40+ Stupendously Amazing Aquaman Poster Collection!

Aquaman is progeny to the DCEU and is a 2018 American superhero release. The trail-blazing movie is sixth in row to be part of the DC Extended Universe. The movie is an adaption of the comic book by the same name.

Orm is ambitious and a craver of power. The kingdom of water, Atlantis transformed from the civilisation on Earth becomes a place worth fighting for. Orm is futuristic about his plans to conquer the Land, starting from the aquatic world and has a huge standing army at disposal. But Aquaman is the game changer here since he’s half-brother to Orm, carrying Atlantean blood and rather the true heir to the throne. Vulko, the royal counselor is to help Aquaman in gaining control of what is his, the legendary Trident of Atlan and grab it within the powerful reach of his destiny.  

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Main Characters Include:

  • Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/ Aquaman
  • Amber Heard as Y’Mera Xebella “Mera” Challa
  • Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko
  • Patrick Wilson as Orm Marius/ Ocean Master
  • Dolph Lundgren as Nereus
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as David Kane/ Black Manta
  • Nicole Kidman as Atlanna

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40+ Amazing Aquaman Poster Collection

Aquaman is energetic, powerful, enthusiastic and passionate about gaining back what is his, meanwhile, also being focussed at being the King rather too reluctantly.

1. Arthur Curry/ AQUAMAN

This half-human/ half-Atlantean is ambitious and wants to rule the kingdom underwater. Aquaman possesses supernatural qualities like how he controls oceans, seas, the aquatic animals, even tides. Not to mention that he also possesses super-sonic swimming powers.

2. Y’Mera Xebella “Mera” Challa

Mera is the beautiful princess of Xebel, a fighter, and daughter of King Nereus. She was raised by Queen Atlanna was trained to become an astonishing queen later in life. Mera possesses hydrokinetic and telepathic powers that help her communicate with Atlanteans and control aquatic creatures, much like how Arthur does. She’s also Arthur’s lover.

3. Nuidis Vulko

Nuidis is Atlantis’ vizier and the one who groomed Arthur with proper training right from his birth.

4. Orm Marius/ Ocean Master

Orm is Arthur’s Atlantean half-brother and King of Atlantis, who envisions a unison of the seven underwater kingdoms in order to declare war on the Land as a vengeance for humans who have caused pollution of the seas.

5. Nereus

Nereus is the king of the Atlantean tribe of Xebel who forms allies with Orm. Nereus is also father to Mera.

6. David Kane/ Black Manta

David is an inconsiderate and rude pirate and a high-seas mercenary with aspirations that include creating toxic technologies.

7. Atlanna

Atlanta is the Queen of Atlantis, and mother of Arthur Curry and Orm.

8. Aquaman’s Gold Trident

Using the Trident of Poseidon, (worthy of the rightful one), Aquaman is able to defeat Atrocitus and destroy the Red Lantern.

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9. Aquaman Logo By DC Comics

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10. Mera And Arthur

No matter what, Mera has always stayed besides Arthur and helped adhere to his powers and responsibilities. She’s indeed a perfect wife for him!

Meera and Aurthur

11. There Is A GOD!!

Aquaman is a man much beyond talking to fishes only. He possessed talents and determinations that has made him worthy of everything. Aquaman has a high level of invulnerability. Bullets have actually deflated when, each time they touched his body.

In addition to that, his strength and years of practice have closely aligned him with Superman and Wonder Woman.

12. 7 Superheroes From The Justice League Of America!

Just like Aquaman, the Justice League’s origin has been re-written a few times. There have been six varied origins. Well, the thing to be noted is that Aquaman has managed to be present every single time. (The only other superhero in all six starting lineups is The Flash).

13. The “Aqua” Team

Aquaman and Mera got married in 1964, and Arthur Curry Jr. arrived a year later. However, Aquababy was killed by Black Manta who then was a target for Arthur and his staunch enemy. However, as noted, Aquaman’s history has been re-written a couple of times. Aquaman was thus a father then but not one now. The Aquababy was supposed to be killed by dropping in bathwater.

14. Never Judge A Half-Blood By Their Prophecy!

Aquaman poster

15. My Queen

Mera is a fictional character appearing in American Comic Books published by DC Comics. She’s the queen of the Sea. Also, she’s more powerful than Aquaman.

16. Rulers Of The Waters!

17. Sea Witch In Style!

18. The King And Queen Of Atlantis!

19. “The Throne”

aquaman poster

20. “Many Faces To The Man Who Rules”

21. Aquaman DC Comics

22. Aquaman (Prestige) Series

aquaman poster

23. They Complete Each Other!

24. “The Trench”: Aquaman 60.3%

aquaman poster

25. Is It About Conquering?

It’s astounding to know how Aquaman is unaffected by depth, lack of light, and pressure in the sea. He can go anywhere in the ocean unharmed.

26. Struggled Hard To Be Here!

Aquaman was surely unfortunate to be born without a mother or a real name.  But he did get his swims-fast-and-talks-to-fish powers from his scientist father, “a famous undersea explorer” who had a lab in the ruins of Atlantis. That is to say that Aquaman is Arthur who worked really hard to be one.

aquaman poster

27. The Fearless Ruler!

Aquaman had been exiled from Atlantis as a baby, raised by dolphins and had a baby named Koryak with an Inuit gal. And, although he was supposedly adopted by a lighthouse keeper, he took that man’s name (Arthur Curry). Seemingly, his real name was Orin and his father was an Atlantean sorcerer named Atlan.

28. Aquaman’s Dream Of Unity Between The Surface And The Sea Has Come True!

29. Evoke Thy Lord!

30. Aqua (Minion) Man

31. Extra #1

aquaman poster


32. Extra #2

33. Extra #3

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34. Extra #4

35. Extra #5

36. Extra #6

37. Extra #7

aquaman poster

38. Extra #8

39. Extra #9

40. Extra #10

Aquaman poster

41. Extra #11

aquaman poster

42. Extra #12

aquaman poster

43. Extra #13

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Final Thoughts: Aquaman Poster Collection

Aquaman is powerful, genius, amazing, and his supernatural powers too. He can communicate with aquatic species and also has the right head-space for ambitions and angst. He is surrounded by a strong and diligent group of people who are ready to help him all the time.

The movie has the perfect dialogues, visuals, cinematography and the background score is surely worthy of our praises.

The movie has received an IMDb rating on 7/10 which means it’s a perfectly average movie with its good and bad highlights.

In short, this film is indeed a must-watch if haven’t until now!

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