Arrested Development Poster Collection: 30+ Coolest Printable Posters

People love watching sitcoms. Don’t they? Arrested Development is another famous Fox production. The series is a sitcom and Mitchell Hurwitz is the creator of the show. Arrested Development is an American sitcom. Fox originally aired the series for three seasons from November 2, 2003, to February 10, 2006. However, due to low ratings and viewership on Fox, the show got canceled in 2006.

But Netflix took up the show and agreed to renew the series with new episodes. The series then was made only for digital media. In May 2013, Netflix released the new episodes. The fifth season which has two parts of Arrested Development premiered on Netflix on May 29, 2018. The second half of the season released on March 15, 2019.

Arrested Development revolves around a wealthy but dysfunctional family of the Bluths. The series is in the form of a serial which consists of episodes in a sequence. The show includes voice-over narration, handled camera work, old photos and footages which are historical. Ron Howard is the narrator of the series and also the executive producer.

Michael Bluth is a family man who tries his best to keep his family and business from breaking as he is father George is sent to prison. The story is how the family cope up their difficult situation from riches to rags.

arrested development poster

The main cast includes:

  • Will Arnett as George Oscar Bluth
  • Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth
  • Michael Cera as George Michael Bluth
  • David Cross as Tobias Funke
  • Portia De Rosse as Lindsay Bluth Funke
  • Tony Hale as Buster Bluth
  • Alia Shawkat as Maeby Funke
  • Jeffery Tambor as George Bluth Sr.
  • Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth
  • Ron Howard as Narrator
  • Scott Baio as Bob Loblaw
  • Maria Bamford as Debrie Bordeaux
  • Mo Collins as Starla

Here we bring an amazing Arrested Development poster collection. Want to be a part of the Bluth family and know their story from beginning to end? Stay tuned here and check out these cool posters from the ground-breaking sitcom Arrested Development.

Arrested Development Poster: Welcome To The Bluth Family

1. Michael Bluth

arrested development main character michael bluth


Michael takes over his family company The Bluth Company after his father. He likes to make the right point every time and whenever he is wrong, he suffers a lot. His dating life is also full of problems.

2. Lindsay Bluth Funke

arrested development poster of lindsay

Lindsay is the sister of Michael. She is married to Tobias but they share an extremely bumpy relationship. Lindsay also has a very flippant attitude.

3. G.O.B


George Oscar Bluth

George Oscar Bluth is the selfish brother of Michael. He is a social peacock. G.O.B was once a highly respected magician and the founder of The Alliance of Magicians.

4. George  Michael Bluth


 george michael bluth

George Michael is a reserved person who secretly loves his cousin. He is meek and responsible. After college, he adopts a new personality and names himself as George Maharis.

5. Maeby Funke

arrested development image of maeby funke

Maeby is a skilled con artist and the daughter of Lindsay and Tobias. Her alter ego is Surely Funke. She also has a thing for Michael and she feels for her another cousin Steve Holt.

6. Buster Bluth

arrested development image of buster bluth

Buster is the socially awkward brother of Michael. He is the ultimate ‘mamas’s boy’ and he also suffers from panic attacks.  During a seal attack in the ocean, he lost his left hand.

7. Tobias Funke

arrested development poster of tobias funke

Tobias was the first Analrapist because he was both a psycho-analyst and a therapist. But as he lost his license, he started working as an actor however with little success. He eagerly wanted to be a member of the Blue Member Group, unfortunately, they rejected him.

8. Lucille Bluth

arrested development poster of lucille bluth

George Bluth’s wife’s name is Lucille. Her signature look is to hold a wine glass with and she is an alcoholic. Her husband blames her for the reputation of their company.

9. George Bluth

arrested development image of george bluth

George is the patriarch of the Bluth family. As he stole an ample amount of money during his tenure in his company,  he was under house arrest.  He also built illegal houses in Iraq for Saddam Hussain.

10. Steve Holt

arrested development image of steve holt

Steve Holt is Maeby’s school crush. He often uses his catchphrase “Steve Holt” pumping his fists into the air. People also describe him as ‘moron jock’.

Arrested Development Poster: Fanart Posters

11. I Need A Favor

arrested development poster

After George’s money laundering scandal, his wife Lucille becomes the wife and makes his ill-equipped son the president of it. Michael understood that his family needed him in their crisis, so he stepped up to help them.

12. Step by Step Development

arrested development fanart poster

During the entire season 1, each character tries and struggles to change their identities.  While Michael falls in love with Marta who was GOB’s neglected girlfriend.

13. Did You See A Chicken?

arrested development image of fanart poster

At the end of season 1, George Sr. finally manages to escape the prison by faking a heart attack.

14. The Crazy Family

arrested development poster of bluths family

Michael decides to go to Pheonix because of his father’s deception once again in jail. Since the Bluths family is under investigation, he is unable to leave. Meanwhile, Lucille appoints as GOB as the new president of the company.

15. Banana Stand

arrested development image of banana stand

Bluth’s original frozen banana stand was a part of the company and George started this in 1953.  In the second episode of season 1, George Michael burns down the Banana stand.

16. Hidden Treasure

arrested development image of banana stand

In the lining of the walls of the Banana Stand, 250,000 euros were hidden. Imagine the amount of money that the family had.

17. Half-Half

arrested development image of buster famous quote

Buster has many quirks and his famous catchphrase was to say- I am Half-Man, Half- Machine.

18. Things Tobias Says

arrested development image famous quotes by tobias in the series

These are some of the funny and often used quotes by Tobias in all the seasons.

19. Many Moods

arrested development image of many faces of tobias funke

Funke was an aspiring actor and due to this, he had many avatars.

20. Mistake, Mistake

arrested development poster fanart

21. Drinking Game On

arrested development poster of drinking game

22. Yummy Tummy

arrested development poster of food menu of the bluths

23. The Pyramid of Food

arrested development image of food pyramid

Quotes of The Bluth Family

24. When Mom Cooks

arrested development funny dialogue

25. Necklace with T

arrested development image of funny quote by michael

26. Blue self

arrested development image of famous quote by tobias funke

27. Brothers Talk

arrested development image of famous quote

28. Bluth’s Love

arrested development poster of famous quote by lucille

29. Crazy or Blue?

arrested development image of michael and tobias

30. Rough Patch

arrested development poster of famous quote by michael

31. Extra#1

arrested development poster of famous dialogue and funny

32. Extra#2

arrested development image of funny dialogue by tobias

33. Extra#3

arrested development poster of all characters from the series

34. Extra#4

arrested development poster of bluth family

35. Extra#5

arrested development image of chicken dance

36. Extra#6

arrested development quotes poster

36. Extra#6

37. Extra#7

38. Extra#8

39. Extra#9

40. Extra#10

41. Extra#11

42. Extra#12

43. Extra#13

44. Extra#14

45. Extra#15

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Final Words

Arrested Development is a pretty popular show. It has a huge fan following due to this very unique plotline and the setting and characters are also quite interesting. Time, Entertainment Weekly and IGN recognized the show as one of the greatest TV shows.

It is also critically acclaimed and received six Primetime Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe Award. Arrested Development influenced other single-camera comedy such as 30 Rock and Community.

Hope you had a great time with the Bluth family. Now it’s time to download these amazing, super cool posters and print them. Also, share this wonderful Arrested Development poster collection with friends as well.

Happy downloading!

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