Breaking Bad Poster: 30+ High Quality Poster Collection

Breaking Bad is one of the path-breaking television series ever made in the history of Television. With its ever so engaging and unique plot line, the show has secured immense popularity among its audience. The neo-Western crime is directed by Vince Gilligan and was aired on T.V for five seasons from 2008 to 2013.

The title of the show is extremely interesting as it means “raise hell” or in simple terms, life turned into a crime. The show revolves around an aging school Chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. He uses his knowledge on Chemistry and teams up with his former student Jesse Pinkman to create the most dangerous drug ever- crystallized methamphetamine.

Here is an amazing breaking bad poster collection from the show, which is printable and can be hung on walls to give you’re a room a touch of hell!

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Breaking Bad Poster – A Whole New Collection of Posters

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 1. The Man Who Can Knock Your World

breaking bad famous dialogue I am the one who knocks

This is one of the most popular dialogues of the show. The dialogue shows an amazing transformation of Walter White from being the meek school teacher to be one of the most wanted drug mafias who is dreaded by everyone.

2. The Inseparable Duo

breaking bad poster of Walter and JesseHere comes the most wanted couple. With Walter’s genius and Jesse’s craziness, the two were riot together offering high pitched tension, creating laughter, inventing crazy new ideas and what not?  They are certainly #couplegoals.

3. The Underdog of the Underworld

breaking bad poster of heisenberg Walter's fake name

The unique Walter White definitely had to take an out of the box pseudonym right? Walter adopted the name of Werner Heisenberg, a German Physicist to hide his identity. Indeed the name is unforgettable.

4. White Who Has a Black Side Too

breaking bad Walter White holding a gun

The first episode of season 1 begins with this infamous scene where the genius Walter White is seen in the desert with a gun in his hand. The scene will be later explored in the series showing the huge alteration in the protagonist of the show.

5. That’s Why Girls Love Pink

breaking bad Jesse Pinkman

There is not a single person who did not fall in love with the character of Jesse Pinkman and didn’t want his caller tune. Jesse’s signature style of receiving calls saying Hello Biyaatch! is etched in everyone’s mind. The poster also shows the hidden codes behind the name as all these indicate chemical short forms.

6. Well, Everything’s In a Name

breaking bad walter white famous dioalogue

The goody school teacher is now the most dominating person in the drug world. Walter threatens the already established drug dealers making clear that the new king has arrived and it’s better that they all remember his name. Quite a challenge!

Breaking Bad Poster of Important Characters in the Show

7. The Handsome Hank

Breaking bad poster of the DEA agent Hank

If only one person could ever reach the height of intelligence of Walter’s, it was none other than Hank. Hank is the DEA agent who goes on all means in search for the most dangerous myth maker ever. Surprisingly, Hank is also the brother-in-law of Walter’s wife, making the situation all the more complicated.

8. The All Mikey

breaking bad mike

Jonathan Banks plays one of the most popular characters in the show. Mike is a former police officer from Philadelphia. He works sometimes for Gus, the head of the drug dealing world and sometimes for Saul, the fraud advocate. Mike appears on the show in the second season.

9. The Strong Skyler

breaking bad skyler wife of Walter White

Skyler White is the wife of Walter White, who is played by Anna Gunn in the show. Her character gradually grows through the entire five seasons of the show. She amazingly handles the business to keep all her husband’s black money safe. This woman surely loved her husband way too much.

10. Twin Twin Situation

breaking bad dangerous twin cousinsLeonel and Marca Salamanca are the twin brothers and the cousin of Tuco Salamanca. They come all the way down to hunt and revenge upon Heisenberg. They are the hitmen for the Mexican drug cartel. Although they are extremely dangerous, they were brutally killed in the show.

11. The Junior Walter

breaking bad walter juinor son of Walter

Walter Junior is the son of Walter White. He loves his father and idolizes him. He becomes the most shattered when the truth about his father is revealed. The character is played by RJ Mitte.

Some Unforgettable Scenes

12. Ozymandias

breaking bad ozymandias Hank dies

Ozymandias is the 14 episode of season 5. One of the most climactic episodes of all seasons with lots of turns and twists. Hank’s death is the most painful and shocking scene ever.

13. Lab Partners

breaking bad Walter and Jesse in lab

They are the ideal lab partners. Jesse and Walter wore these yellow suits and made the world’s most dangerous drug ever. They were the kings of myth-making.

