Batman V Superman Poster: 30+ Amazing Printable Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Posters


You all know that I’m a hardcore Marvel‘s fan, but I respect every comic fan out there. In fact, I remember, when I was young around 7 or 8 years old, I used to watch Justice League’s cartoon and that was the best cartoon ever (And still is). So, DC has come with Batman Vs Superman to create a base for its upcoming awesome movies. And here we are, with amazing printable Batman V Superman poster.

Let’s start with some storytelling.

After the destruction of Metropolis, people were trying to determine whether Superman should be praised as a hero or should turn himself over to the authorities. And Batman, on the other hand, considers Superman as an absolute danger for the humanity and plans to take on the Man Of Steel himself. Meanwhile, Lex Luther was planning his own evil plan to destroy the mankind while Diana Prince or say Wonder Woman, pursues her own plans. Let’s see who wins the race of “Justice”?

The cast of the movie include:

  1. Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/ Batman
  2. Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
  3. Amy Adams as Lois Lane
  4. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor
  5. Diane Lane as Martha Kent
  6. Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
  7. Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth
  8. Holly Hunter as June Finch
  9. Gal Godot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
  10. Scoot McNairy as Wallace Keefe:
  11. Callan Mulvey as Anatoli Knyazev
  12. Tao Okamoto as Mercy Graves
  13. Robin Atkin Downes as Doomsday

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Batman V Superman Poster Collection

Let’s get into the fight between Batman and Superman!

1. The Official Poster


The movie was released on 25 March 2016. However, this was not exactly the official poster for the movie, the original one had the movie’s name and other detail on it, but we thought this one will look cooler on your walls.

2. The Collapsed Wayne


The fight of Zod and Superman destroyed almost the whole Metropolis city. Batman was arrived just some minutes ago (I don’t know how the hell do the superheroes have so many co-incidence) and was welcomed by the scene of the destruction of the city.

3. “Bats” Are Against “Steel”


In the movie, our “Dark Knight” is against our “Man of Steel”. Superman has the power to destroy the whole of mankind in just seconds and he already caused the deaths of thousands of people, so Batman thinks he should be killed before the number increases to millions or billions.

4. The Increasing Numbers


As we are talking about the numbers, then we should talk about some more millions. The collection of the movie was more than $850 million, on a budget of around $300 million (I think almost all of them must have regretted buying the tickets).

5. “False God”


Superman’s statue which was placed in the “Park of Heroes” was sprayed by the words “False God” by a former employee of Wayne Enterprises (No, it do not have anything to do with Bruce Wayne personally).

6. Man Of Steel


The movie is more of a “Superman” sequel than a “Batman” movie because it starts with the scene of Superman and General Zod fighting with each other and Bruce Wayne arrives late. So, first come, first serve!

7. Let’s kill The Superman!


The movie is all about killing Superman. I mean, seriously? Batman really have big dreams! But I think they are childish!

8. The “Base” Of Justice


The movie creates a base for DC’s upcoming movies. Besides that, Wonder Woman has its first appearance in this movie. Moreover, it also features some cameos of other members of the team.

9. Superman: Is She With You?


Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, has done a great job. Though I would like to tell the makers that if she is young and beautiful “grandma”, it doesn’t mean that you have to use the old style soundtrack too. In other words, the soundtrack on Wonder Woman’s entry is so old style. By the way, wonderful woman…uhh, I mean Gal Gadot is fit for the role of Wonder Woman!

10. Batman: I Thought She Is With You!


This movie leaves you with a reason to watch “Wonder Woman” movie. The reason is clear. Yes, of course, the reason is Gal Gadot!

11. I’ve Got Your Back, Superman!


Though, Batman is trying to kill Superman in the movie (we all know his efforts are useless), he still loves Superman and regrets his actions later!

12. The Battle Is “Bigger”?


I think they are referring to Batman’s tummy by “Bigger”.

13. Don’t Fight, Boys!


I don’t know why Batman looks so awkward here?

14. The New Batman


I used to think that Batman is the coolest hero of DC universe and I love this hero so much. But now I think that this was Christian Bale who made us a huge fan of Batman.

15. The Spoiler Poster


Believe me or not, this poster of “Batman V Superman” contains spoiler of the Justice League!

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Batman V Superman Poster: 30+ Amazing Printable Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Posters
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