Black Lightning Poster Collection: 30+ High Quality Printable Posters for DC Fans

People love to watch T.V series and if its a mixture of the genres superhero, drama, and action, then nothing like it. Those who are a fan of DC universe must be familiar with the popular American television series Black Lightning. Salim Akil is the developer of the show. Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden created the fictional superhero Black Lightning which featured in the publications of DC comics. The T.V series is based on this character.

Black Lightning revolves around the retired Black Lightning who returns to his life as a superhero. Then he starts following the effects of his vigilante activity that made an impression upon his professional and family life. The character of Black Lightning first appeared during the Bronze Age of Comic Books.

Black Lightning was born as Jefferson Pierce and is originally shown as a school-teacher in a slum area in Metropolis. Metropolis is also a fictional town in the DC universe. He gets electrical superpowers from an advanced technological power belt which he uses to clean up crime in his neighborhood.

Over a period of time, Pierce establishes himself as a successful superhero. Later he internalizes his belt’s powers. He is a unique character who is a metahuman and has the inborn quality to manipulate and generate electricity. Pierce possessed metagene in his body which enabled him to adopt this superpower in him. He is DC’s first black character.

The CW first aired Black Lightning on January 16, 2018. It ran for 13 episodes. On October 9, 2018, it was renewed for a second season and it had 16 episodes total. The third season is set to premiere on October 21, 2019.

black lightning official poster

The main characters include:

  • Cress Williams as Black Lightning
  • China Anne McClain as Jennifer Pierce or Lightning
  • Nafessa Williams as Thunder
  • Christine Adams as Lynn Stewart
  • Marvin Jones III as Tobias Whale
  • Damon Gupton as Bill Henderson
  • James Remar as Peter Gambi
  • Jordan Calloway as Khalil Payne or Painkiller

We have got some amazing posters from Black Lightning. Scroll down to have a look at these awesome posters and download them. If you are a true DC fan, don’t forget to print these posters and hang around in your house. Experience the superhero powers with the best Black Lightning poster collection.

Black Lightning Poster: Main Characters

1. Black Lightning Poster

black lightning character poster

Black Lightning finally retires from his crime-fighting on the repeated requests from his wife and his daughters. He is the generous principal of the school Garfield High and all students love him. But his father pleads him to use his metahuman abilities to give hope to the citizens of Freeland which is under threat by the 100 street gang.

While at first, he refuses, later on when the gang abducts his daughter, he uses his superpowers to fight against the gangsters and to rescue his daughter.

2. Lightning

black lightning poster of lightning

Jennifer Pierce or Lightning is the daughter of Jefferson and is also a metahuman. She is a carefree, rebellious teenager and is a skilled hand-to-hand to combatant. Lightning shares a very close relationship with her sister Anissa. Khalil is her long-time friend and the two engage in a romantic relationship with each other.

3. Thunder

black lightnig image of thunder or anissa

Anissa or Thunder is the older daughter of Jefferson and she is also a metahuman like his father and sister. Her sister describes her as Harriet Tubman in the first season because of her constant support movement for the Black Lives Matter movement. Will and a small group of monsters kidnapped Anissa and her sister. Anissa is also a lesbian.

4. Lynn Stewart

black lightning poster of Lynn stewart

Lynn is a highly-qualified doctor and neurologist. She is also the ex-wife of Jefferson. The two parted ways long before but after several years they get close again. When their daughters are kidnapped, Black Lightning promises Lynn that he will use his superpower only for one last time.

5. Tobias Whale

black lightning poster of tobias whale

Tobias is a cruel African-American albino and he hates his Black heritage. He prefers the company of white people. Whale became the leader of The 100 gang which is Freeland’s most terrified gang. He ages really slowly because of an incredible serum and he also possesses super strength.

6. Bill Henderson

black lightning poster of bill henderson

Bill is the highest-ranking detective and becomes the chief of the Freeland Police Department. Although at first Bill because of his societal responsibility is at loggerheads with Jefferson, later they become allies of each other. He discovers that Jefferson and Black Lightning are actually the same people.

7. Peter Gambi

black lightning poster of peter gambi

Peter Gambi became a mentor and a father figure to Jefferson after his father’s death. Gambi has a tailor shop of his own where he makes the super suits for the Jefferson family.

8. Painkiller


Jennifer’s love interest Khalil Payne is also known as Painkiller. He is an American and he dreams to go to the Olympics. As Tobias’ right-hand man he becomes painkiller. Although later he regrets his alliance with Tobias and the crime boss kills him eventually.

Black Lightning Poster: The Family Of Superpowers

9. I Am A Superhuman

black lightning poster of jefferson

10. Super Family- The Trio

black lightning poster of the jefferson family all three members

11. Static Shock

black lightning poster of static shock

12. I Can Shake You

black lightning image of main character

13. Meet The Cast

black lightning poster of whole cast

14. I Am Thunder

black lightning poster of thunder

15. Sister Duo

black lightning poster of sisters thunder and lightning

16. Like Father Like Daughter


Memorable Moments

17. School or Jail

black lightning famosu quote

18. Metal Detectors

black lightning poster of famous quote

19. Let’s Discuss

black lightning poster of jefferson and lawanda

20. Go To Heaven

black lightning poster of famous quote by tobias

21. Hell Yeah!

black lightning poster of famous dialogue by jefferson

22. Who Is The Culprit?

black lightning poster of jefferson

23. Dad Alike

black lightning poster

24. Book Of Consequences

black lightning season two episode 2 book of consequences

25. Fanart

black lightning fanart poster

26. Dream Hero

black lightning poster of comics

27. Anissa Pierce

black lghtning poster of thunder

28. Danger Alert

black lightning tv show poster


29. Season 2

black lightning poster of season 2

30. Season 3

black lightning poster of season 3

31. Extra#1

black lightning poster

32. Extra#2

black lightning tv show image

33. Extra#3

black lightning T.V show image of full cast

34. Extra#4

black lightning poster fanmade

Final Words

Black Lightning definitely takes its inspiration from the famous DC comics. But its uniqueness lies in the depiction of a predominantly African-American setting. They wanted to have a black voice in the series and Salim Akil’s superb writing helped them achieve that at its best. Akil while describing the first season of the show that the Pierce family is the ” Obamas of the superhero world”. The character of Jefferson Pierce is even comparable to the image of Marti Luther King Jr.

Although the show depicted a lot about the Black Lives Matter movement, it is indeed an American story. They wanted to focus on a particular culture but keeping the theme universal for everyone.

The second season is more of an imitation of the style of comic books. Episodes in season 2 are actually the consequences of season 1. Laura Jean Shannon designed the eye-catching costumes of the show.

Fans are now waiting for the third season of Black Lightning to hit the screens. Meanwhile, download these awesome posters and relive your DC universe moments.

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