Baby Driver Poster Collection: 30+Action-Packed Posters

Baby Driver is an action film of 2017. Edgar Wright is the director of the movie. Wright developed this project for over two decades. The film is set in Atlanta. Extensive research was done for this film. Baby Driver is a star-studded film as it has a stellar cast. Ansel Elgert stars as a young getaway driver who seeks freedom from a life of heisting with his lover. A getaway scene means escaping after doing something unlawful.

The movie first premiered at the South by Southwest festival. It released on June 28 in 2017. Baby Driver was a huge success at the box office and it made superb business. Due to its immense success, the makers are in the process of making a sequel to the film. The plot of the movie revolves around Baby who is a getaway driver. He becomes the solitary survivor of a car crash but he meets with an unexpected disease called tinnitus. Tinnitus is the hearing of a sound when no external sound is present. Baby finds a new life in music.

Baby starts ferrying crews of robbers to pay off a debt for a stolen car. But he remixes parts of recorded conversations. At dinner, he meets Debora, a waitress and the two start dating each other.

baby driver poster

The main cast includes:

  • Ansel Elgort as Miles Baby
  • Kevin Spacey as Doc
  • Lily James as Debora
  • Jon Hamm as Jason “Buddy” Van Home
  • Jamie Foxx as Leon Bats Jefferson
  • Eiza Gonzalez as Monica “Darling” Costello
  • Jon Bernthal as Griff
  • CJ Jones as Joseph
  • Feal as Eddie
  • Lanny Joon as JD
  • Sky Ferriera as Baby’s biological mother
  • Paul Williams as The Butcher
  • John Spencer as Prison Guard

If you want some action-packed posters from the movie Baby Driver, then you are in the right place. We have got an amazing Baby Driver poster collection. Get ready for an adventure with Baby with these cool posters. Scroll down to check the awesomeness.

Baby Driver Poster: Main Characters

1. I Am The Baby Driver

baby driver image of baby

Baby is an on-call criminal getaway driver who is extremely passionate about music. His parents died when he was young and Joseph adopted him. He works for the criminal boss Doc.

2. Doc, The Mastermind

baby driver image of doc

Doc is the kingpin of an Atlanta based crime syndicate. He plays a crucial role in Baby’s life. Doc interrupts Baby’s debt with Debora.

3. Debora, the Lady Love

baby driver image of debora

Debora is a waitress and she works at Bo’s dinner. After meeting Baby, they fall in love together. When Baby was away in the prison, Debora promised to wait for him and sent him postcards.

4. Buddy

baby driver image of buddy


Buddy is a laid-back Wall Street banker turned thief. He ruined his successful career with severe drug habits. Buddy suffers from the mid-life crisis which is the reason for his impulsive decisions.

5. Leon BATS

baby driver image of bats

Bats is Doc’s ruthless henchman who has no sympathy for any human being. He could adopt any means to reach his goal. Bats had little mercy for anybody.

6. Daring Darling

baby driver image of darling

Darling is Buddy’s young, charming and attractive wife. She is the only woman in Doc’s heist crew. Darling and Buddy are an intensely intimate criminal couple and they set an example as a couple. It is definitely a strong female character in the film.

7. Griff

baby driver image of Griff

Griff is among Doc’s thugs. He takes care of the security of his heist crew. Jon Bernthal who essayed the role on screen interacted with real-life criminals to bring authenticity to the role. Definitely, his acting was top-notch in the movie.

8. Foster Father

baby driver image of joseph

Joseph is Baby’s foster father who is disabled. C J Jones is a deaf actor and Baby Driver was his debut film.

Baby Driver Poster: Music and Drive

9. Call Me

baby drver image of baby

After paying his debt, Baby quits his life of crime and starts delivering pizza. But Doc insists him to join a post-office heist.

10. Hear It Out

baby driver fanart poster

Bats who is a member of the heist crew does not like Baby. Baby was aware of Bats’ homicidal habit. While Bats tried to stop Baby from meeting Debora, Baby stops him from killing her so that he can avoid payment.

11. From Car to Ear

baby driver fanart poster

This poster perfectly illustrates the character of Baby who had the disease of tinnitus and who was also a getaway driver. The direct connection between ear and car is very much present here.

12. One Killer Track

baby driver image of baby fanart

In one of Doc’s heist, some dealers were actually dirty cops in disguise. So, Doc decided to cancel the heist. But, Baby chose to go through with it. However, Baby had a different plan altogether. He wanted to escape that night with Debora and leave Atlanta to get rid of all these nasty crimes.

13. We Are Lovers

baby driver image of baby and debora

Baby and Debora are the epitomai of lovers. When Baby was in prison during his  25 years of the sentence, Debora waited for him patiently. The lovers reunited once again after such a long period of time. But love did not fade away. For them, it deepened more and more.

14. Baby and Debora

baby driver image of baby and debora

In a shootout the police kill Darling. Bats blame the murder of his wife to Baby and vows to kill him. Baby’s plan of escape also gets disrupted and the crew thinks that Baby was a betrayer. But after hearing al his mixtapes, everybody realizes that Baby is innocent.

15. Driver of Dreams

baby driver fanart poster of baby

Music and car are two favorite things of Baby which define him and his character. Baby Driver is a fast-paced action thriller that kept the audience on their toes during the entire movie.

16. Action Alert

baby driver image of baby

17. Be Aware

baby driver image of baby

18. The Trio

baby driver fanart poster

19. The Heist Crew

baby driver fanart poster

20. Let’s Face It

baby driver poster

21. Drive and Beat

baby driver fanart poster

22. Honk, Honk!

baby driver image of baby and car

23. Fast-Paced

baby driver poster of baby and debora

24. Drive Me Crazy

baby driver fanart poster

25. Ace the Race

baby driver fanart poster

Killer Quotes

26. Mixtapes

baby driver image of famous quote

27. Speaking Skills

28. Good Enough

baby driver image of famous quote

Fanart Posters

29. Extra#1

baby driver poster

30. Extra#2

baby driver poster

31. Extra#3

baby driver poster

32. Extra#4

baby driver poster

33. Extra#5

baby driver poster

34. Extra#6

baby drive poster

Final Words

Baby Driver had many reasons to become a hit at the box-office. Though it was an action thriller, the emotional touch to the story created a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. It was one of the top films of the year. The film made a business of $226 million globally. It was also appreciated for its technical achievement.

On IMDB it has 7.6 out of 10. Rotten Tomatoes has given it a 93% ratings.

Do you love action movies? Then, go ahead and download these awesome posters from the movie Baby Driver. Print them and hang around your room to give it spin like a car. Happy downloading!

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