Attack on Titan Poster Collection: 30+ Posters for Manga Fans

Attack On Titan is a Japanese manga series with its story based on a chimerical world where humans build territories surrounded by walls on three sides in order to survive. These walls further protect them from giant man-eaters as humanoids, called ‘Titans’.

The series has met with positive critical acclaim, majorly, especially the first three seasons. The series is appreciated for its story, animation, music, and voice acting. It has also been extremely successful in both Japan and the U.S.

Main Characters are:

  • Eren Yeager
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Armin Arlert
  • Reiner Braun
  • Paradis
  • Titans
  • Marley
  • Eldian Restorationists
  • Anti-Marleyan Volunteers

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Attack On Titan Poster Collection: 30+ Printable Posters

Given below are rather the best posters from this TV-based anime. Scroll through, amass information, amaze yourself!

1. Eren Yeager

eren yeager

The main protagonist of the series awfully becomes patron to his mother being attacked and torn down by a Titan. He grows up to dedicate his life in fighting the Titans.

He stood fifth in his cadet class and is swallowed by an unkempt Titan during his initial mission in Trost.  However, he soon takes rebirth as a 15-meter (49 ft) Titan who fights other Titans on equal ground.

2. Mikasa Ackerman

mikasa ackerman

Mikasa is Eren’s childhood friend who was adopted by his family. She is a shy and meek girl who’s also an introvert and maintains an expressionless face except for in front of Eren and her Friends.

Mikasa completes her graduation from the Training Corps as the top cadet of the class and is appreciated by officers as a genius worth fighting ten men in a battle.

3. Armin Arlert

armin arlert

Armin is Eren’s childhood friend who joins him in the Scouts to change the world as his dream.

When Armin was young, his parents tried to go beyond the Wall by creating a hot air balloon but they never returned. This resulted in Armin ending up with his grandfather all alone!

4. Reiner Braun

reiner braun

Reiner is a Marleyan military Warrior who’s also the holder of the Armored Titan. He is also the trio leader and therefore responsible for Marley’s offense against the Walls.

He is also the most-hated villain for the manga’s first four-story plots and is introduced as the cadet who stands fourth in his training class!

5. Paradis


Paradis is an island that’s strangely big, which also houses the three Walls, in it! It then becomes the Empire of Eldia after the Great Titan War and home to a number of war refugees, belonging to ethnic Eldians.

6. 104th Training Corps

104th training corps

The Training Corps is a military branch that not just recruits members but also educates them, before finally categorizing them into the three major military branches!

However, there’s a hierarchy for the top 10 graduates applying for the post of the Military Police Brigade, since this further makes them a part of the Inner District. The preoccupation left for the remaining is to choose between either Survey Corps or the Garrison Regiment.

7. Darius Zackly

darius zackly

Darius is the commander-in-chief of the military. He first appears at Eren’s tribunal where he becomes the only one who assigns Eren to the Survey Corps.

8. Survey Corps
survey corps

The Survey Corps consists of expeditionary soldiers that look after what’s beyond the Walls. Their aim is to know more about the origins and source of the Titans, their motives, and their weaknesses. All of this to know more about them in order to fight back and defeat them!

9. Special Operations Squad
special operations squad

The Survey Corps Special Operations Squad is also known as Squad Levi, is a squad of four elite soldiers with stupendous combat records.

10. Garrison Regiment

garrison regiment

The Garrison Regiment are the staunch protectors of the townspeople who also protect everything that’s within the Walls!

Let’s just say that much like the body fighting against germs in various layered protection-type, they too act as the first line of defense against the Titans. Not to mention, that they are the largest military force amongst all!

11. Zoe Hange

zoe hange

Hange is a Survey Corps veteran and the leader of the 4th Squad. A scientist who knows and understands the Titans, Hange is a little afraid while interacting with them, and is surprisingly elated when initially meeting Eren.

12. Levi Ackerman

levi ackerman

He is known to be the most powerful soldier and thus also, the head of an elite squad in the Survey Corps. Hange calls him a bit of a “clean freak”.

One can say that it’s futile to say that he is blunt and far fetched. He rather has a strong respect for order, authority, and structure.

13. Ymir Fritz

Ymir Fritz

She’s a mythical figure who is connected to the origins of the Titans who lived around 1,800 years ago, mentioned only in fairy tales. In the stories, Ymir became the first Titan Shifter and the Founding Titan due to her deal of being called the “Earth Devil”.

14. Grisha Yeager

grisha yeager

He is father to Eren and Mikasa’s guardian. He is an infamous doctor who much known and respected in the District of Shiganshina after he saved the village from a fatal plague.

15. 9 Titans- Attack On Titan

9 titans- attack on titan poster

Some Eldian humans, known as Titan Shifters, can transform constantly from a consciously intelligent Titan and into human form too. The process of metamorphoses for them is triggered by an inflicted injury, but also requires a clear, passionate goal in mind.

16. Attack On Titan- Manga Form

attack on titan poster - manga form

17. Attack On Titan: Before The Fall (The Novel)

attack on titan- before the fall

18. Walls Have To Be Build- For Survival And For Protection

walls have to be build

19. Believe In Your Choices- Attack On Titan

believe in your choices

20. Soldiers Outside The Wall!

soldiers outside the wall

21. “Blood Still Beats From A Graceless Heart!”

blood still beats from a graceless heart

22. Famous Lines- “Attack On Titan Poster”

attack on titan famous lines

23. The Best Trio!

the best trio

24. Attack On Titan Wings

attack on Titan wings

25. Recon Corps; Scouting Legion

recon corps scouting legion

26. Scenes From Attack On Titan

scenes from attack on titan

27. Attack On Titan: Video Games Adaptation

attack on titan poster video game adaptation

28. Extra #1

extra 1 attack on titan poster

29. Extra #2

extra 2

30. Extra #3

extra 3

31. Extra #4

extra 4 attack on titan poster

32. Extra #5

extra 5

33. Extra #6

extra 6 attack on titan poster

Final Thoughts: Attack On Titan Poster Collection

The Japanese Manga series- Attack On Titan was exquisitely famous initially and has won several laurels for being an outstanding anime series. The same goes for the television adaptation of the manga series. In short, Attack on Titan is a great watch for an Anime lover and otherwise.

Hope you’ll enjoy watching this stupendous show if haven’t watched it until now!!

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