Alice In Wonderland Poster Collection:30+ Wonderful Posters For All Fantasy Fiction Fans

We all fell in love with Alice and her adventure when we read the story by Lewis Caroll. It was definitely everyone’s favorite childhood story to read repeatedly. So, when Alice In Wonderland came once again to bewilder its audience, the excitement was hard to control. In 2010, Alice In Wonderland released which is a dark fantasy adventure film. Tim Burton directed the film with Linda Woolverton’s screenplay. The inspiration behind the movie is indeed Lewis Caroll’s novels and also the 1951 Disney animated film of the same name.

The movie, Alice In Wonderland revolves around a nineteen-year-old girl Alice who can restore the throne of the white queen. White Queen is a fictional character from Caroll’s novel Through the Looking-Glass. In her journey, Alice can take help of Mad-Hatter. She has the power to slay the dragon-like creature Jabberwocky. Red Queen controls this creature and frightens the inhabitants of the underworld. Alice has to perform a big task as she has to protect the world from the evils of Red Queen.

Alice In Wonderland released on March 5, 2010, in the United States and the United Kingdom in Disney Digital 3D, Real 3D and IMAX 3D. It made very good business at the box-office becoming the second highest-grossing film of 2010. The cast of the movie including Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway made the movie all the more charming and their stellar performances definitely added to the film’s grand success.

Here, we have got an amazing collection of Alice In Wonderland poster that will take you to the world of fantasy in no time.

alice in wonderland poster

The main cast includes:

  • Mila Wasikowska as Alice Kingsleigh
  • Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Red Queen
  • Anne Hathaway as Miranda or White Queen
  • Crispin Glover as Knave of Hearts
  • Matt Lucas as Tweedledum
  • Frances de La Tour as Imogene
  • Leo Bill as Hamish Ascot

The voice cast includes:

  • Micheal Sheen as White Rabbit
  • Alan Rickman as Absolem the Caterpiller
  • Stephen Fry as Cheshire
  • Barbara Windsor as Mallymkum the Dormouse

Welcome to the world of wonderland. Let’s join with Alice in her fun adventure with the most fantastic collection of Alice In Wonderland poster. Scroll down to check out the awesomeness.

Alice In Wonderland Poster: Wonder Characters

1. Alice, the Wonder Girl

alice in wonderland image of alice

Alice is a young girl in the mid-Victorian era. She goes on an adventure and accidentally falls into a rabbit hole which takes her to Wonderland. But in the movie screenwriter completely made an opposite portrayal of Alice from the book. Alice grows into becoming a strong and independent woman who has own voice. She is indeed a non-girlie character in the movie.

2. Mad Hatter

alice in wonderland image of johnny depp

The mad hatter and his tea party friend are known as both mad. When Alice arrives at his tea party, he makes short, personal remarks and asks her unanswerable questions. Depp wanted to bring humanness to this character by adding his own elements. In the movie, he reflects a darker and complex personality.

3. Red Queen

alice in wonderland image of red queen

Red Queen’s first name is Iracebeth. The name is a play on the word irascible as she gets irritated easily and also very impatient. Making her angry for even the smallest reason is quite easy. Her character hates animals and uses them as servants and furniture. The Red Queen has also got a big head and is actually a tyrant.

4. White Queen

alice in wonderland image of white queen anne hathaway

White Queen and Red Queen are portrayed as sisters. The Red Queen banished White Queen from Underland because of sheer jealousy. Mirana has a delicate exterior but her dark nails and dark circles underneath her eyes suggest the complex character internally. But she is also shown as a beautiful white woman with blonde hair, flawless complexion and a perfect mixture of grace, elegance, and perfection.

5. Knave of Hearts

alice in wonderland image of knave of hearts

The knave of hearts is a character who is tricky and arrogant. He follows every order of Red Queen, also he has an amazing capacity of dealing and handling all the mood swings of the queen. Although Red Queen believes that Knave of Hearts is her lover but this is actually false.

6. Tweedledee and Tweedledum

alice in wonderland image of tweedledee and twedledum

They are the Tweedle brothers. The characters are inspired by a nursery rhyme. They never contradict each other. Lucas while playing the character, wore a tear-drop shaped motion capture suit and walk on stilts. It was a double role.

Alice In Wonderland Poster: Animals

7. Absolem The Caterpillar

alice in wonderland image of caterpillar

Absolem is a hookah-smoking caterpillar. Alice does not like him when she firsts meet him as the former did not talk to her. Whenever he talks it is always in short and rude sentences. He is just three inches high.

8. White Rabbit


The white rabbit works for the Red Queen but he is also a secret member of the Underland Underground Resistance. Hatter sent him to search for Alice. The White Rabbit is an iconic character and the actor who voiced the role did not want to change the tone at all. Niven McTwisp is the name of the white rabbit.

9. The Cheshire Cat

alice in wonderland image of cheshire the cat

10. Mallymkun the Dormouse

alice in wonderland image of dormouse

11. Bloodhound

alice in wonderland image of bloodhound

12. March Hare

alice in wonderland image of march hare

13. Uilleam the Dodo

alice in wonderland image of dodo bird

14. The Jabberwocky

alice in wonderland image of jabberwocky

15. The Talking Flowers

alice in wonderland image of talking flowers

16. The Executioner

alice in wonderland image of executioner

17. The Sisters

alice in wonderland image of white and red queen

18. White Queen


19. I Am Lost

alice in wonderland image of alice

20. The Key Hole

alice in wonderland image of key hole

21. Slay Like Her

alice in wonderland image of red queen

Alice In Wonderland Poster: Wonderful Quotes

22. Wonderland Welcomes You

alice in wonderland image of fanart rabbit

23. Madness Overloaded

alice in wonderland image of madhatter

24. Can You Guess?

alice in wonderland image of tweedle brothers

25. Follow Him

alice in wonderland iamge of white rabbit

26. Are You Late?

alice in wonderland image of white rabbit

27. Forever Is Just A Second

alice in wonderland image of famous quote

28. Go On and On and On

alice in wonderland image of famous quote

29. Alice’s Dream

alice in wonderland image of famous quote

30. Bright VS Dark

alice in wonderland image of famous quote

31. Extra#1

alice in wonderland fanart poster

32. Extra#2

alice in wonderland image of fanart poster

33. Extra#3

alice in wonderland image of fanart poster

34. Extra#4

alice in wonderland image of fanart poster

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Final Thoughts

Alice defeats the Jabberwocky. The White Queen also banishes her sister and knave into exile together. Mad Hatter protects the Red Queen from the Knave as he planned to kill her. After Hatter’s performance, the White Queen finally gives Alice the vial of Jabberwocky’s purple blood which allows Alice to fulfill every dream of hers. Back in England, Alice rejects the proposal of her suitor. She finally prepares for her journey into the sea in a trading ship. As she sets off for her journey, a blue butterfly lands on her shoulder and she recognizes it as the caterpillar.

A sequel to the movie, Through the Looking-Glass, released in 2016 but it received majorly negative reviews and did not do well in the box office. Alice In Wonderland received many awards. In Academy Awards, it won Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design.

On IMDB it has a rating of 6.4 out of 10.

Hope you enjoyed the superb collection of Alice In Wonderland poster. Make sure to download them and print them to hang around your room. Happy downloading!

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