Aladdin Poster Collection: 30+ High Quality Printable Posters

Everyone must be familiar with the fascinating story of Aladdin from the tale One Thousand and One Night. Making films from storybooks is nothing new. Aladdin also followed the same path and adapted the story into a movie version. Aladdin is a 2019 American musical fantasy film. Walt Disney produced the film.

This is a live-action adaptation of the animated film of the same name by Disney that released in 1992. Live-action is a form of cinematography that uses photography instead of animation. The 1992 Aladdin was a massive success and the latest version also became successful.

Aladdin has an amazing cast list which added to the popularity of the film. It is a film for all ages. The children loved the film. The classic tale of Aladdin revolves around the protagonist of the film whose name is Aladdin and he is a street urchin. He falls in love with Princess Jasmine. Genie, the wish-granting fictional Jinn becomes the closest friend of Aladdin and he meets the wicked Jafar in his journey. The story is set in an Arabian city of Agrabah.

The main cast includes:

  • Will Smith as Genie
  • Mena Massoud as Aladdin
  • Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine
  • Marwan Kenzari as Jafar
  • Navid Negahban as The Sultan
  • Nasim Pedrad as Dalia
  • Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders
  • Numan Acar as Hakim
  • Jordan A.Nash as Omar
  • Taliyah Blair as Lian
  • Amir Boutrous as Jamal

The voice cast includes:

  • Alan Tudyk as Iago
  • Frank Welker as Rajah, Abu, and Cave of Wonders

If your childhood favorite story has been Aladdin and you too wanted a Genie by your side always, then check out our awesome Aladdin poster collection. Take a ride on the magic carpet just like Aladdin and have an adventure of fantasy, music, fun, and magic with this super cool Aladdin poster from the movie Aladdin. Scroll down to enter into a magical world.

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Aladdin Poster Collection: Characters of the Magical World

1. Wonder Boy Aladdin


aladdin movie image of aladdin

Aladdin is a thief from Agrabah and his nickname is ” street rat”. He is head-over-heels on Sultan’s daughter. With Genie’s help, he disguises to become as Prince Ali Ababwa. He knows there is a greater future awaiting for him which he has to achieve.

2. Princess Jasmine

aladdin movie image of princess jasmine

Jasmine is the daughter of Sultan and a feisty princess of Agrabah. She wants to live a life on her own terms. Princess Jasmine flees from the protected world of the palace. She falls in love with Aladdin and later becomes his wife. Indeed, Jasmine is a multi-dimensional character.

3. Make A Wish

aladdin movie image of genie

Genie has a superior power of granting three wishes to whoever possesses his magic lamp. He is both a trickster and a mentor. Genie guides Aladdin to find the truth of greatness. He also forms a relationship with Jasmine’s handmaiden Dalia. If he frees himself from the lamp, he can become a human once again.

4. Where All Wishes Come True

aladdin image of magic lamp

Every child surely has dreamt of having this magic lamp to fulfill all their dreams. This lamp is a magical one which had the power to grant three wishes.

5. Wicked Jafar

aladdin movie image of jafar

Jafar is a nefarious wizard and he is the chief advisor of Sultan. He weaves a dangerous plan of throwing Sultan off his throne by acquiring Genie’s lamp. Jafar is the grand vizier of Agrabah. At the end of the film, Jafar is entrapped in the new lamp. This 2019 version of Aladdin explores a lot about Jafar’s past.

6. The Sultan

aladdin movie image of sultan

Sultan is the wise and noble ruler of Agrabah. His aim is to find a capable suitor for his daughter Jasmine. Sultan always kept his daughter away from all evils in the sheltered palace. In the end, he steps down from his position and passes on to Jasmine.

7. Dalia

aladdin movie image of dalia

Dalia is Jasmine’s handmaiden and her confidante. She is the support system of Jasmine and their bond is inseparable.

8. Hakim

aladdin movie image of hakim

Hakim is the head of the palace guards and he is very loyal to the Sultan of Agrabah. His father also worked as a guard for the palace.

9. Iago, the Macaw

aladdin image of iago macaw bird

Iago is Jafar’s humorous, witty, intelligent scarlet macaw friend. He can mimic the voice of any other character. Iago is also noted for his greed for gold and treasure. He has also learned many tricks from Jafar.

10. Abu

aladdin movie image of abu

Abu is the kleptomaniac but loyal pet of Aladdin. He has a falsetto voice.

11. Rajah

aladdin image of rajah

Rajah is the protective pet of Jasmine. He is a royal Bengal tiger. He communicates through growling, roaring, and grunting.

12. Cave of Wonders

aladdin image of cave of wonders

Cave of Wonders is a sand guardian that resembles the giant head of a lion. His task is to protect the magic lamp from intruders and give it to those who are worthy of it.

13. Magic Carpet

aladdin image of magic carpet

Aladdin found the magic carpet in the Cave of Wonders. It has no voice but plays a crucial role in the entire movie. The magic carpet is playful with Abu and intelligent as it beats Genie on chess. It also helps Aladdin to romance with Jasmine.

Magical Journey

14. Friends Forever

aladdin movie image of aladdin and abu

15. A Whole New World

aladdin movie image of aladdin and magic carpet

16. Love Like Us

aladdin image of aladdin and jasmine

17. Real or Anime

aladdin image of aladdin and jasmine

18. The Red Beauty

aladdin image of jasmine

19. Bloom Like Jasmine

aladdin image of jasmine

20. Can You Reach?

aladdin image of aladdin and magic lamp

21. Make A Wish

aladdin image of genie

22. Let Magic Wander

aladdin image of all characters

23. Wonders All Over

aladdin image of aladdin and jasmine

Magical Quotes

24. For You And Me

aladdin image of jasmine and aladdin

25. Girl Power

aladdin image of dalia and jasmine

26. Inner Self

aladdin image of famous quote

27. Friend Like Me

aladdin image of famous quote

28. World of Newness

aladdin image of famous song

29. Let’s Share

aladdin image of famous quote

30. Lovers

aladdin image of jasmine and aladdin and dalia and genie

Wishes Granted: Few Extras in Aladdin Poster Collection

31. Extra#1

aladdin image of magic lamp fanart

32. Extra#2

aladdin image of aladdin from 1992 and 2019

33. Extra#3

aladdin movie poster

34. Extra#4

aladdin fanart poster

35. Extra#5

aladddin fanart poster

36. Extra#6

aladdin fanart poster

37. Extra#7

aladdin fanart poster of jasmine

The End of A Magical Journey

At the end of the movie, Genie turns Jafar into a magic lamp because of his wickedness. Jafar drags Iago with him inside the lamp. Genie throws this lamp into the Cave of Wonders. As a true friend, Aladdin also does not forget his promise and he frees Genie from the magic lamp. Everybody at the end realizes the true potential of Aladdin and even the Sultan considers him as a good person. Dalia and Genie marry each other and they leave the palace to explore the world.

Aladdin and Jasmine, the two lovebirds also marry and start a new life together. This movie surely inspires everyone to dream and to make believe that even dreams come true. Aladdin is a tale of friendship, love, relationship, greed, power and fulfilling one’s dreams.

Hope you enjoyed the magical ride of this Aladdin poster collection. Make sure to download them and print them to hang around your room. You can also gift these posters to any younger sibling who is a die-hard fan of Aladdin. Keep on creating magic!

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