13 Reasons Why Poster Collection: 20 Amazing Posters to Hang on Your Wall (Printable and Free)

13 Reasons Why is an American web television series. It is a mystery teen drama based on a novel by Jay Asher. This series is about a teenage girl, Hannah Baker who commits suicide. Hannah records a box of tapes giving the thirteen reasons why she decides to end her life.

Clay is a good friend of Hannah and he has a huge crush on her. The series begins with Clay Jensen receiving the box of tapes and then he starts listening to them one by one.

The box of tapes consists of 7 tapes where each side of tape has a story about the person who is one of the reasons why Hannah makes the decision of ending her life.

13 reasons why box of tapes poster

  • The order of the tapes are as follows:
  • Tape 1:
    • side A: Justin Foley
    • side B: Jessica Davis
  • Tape 2:
    • side A: Alex Standall
    • side B: Tyler Down
  • Tape 3:
    • side A: Courtney Crimsen
    • side B: Marcus Cole
  • Tape 4:
    • side A: Zach Dempsey
    • side B: Ryan Shaver
  • Tape 5:
    • side A: Justin Foley
    • side B: Sheri Holland
  • Tape 6:
    • side A: Clay Jensen
    • side B: Bryce Walker
  • Tape 7:
    • side A: Mr. Porter

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13 Reasons Why Poster Collection (Printable)

Ready to re-live the memories? Here are all the 13 Reasons Why posters for you…

1. Hannah’s Locker

13 reasons why title poster

We all saw Hannah Baker’s locker in the very first episode of the series. All of the Liberty High School students mourn her death by sticking notes to her locker.

2. Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen

13 reasons why poster Hannah and Clay

Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker worked together at Crestmont movie theater. They slowly moved on to be close friends. Clay had a huge crush on Hannah. He used to hallucinate Hannah every time and there is a beautiful but sad scene where he says I love you to Hannah to which she replies why didn’t he say it to her when she was alive.

3. Listen… Pass it on

13 reasons why Hannah Clay poster

Clay receives a box of tapes along with the map of Crestmont. He listens to all the tapes and follows the map to find out what had actually happened to Hannah.  The series revolves around the story of Hannah and Clay listening to her on tapes.

4. 13 Tapes for 13 Reasons

13 reasons why poster tapes

These are the seven tapes recorded by Hannah. Each side of the tape tells you a story about a person and how is the person on tape reason behind her decision to end her life.

5. People on the Tapes

13 reasons why order of tapes poster

This poster gives you the order of the people on the tapes. Beginning with Justin and ending with Mr. Potter all are the reasons for her death. As she states in one of her tapes,” I recorded 12 tapes, I started with Justin and then Jessica, who each broke my heart. Alex, Tyler, Courtney, Marcus, who each helped to destroy my reputation. On through, Zach and Ryan, who broke my spirit. Through Tape number 12, Bryce Walker, who broke my soul.”

6. Thirteen Reasons Why

13 reasons why poster clay and tapes

Each person on the tape is one of the reasons for her death. Listen to the tapes and pass it to the next person without breaking the chain. If anybody tries to break the chain and hide the tapes, another set of tapes will be released to the public immediately. Clay Jensen receives the box of tapes and that’s the start of our series.

7. Press Play to know the Truth

13 reasons why play the tapes poster

Want to know what exactly happened with Hannah Baker? Want to know the truth? Then just press the play button and listen to the tapes.

8. Justin Foley

13 reasons why poster Justin

Justin Foley is the first person on the tape and the only one who appears twice in the list. He spreads rumors and pictures about Hannah and thus He is the beginning of the end.

9. Jessica Davis

13 reasons why poster Jessica

The second person on the tape is Jessica Davis. Hannah and Jessica were friends but they eventually brought an end to their friendship when Jessica blamed Hannah for her breakup and slapped her publically. Therefore, You know what you did don’t you?