14. Walter With A Beard

breaking bad Walter's look with beard

In the later seasons of the show when Walter’s evil side was discovered, he escaped to a remote place. He stayed there completely alone in extreme cold. This whole new look was truly a treat.

15. Jane, The Unusual Girl

breaking bad image jane Jesse's girlfriend

Jane was a beautiful mess. Jesse truly falls in love with this girl. But the poor girl faces a tragic death. The role was played by Kristen Ritter.

16. The Good Old Walter

breaking bad Walter white chemistry teacher

In season 1 viewers get to see the real Walter White. He was a devoted school chemistry teacher. He was a kind and generous person. Bryan Cranston played the role of Walter.

Dangerous Villains

17. Be Aware Of Tuco

breaking bad tuco salamanca

Tuco Salamanca was a crazy Mexican drug king. He was the nephew of famous Hector Salamanca. Raymond Cruz played the role.

18. Story Of Gale

breaking bad gale the scientist

Gale was a scientist who was hired by Gustavo Fring. He was almost as intelligent as Walter. Gustavo used him to set up the lab of meth. Later, he was killed by Jesse.

19.  Chicken Man Gustavo Fring

breaking bad Gustavo Fring chicken man

Fring is one of the major distributors of meth. He has a chain of fast food knows Los Polos Hermanos.  He employs many killers to get rid of his rivals in the drug world.

20. It’s All Good Man

breaking bad saul goodman

Saul Goodman is the name of the fraud lawyer. Jimmy McGill was the original name of Saul. Bob Odenkirk played the role. Saul’s name is actually fun as it is a spin off of- it’s all good man.

Important Factors

21. Much Much Money

breaking bad Walter and his money

Yes, this is that huge amount of money that Walter got by selling meth.  The amount was so massive that he did not know how to manage. Skyler definitely was his rescue.

21. The One Who Carries

breaking bad Walter and Jesse's RV

This RV was the best friend of the two meth makers. All their experiences from worst to best are all captured in their go-to vehicle. It was only the genius of Walter who could alter this RV into a moving lab making the biggest business ever.

They Played a Big Part Too

22. Jesse’s Mad buddy Badger

breaking bad badger friend of Jesse

Badger is one of Jesse’s longtime friend. Brandon Mayhew played the character of Badger. He incorporated a lot of fun elements to the show by his crazy activities.

23. Skinny, The Other Friend

breaking bad Jesse's friend Skinny Pete

Skinny Pete is another crazy friend of Jesse. Jesse used Skinny to distribute his meth to local areas. Charles Baker was a perfect choice for the role.

24. Todd, New Meth Cook

breaking bad Todd

Todd Alquist was hired by Lydia as the new meth cook. He was shown in the later part of season 5. Jesse killed Todd ultimately.

25. Drug Queen Lydia

breaking bad lydia supplier of Gustavo

Lydia was the secret supplier of meth to Gustavo Fring. She was a single mother. She also joined Walter after Gus’s business fell apart.

26. Funny Man Huell

breaking bad Saul's bodyguard Huell

The fraud lawyer had a personal bodyguard too. Huell tried his best to protect Saul from every danger.

27. Purple Girl Marie

breaking bad Hank's wife Marie

Marie was the wife of DEA agent Hank. She was also the sister of Skyler. Marie has had a weird obsession for the color purple. She was also once a shoplifter.

28. Father Of Drug Hector

breaking bad hector salamanca

Hector  Salamanca was also known as Tio. He was a drug runner of Don Eladio. In the end, he helped Walter planning the murder of Gustavo in the hospital.

Walter’s Journey

29. Walt Or Walter

breaking bad walt whitman poem

Gale gifted this poem book to Walter. Interestingly, both the initials of the name are same- Walt Whitman and Walter White. Later, this book became a clue to Hank to find out the real Heisenberg.

30. End Of Walter

breaking bad Walter's death last episode

The final episode of the last season showed the tragic death of Walter White. It was a painful moment for all the viewers. With Walter’s death, it was definitely an end of an era.

Some Extra Breaking Bad Poster for You

1. The Bad Family

breaking bad whole cast full photo

2. Danger Alert!

breaking bad I am the danger

3. The Good, Bad and the Ugly

breaking bad Walter White

4. Quotes to Remember

breaking bad all memorable quotes

5. Walter was Alive

breaking bad Walter White

Breaking Bad is one of the best series ever made. It is critically acclaimed and won a number of prestigious awards. Even after so many years, the show’s popularity has not even gone down a single bit. Hope this amazing breaking bad poster collection from power packed show is surely gonna amp up anybody’s room.

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