30+ Vibrant BoJack Horseman Poster Collection for All the Fans

BoJack is not your regular animated humorous animated series. The innuendos in the series make it an adult watch. The series talks about a real-life tortured self that deals with depression, trauma, addiction, self-destructive behavior, racism, sexism, and the human experience in itself.

BoJack Horseman is a horse who’s half-human too! He is often lost is self-hatred and gloom. He is into too much alcoholism as well till he finally comes to terms with himself! This is the first animated series from Netflix which is lauded with plenty of references to sex, drugs, and alcohol — thus making it inappropriate for the little children.

Main Characters Include:

  • Will Arnett as BoJack Horseman
  • Amy Sedaris as Princess Carolyn
  • Alison Brie as Diane Nguyen
  • Paul F. Tompkins as Mr. Peanutbutter
  • Aron Paul as Todd Chavez

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BoJack Horseman Poster Collection: 30+ Fantastic Posters

The show has been watched by the maximum audience and has been praised for its extra-ordinary subject choice. The tonality is so different, and the amalgamation of it with the exceptional plot makes it worth watching, and also distinguishes it as one of the best TV shows.

Not to mention that the show is indeed melancholic, angry, goofy, playful, and funny in a peculiar way!

1. BoJack Horseman Poster

bojack horseman poster

BoJack lives self-loathing and gloom most of the times. He’s a horse in his 50s, whose acting career saw a silver lining when he got cast in a successful ’90s family sitcom called Horsin’ Around.

The thing with him is that he is now jaded too much into his downfall as an actor, once brilliantly famous. He just drinks too much of alcohol as his coping strategy, and is into depression and hatred thus!

2. Princess Carolyn

Princess Carolyn is a pink Persian Cat who is BoJack’s agent in the first three seasons and was also his on-and-off girlfriend. Princess Carolyn is diligent and ambitious. She was also a top agent at Vigor agency, owing to her talent and greater connections in the real world!

However, despite striving hard to maintain a balance between work, her troubled personal life, and taking care of BoJack and her friends, she does value and takes interest in her hectic life!

3. Diane Nguyen

She’s a human ghostwriter, smart, quick, witty, an underrated intellectual, and a Vietnamese-American third-wave feminist from Boston.

She is more of an idealist who aspires to make the world a better place. However, she’s a hypocrite in the way that she doesn’t herself follows what she preaches.

4. Mr. Peanutbutter

The adorable and energetic, chirpy yellow Labrador Retriever, who is BoJack’s former sitcom rival. Mr. Peanutbutter was the star of Mr. Peanutbutter’s House, which, according to BoJack, “borrowed the premise” from Horsin’ Around.

However, the personal rivalry and hostility between the two don’t stop Mr. Peanutbutter to care for BoJack and respect him for his amazing work! Mr. Peanutbutter has been married three times (including to Diane).

His marriages all end after his wives grow out of their 20s and fail to handle his childish behavior. Thus, one can see an absurd pattern here!

5. Todd Chavez

Todd happens to be an unemployed but a good-natured and friendly 24-year-old human who ended up at BoJack’s house for a party five years before the beginning of the series and never left.

Todd has been shown to possess a plethora of skills including an understanding of Japanese, entrepreneurial know-how. He thus pairs up with Mr. Peanutbutter for various business ideas.

He never gets tired of writing and composing his own rock opera, only to get destroyed in the hands-on BoJack. Not to mention, how Todd has a thing for hostile situations. He always gets himself into trouble!

6. BoJack Horseman In Self-destruction And Melancholy Mode!

BoJack Horseman Poster

BoJack has been shown to be caring and smart, but his insecurities, loneliness, and desperate need for approval often result in self-destructive actions that devastate those around him.

7. You’ve Gotta Get Your Shit Together- Princess Carolyn

8. “Oh, Fish!!”

Carolyn is a famous and smart Hollywood agent from BoJack Horseman.

9. Fly Like A (Bree) Bird!

BoJack Horseman Poster

BoJack Horseman, the washed-up star of the 1990s sitcom Horsin’ Around, comes to terms with his once celebrity fame, and life where everything is told by him to his ghostwriter Diane Nguyen.

He also has to constantly deal with the likes of his agent, and an on-off girlfriend, a roommate who always finds a way to call for trouble and his rival who’s also a friend to him- Mr. Peanutbutter!

10. The On-Off Couple!

11. “Appropriately Melancholy” – BoJack Horseman Poster

12. BoJack Family Portrait

BoJack Horseman Poster

13. Because It’s YOU!

14. Diane And Mr. Peanutbutter

Diane dates Mr. Peanutbutter and eventually marries him. However, their marriage suffers as Mr. Peanutbutter is often called for duty. The two get divorced at the end of season 5.

15. BoJack Horseman Needs Help!

BoJack Horseman Poster


While writing BoJack’s memoir, Diane becomes a good friend to Mr. Peanutbutter and things soon become awkward as BoJack starts to develop feelings for her, more because she was dating Mr. Peanutbutter at the time.

17. Friendship Between Mr. Peanutbutter And Todd

bojack horseman poster

Mr. Peanutbutter was often caring for BoJack, despite being his rival. Not to mention, that his quick and witty mind also allows him to help Todd with his business ventures.

18. Back In The 20s, BoJack Was Once A Very Famous Moviestar!

19. Peanutbutter Approves His TEE!

20. BoJack Sabotages Plans For Todd!

BoJack constantly expresses his disgust for Todd though he secretly cares about him too. However, BoJack isn’t so sure about continuing to financially support him and is thus up to destroying his attempts to gain independence.

21. “Fish Out Of Water”

bojack horseman poster

22. Escaping Into Oblivion Helps!

23. It Gets Easier!

bojack horseman poster

24. Princess Carolyn Works For The Vigor Agency.

25. Extra #1

bojack horseman poster

26. Extra #2

27. Extra #3

28. Extra #4

29. Extra #5

bojack horseman

30. Extra #6

31. Extra #7

32. Extra #8

33. Extra #9

34. Extra #10

bojack horseman poster

Conclusion: BoJack Horseman Poster Collection

The adult animated sitcom, BoJack is a reality check for people with ambitions, living a mortal life, prone to changes, even downfalls. The revolves has several allusions to sex, drugs, and alcohol and is thus, strictly not meant for the kids. Moreover, the show has a mind-blowing direction. The show ahs these beautiful quotes and lines, that surely have you!

The show receives a 92 % R0tten Tomatoes rating and is loved and watched- worldwide!

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