10. Alex Standall

13 reasons why poster Alex

Alex Standall is the third on the list. He, Jessica, and Hannah used to spend lots of time in the coffee shop and their order used to be: two hot chocolates and whatever the Alex was drinking. But then Alex listed her on the Hitlist for having the best ass which dragged attention of many guys on her and even broke her friendship with Jessica. So she asks- If you could, would you take it back?

11. Tyler Down

13 reasons why poster Tyler

Tyler Down is the fourth reason for her suicide. Hannah used to sense of someone outside her window. Tyler took pictures of Jessica and Courtney kissing and spread it throughout the school. And therefore she says- I’ll never know why you did what you did?

12. Courtney Crimsen

Courtney 13 reasons why poster

Courtney Crimsen also plays a major part in spoiling Hannah’s reputation, and hence she is fifth on the list. After her and Hannah’s kissing photo went viral, in order to save herself she lied about the other girl being Hannah’s girlfriend. She even went on to add to the rumors about Hannah and Justin making the situation worse. So Courtney- You are just so sweet, right? Wrong.

13. Marcus Cole

13 reasons why poster Marcus

Following the list, Marcus Cole lies sixth. As student body president we all would have thought of him as a good fellow. But following the rumors even Marcus tries to feel Hannah publicly on Valentine’s day and then ditches her when she stops him. Thus, did you just want to see if the rumors were true?

14. Zach Dempsey

13 reasons why poster Zach

After Marcus, Zach Dempsey (seventh) tries to approach Hannah stating that he is very genuine about his feeling. But Hannah rejects him as she is just done with dating. This hurt Zach’s ego and he plans to seek revenge on her. Therefore he steals all the positive notes meant for Hannah in the Communication class. And therefore she wants to know- Did you do it on a dare?

15. Ryan Shaver

13 reasons why poster Ryan

Ryan Shaver is eighth on the list. He and Hannah were in the same Poetry club where he encourages Hannah to write a poem. When Hannah tries to confess her feelings in a poetry, Ryan steals it and anonymously publishes in the school magazine making Hannah a matter of joke again. Therefore she asks him- Did you try to be cruel or did it just come naturally?

16. Sheri Holland

13 reasons why poster Sheri

Sheri Holland is ninth/tenth (tenth if Justin is counted twice) person who is the reason for her death. She was taking Hannah back home when she crashed into a Stop sign. When Hannah tried to seek help from police about the sign, she left Hannah and drove away. The missing Stop sign due to crashing becomes a reason for Jeff’s death. Sheri- How do you live with yourself?

17. Clay Jensen

13 reasons why poster Clay

As the eleventh part on the tape is about Clay Jensen, Hannah makes it very clear by saying,”Clay, Helmet, your name does not belong on this list. But you need to be here if I’m going to tell my story. If I’m going to explain why I did what I did. Because you aren’t every other guy. You’re different. You’re good and kind and decent.”

Clay and Hannah shared a special bond and he was very heartbroken by her death. He listens to each and every tape and tries to teach the other members a lesson. Hannah does not blame Clay for her death so- You couldn’t save me.

18. Bryce Walker

13 reasons why poster Bryce

Twelfth but the sickest person, Bryce Walker is one of the major reason causing the death of Hannah. We all saw his encounter with Hannah where he felt her ass in the store. But that was just that start, he crossed all his limits when he raped her in the hot tub. Hannah states that Bryce is the one who broke her soul. So, she asks- Could a person be that sick?

19. Hannah Baker

13 reasons why poster Hannah

Hannah Baker is the main lead of the story. She is outgoing, smart and quick-witted but she faced so many troubles and series of depressing situations. She records tapes about each person who is the reason of her committing suicide.

20. It’s okay, to not be okay

13 reasons why famous quotes poster

It’s okay to not be okay, is a very strong message given by Hannah Baker. A person cannot be strong at all times and one might need help to overcome certain situations. There is nothing wrong in accepting that you are not fine.

Over To You – 13 Reasons Why Official Posters

As awesome as the Netflix series was, 13 Reasons Why posters are on the same level of awesomeness. These posters do a great job of introducing each and every character of the show while giving a glimpse of their personality from the point of the lead actress.

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