Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster Collection: 30+ High-Quality Printable Posters

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American police live-action sitcom. The show revolves around cases happening in and around the fictional, 99th precinct, in Brooklyn. The amateur but brilliant NYPD detective, also the protagonist, Jake Peralta, gets into early conflict with grave and firm Captain Raymond Holt.

The two along with a talented bunch of other detectives solve the crimes taking place across the Brooklyn district, keeping intact the anecdotal comedy and witty repartee! We are here with Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster Collection with 30+ high-quality posters just for you.

B99 is one of the best American police live-action sitcom.

The series is created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur that premiered on the Fox Channel. The series has been praised for its cast, especially Samberg, Beatriz, Fumero, and Braugher. It has won two Creative Arts Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy.

The series focusses on serious issues with a perfect amalgamation of humor, which truly makes it worth watching. Not to mention that this one’s an American show that stars Asians and Africans in greater ratios to the Whites!

It has got a whopping 8.4 ratings on IMDB.

The main characters include:

  • Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta
  • Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz
  • Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords
  • Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago
  • Joe Lo Truglio as Charles Boyle
  • Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti
  • Andre Braugher as Raymond Holt
  • Dirk Blocker as Michael Hitchcock
  • Joel McKinnon Miller as Norm Scully

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30+ Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster Collections

Here, we bring you the best of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster Collection. Don’t forget to scroll down!

1. Jake Peralta

The hero who plays it reckless all the time, Jake Peralta is the best of the lot. He’s the fun guy who’s also a perfectionist. The character doesn’t fail to attract the audience, even for an iota. His friendly nature makes him a great companion, especially to Boyle. Also, his wit is sure to make him worth the appraisal!

Jake Peralta is the best NYPD detective, despite his carefree nature.

2. Rosa Diaz

She’s the ‘tough girl’. It’s hard to make Rosa smile, and super easy to aggravate her anger! She claims to be bisexual and is known to break heads of people, simply for exasperating her. She forms a crucial member of the “girl gang” in the B99 office. Not to mention, her soft side when it comes to friendship. Well, one can’t stop laughing at her constant nagging with her computer system!

Rosa Diaz is the toughest women detective that 99th Precinct could come up with.

3. Terry Jeffords

The tough guy who’s just like a coconut, hard from outside and extremely soft on the interiors. Terry always melts when it comes to his family. He’s one of the finest male characters, especially as an NYPD detective.

Terry is just like a coconut, hard from outside and extremely soft from inside!

4. Amy Santiago

The prettiest detective who entices the audience, let alone Jake. Amy’s competitive nature along with her compassion for each and every character in the show makes her the best female character of all!

Amy is pretty, smart and an amazing detective in B99

5. Gina Linetti

Let’s just say that she’s the best assistant-cum-secretory in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine office. Her quick and savage repartees make her a character of utmost knowledge and perfection!

There is noone like Gina in B99!

6. Captain Holt

He’s the first Gay senior officer in the entire history of NYPD detectives. Captain Holt’s techniques of solving various crimes and making each and every detective work accordingly truly make him worthy of his position!

There's noone like captain Holt. He's the perfect boss.

7. Charles Boyle

Boyle is somewhat a buffoon in the B99 office. However, Boyle’s unrequited love for Rosa makes the storyline entertaining, thereby enhancing the humor throughout! Charles is a great friend to Jake, and always available in times of need to the rest of the characters.

The buffoon who entertains everybody, Charles is an indespensible part of B99

8. Michael Hitchcock

The lazy NYPD who rather does nothing when it comes to serious work.

The laziest of all the NYPD detectives, Hitchcock does absolutely nothing.

9. Norm Scully

He’s one of the main characters in the B99 NYPD office. Scully is equally lazy, as much as Hitchcock. However, the scenes which involve some amazing banter over Scully and his stinking shoes, are sure to take your heart away!

The equally lazy NYPD detective in B99.

10. The Girl Gang

The girl gang in Brooklyn Nine-Nine comprise of two best detectives and one non-detective- Gina, Amy, and Rosa. They are surely not the conventional female characters as in other American shows.

The girl gang in B99 isn't your conventional female girl group.

11. Charles Loves Rosa

Charles is in love with Rosa. However, that doesn’t do much good to him. Everyone except for her is able to see that. Well, the love angle full of banters is sure to get your heart pumping with a good amount of blood!

Charles Boyle loves Rosa Diaz

12. Rosa Hates Small Talks

Rosa Hates to keep it too brief. Let’s just say Rosa doesn’t like to talk at all, let alone listening!

Rosa Hates small talks, she'd rather drink in silence.

13. Captain Holt And His Ideals

Here’s to something extremely famous and much valuable said by Captain Holt, the Black officer in B99!

Famous lines by captain holt!

14. Jake And Amy- They Fight Yet They Love!

Amy and Jake happen to be a perfect couple, for their catfight soon get them into each other. Well, they were hard to beat at work, and they happen to be the same when in love.

Amy and Jake love each other!

Amy and Jake fight and yet be together!

15. NYPD B99 Badge

The famous NYPD B99 badge! Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster16. Gina Knows Best

Gina can’t be associated without actually associating this phrase alongside her name, after all, Gina indeed knows best!

Gina knows best!

17. The Best Duo- Amy And Jake

They indeed are the best- when together. Well, no one can beat them in a case when they actually stop fighting and work together.

The best pair- Amy and Jake


18. The Famous Jake Peralta And His Famous Line

After all, who doesn’t love this Cool NYPD detective?!

Cool Cool No Doubt No Doubt!

19. The ‘Gina’ Poster

The Gina Poster Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

20. The ‘Rosa’ Poster

The Rosa poster!

21. The ‘Boyles’ Poster

The Charles Boyle Poster Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

22. The ‘Jake Peralta’ Poster


23. Behind The Scenes With Amy Santiago

Behind the scenes with Amy Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

24. Happy May 18th!

Happy May 18th! Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

25. The Most Important Cop Show. Ever- Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

The most important cop show ever Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

26. Memes On B99

The B99 famous poster with Jake! Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

27. Terry Loves Yogurt

Terry loves yogurt!

28. Sleepy Hug- Jake And Terry

Sleepy hug- Jake and Terry

29. Terry And His Anger Issues!

Terry has anger issues!

30. The ‘Captain Holt’ Poster!

The Captain Holt poster! Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

31. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster Extra #1

Extra #1 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

32. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster Extra #2

Extra #2 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

33. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster- Extra #3

Extra #3 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster

Final Thoughts- Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster Collection

Currently streaming on Netflix, this American Cop Show seems to raise some very serious concerns- About Feminism, LGBT, Racial discrimination, so on and so forth. And, the characters portraying the same are beyond amazing. Moreover, we seem to have taken you to an Odyssey where we have highlighted some of the best scenes through our stupendous Brooklyn Nine-Nine Poster Collection. Trust us, you wouldn’t regret even for an iota to have taken our advice about watching so amazing a show!

Well, that’s all on our part of convincing you over watching this police live-action sitcom!

Happy Watching!!

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