The 8 Best Hobbies For Christmas?!!!

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to make this holiday season as perfect as it can possibly be. Never one to waste an opportunity, I think this is a great time to pick up a new hobby. So, I came up with a list of the best Xmas hobbies for you to learn. Hopefully, you can find something you enjoy.

What Christmas Hobbies Should I Learn?

For the purposes of this article, a Christmas hobby is a hobby that you can pick up during the Christmas season that will be fun and practical. Ideally, you can use one or all of these hobbies to make Christmas extra special for yourself and those around you.


Everyone loves a classic Christmas dinner! Get the whole family around and cook a big old turkey. Fill it with stuffing and remember to cook plenty of sides! Christmas is the perfect time to practice your cooking skills and learn some new techniques. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at making homemade cranberry sauce? Now is the perfect time.


And of course, you have to get presents! Hone your shopping skills during the holidays by finding the best deals and the most inventive gifts. Except, who knew that cooking Christmas dinner for a dozen people would be so expensive? Maybe you should have thought this out better? Well, I guess you can make it till your next paycheck if you buy a turkey that was raised in a cage instead of an

Card Making


The cards didn’t turn out perfectly, so what? It’s time to start thinking about gifts. You love the idea of the whole family wearing matching Xmas sweaters but you spent all of your money on fresh cranberries. Let’s continue to foster that creative side you never knew you had. Knitting can’t be that hard right? Your great-aunt does it all the time and she could never even figure out how to turn her computer on.


Right, the sweaters are done. They don’t all have the same number of arms but they should do. You’re really enjoying making stuff though so why not make some more presents? You were on Pinterest the other day and you saw this type of craft called decoupage. It sounds fancy and you still have the paste eaters art supplies so why not?

Board Gaming

OK, dinner is taking longer than planned. You got everyone to sit at the table, but when you sliced into the Christmas turkey it was still raw in the middle. You put it back in the oven but people are hungry and you can feel the mood shift.


Your sister is crying in the corner. Playing a board game specifically designed to tear apart friendships might not have been a good idea. You decide that singing Christmas carols might be the way to go instead. Mostly so that you can drown out the sound of your sister sobbing.


Finally sitting around the table you begin to eat. Your sister asks why the cranberry sauce smells funny. You barely notice though as you are listening to your great aunt. She has started talking about how gay people shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate Christmas. You feel it’s your place to remind her that things have changed since she was young.