amount of entertainment. The music, the superb voice cast, the emotional touch in the story all added to the super success of the movie.

coco movie poster

The main voice cast includes:

  • Anthony Gonzalez as Miguel
  • Gael Garcia Bernal as Hector
  • Benjamin Bratt as Ernesto de la Cruz
  • Alanna Ubach as Mama Imelda
  • Renee Victor as Abuelita
  • Ana Ofelia Murguia as Mama Coco
  • Edward James Olmos as Chicharron
  • Alfonso Arau as Papa Julio
  • Selene Luna as Tia Rosita
  • Jaime Camil as Papa
  • Sofia Espinosa as Mama
  • Luis Valdez as Tio Berto

Welcome to the world of the exciting adventure of Coco as we have got some super cool posters from the movie. Do you want to know whether Coco’s family finally took off the ban on music or not? Did Coco manage to get help? You can find all the answers with these amazing Coco poster collection. Let’s check out. Keep scrolling!

Coco Poster: Major Characters

1. Miguel Rivera


coco movie image of miguel

Miguel is an aspiring musician but he has to struggle to achieve his dream because of his family’s ban on music. He has an ear for music and he is a fast learner. Despite the ban, Miguel stands out and speaks for his passion. His musical idol is Ernesto de la Cruz and he follows him earnestly.

2. Hector

coco image of hector

Hector was a musician in life and he became a resident of the Land of The Dead. He helped Miguel is his quest to find his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Hector is the husband of Imelda and their daughter is Coco. As a loving father, he wrote a song for his daughter, Remember Me. He abandoned his family to pursue a career in music.

3. Ernesto de la Cruz

coco image of ernesto de la cruz

The Mexican pride, Ernesto de la Cruz is the main antagonist in the film. He was a very famous singer and the audience loved his charm. Miguel mistakes him to be his great-great-grandfather. He gets to know that, Ernesto is really cruel and Hector is the true musician. Initially, the audience thought Ernesto as a wise and sensible individual but he is a selfish and fame-hungry person in reality.

4. Imelda

coco image of Imelda

Imelda also became a member of the Land of the Dead. When her husband Hector left her, she banned music forever in the Rivera family. She was tender in her early life but now she is bitter and strict. Imelda is extremely stubborn which makes it difficult for her to forgive anyone.

5. Abuelita

coco image of abuleita

Abuelita is the second daughter of Coco. She grew up during her grandmother’s time and so she learnt shoemaking and also the great value of family. Like her grandmother, she also continued the ban on music in the next generation as well.

6. Mama Coco

coco image of mama coco

Mama Coco is Miguel’s affectionate great-grandmother. She is a tender-hearted, supportive and generous woman. Mama Coco is the only member of the entire family who listens to Miguel’s dreams and hopes and also encourages him. Her memory gradually declines.

7. Frida Kahlo

coco image of frida kahlo

Frida’s character is based on the eminent Mexican artist of the same name. Miguel meets Frida in the Land of the Dead. She is preparing a performance for Ernesto’s concert. Miguel helps her to add the right tone for the act.

8. Papa Julio

coco image of papa julio

Papa Julio is Coco’s husband and Miguel’s late great-grandfather.

Coco Poster: Family Album

9. The Lost Connection

coco image of hector and miguel

Hector helps Miguel to enter a talent competition so that he can win an entry to Ernesto’s mansion. Ernesto and Hector renew their argument. Then, Miguel realizes, that Ernesto poisoned Hector and stole his songs and guitar to become famous.

10. Music Bonds Us

coco image of miguel and hector

Finally, Miguel realises that Hector is his great-great-grandfather and not Ernesto. Imelda rescues them and Miguel tells the truth to the family. Hector and Imelda once again reunite. The audience also witnesses all of Ernesto’s crimes.

11. And We Meet Again

coco image of hector and imelda

All the confusion and misunderstandings are resolved between Hector and Imelda. They bless Miguel so that he can return to the Land of Living. Miguel plays the famous song ” Remember Me” and Coco also joins to sing.

12. Land of the Dead

coco image of land of the dead

13. Are We Dead?

coco image of the skeletons

14. Dante

coco image of dog dante

15. Partners Forever

coco image of miguel and dante

16. The Rivera Family

coco image of rivera family

Coco Poster: Music Mania

17. Love for Music

coco image of guitar

18. Dead or Alive?

coco image of fanart poster

19. Musical Tree

coco image of fanart poster

20. Follow Your Passion

coco image of miguel fanart

21. Rockstar Vibes

coco poster of miguel


22. Remember Me

coco movie image of song remember me

23. Never Forget

coco image of hector coco imelda

24. Song Dedicated

coco image of hector

25. Proud Family

coco image of miguel and hector

26. Gracias

coco image of miguel and hector

27. Priority: Family

coco image of famous quote by mama coco

28. Dream Come True

coco image of famous quote by miguel

29. Success Costs

coco image of famous quote by ernesto de la cruz

30. F for Family

coco image of famous quote by abuleita

31. Coco Is Life

coco image of famous dialogue

32. Forgive Not Forget

coco image of famous quote by mama coco

33. Extra#1

coco fanart poster

34. Extra#2

coco fanart poster

35. Extra#3

coco fanart poster

36. Extra#4

coco fanart poster

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Final Thoughts

Coco’s letters from Hector proved that Ernesto stole all his songs. Finally, Hector got all his long due honor and everyone got to know the real story. Hector and Imelda rejoice and rekindle their romance in the Land of the Dead. Coco, Hector, and Imelda all join the living where Miguel performs for his family, living and dead.

The song Remember Me became a huge hit after the movie. After such a long time, the audience a very good family drama like this. It appealed to children to adults all across. The film won two Academy Award for Best Animated Picture and Best Original Song. Other than this, it also received many prestigious awards. On IMDB it has a rating of 8.2 out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 97% ratings.

I hope you enjoyed the amazing Coco poster collection. Make sure to download them and print them to hang around your room. If you too are passionate like Miguel, then these posters will surely motivate you to reach your goal. Happy downloading! Keep calm and follow your passion.

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